Outstanding Orator Achievement

  • Outstanding Orator



    Make 50 Speech challenges.

    A speech challenge is when you are talking to a NPC and an option of dialog comes up with [Speech X] (where X is a number between 5 and 100) before it. This means you must have that speech level or higher to successfully use that dialogue. Get a high speech early and you can easily get this over the course of a game.

  • This will take a long time. Boost your speech to at least 75 and talk to everyone you can. If there is a choice of speech options go for the one that says [Speech ...] not [Intellegence], [Strength], [Lady Killer] etc. This one popped for me while talking to Legate Lanius right at the end of the game.
  • I actually find a good way to get this, however it requires you to have a Science level of 40. While doing the quest Come Fly With Me you asked are asked to find fuel and rocket parts. Tell Chris that you want to find fuel. Go to the man in the dinosaur at Novac. It will give you a speech challenge as soon as you talk to him. You can do this challenge infinitely.
  • Any challenge goes for this one. Mine popped on a [Barter: 40] challenge.
  • I found a way to get infinite xp and speech challenges done by talking to the leader of the legions camp where you find the boat to reach ceasers camp
  • wow, there's always loads of glitchy infinite speech challenges in Fallout.
  • The method that DPDixon posted in Camp McCarren Still works without having to delete your cache or anything.
  • Keep putting points in speech, getting this will come naturally. Many speech challenges through the game.
  • Easiest way to get this is to exploit this XP glitch early in the game. Go through the tutorial with the girl who teaches you how to shoot with the rifle. Go on to help Joe instead of helping Ringo, Kill ringo then kill Joe and his gang. Go to the general store and talk to the owner about helping out the Powder Gangers and keep using Barter or Speech over and over again. Doing this not only gains you 25 XP every time but it also helps towards this achievement.
  • It doesn't mean the Speech skill, it means any skill check during a conversation. I've found that Medicine, Speech (obviously), and Barter are the most common ones, the highest I've seen being around 55 for any of them. There's also that Explosive check when you're trying to get dynamite from... Easy Earl, I think. Unless you're going for the damage achievement for it, though, I kind of doubt you'd have a high enough Explosive skill. There was also an Intelligence (7) check at Nellis (which, by the way has a good number of checks for you).
  • I just got this achievement really easily. No exploits, deleting patches, or anything. Played online while getting this. Sneak 50 required. At the New Vegas Strip, go to the White Glove Society. When asked to hand over your weapons, use the Sneak 50 requirement option to keep your holdout weapons. Finish the conversation, exit the place, and re-enter to repeat. It took me about an hour to do this from 9 because of the loading time, but it worked for me. You MIGHT have to talk to Mr. Holdout near the entrance of the Strip to get this option, but I'm not sure. There's no xp gain or anything from this, so you should only do this for challenges and the achievement. It is extremely tedious, but thanks to Epic's Gears games, I have an insecurity about deleting my data, and doing anything d
  • easiest way is to exploit Emily Ortel outside the lucky 38. After you have bugged Mr House for her she will have a round of questioning relating to the info she was able to get before the bugged shorts after 35 seconds. The line "Is the another way to get Mr Houses data?" generates a speech challenge (35 needed) that will endlessly repeat. After you've succeeded with the challenge say "Let's talk about something else." and the question will be back to ask and speech challenge again.
  • Nellis Air Force base find Lindsay the kid, she is looking for Mr Cuddles, save before this, I lied and told her he was dead, (speech check 60), she runs off crying, i then went and found Mr Cuddles in the hangar with Jack, Loyal and the plane in between the big green crates on the floor. Then went back and found Lindsay intending to give it to her, option was up again to Lie and say he died, did it again she ran off to the children's barracks, wait a minute or two til she gets out of her hissy fit and then do it again. This will gain infamy towards Nellis people and negative karma but if like me you were only around 15 to go when entering Nellis Air Force Base you can boost to get the achievement then load that save back up and give her the teddy and everyone's happy. There are a lot of s
  • There are a lot of speech checks in Nellis AFB as well in case you needed a couple and didn't want to do the above, just go around helping them and talking to all of them.
  • Yes, there are a good amount at Nellis. Particularly, you can offer toy rocket souvenirs (sp?) to the kids with 7 charisma, and the kid in the museum has at least 4 or 5 challenges. There are a number of various checks in the Old World Blues DLC as well when talking to the tv screen/brain/robot guys. All in all, I'm nearing the end of my game and have 149 successes, so for those that go around talking a lot this one shouldn't be hard.
  • Doesn't matter if you use another skill, rather than "speech". I got it while using "science" skill to teach Great Khan some recipes... Maybe not all skills counts, but still...

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