Old-Tyme Brawler Achievement

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    Cause 10,000 damage with Unarmed weapons.

    The counterpart to New Vegas Samurai, the 10,000 damage for this achievement must come from using your bare fists or Fist/Glove weapons. A respectable strength (5 or higher) is required for this achievement, and a high agility and stealth are also recommended. To expedite this achievement, try to make a character that focuses on getting critical hits through stealth and VATS. That will greatly increase your damage output and effectiveness.

    For some of the Damage achievements, you can collect as much ammo/weapons as you can and make a save on the Strip. Here, you can kill/destroy all citizens until you unlock the achievement.

  • BLADE GAUNTLET for the win!!!
  • agreed
  • no no,the best way to do the most amount of damage with unarmed weapons would be a ballistic fist.
  • I found the 'Love And Hate' brass knuckles to be great. You can repair them with any hand-based knuckle weapon (found all over the place) and they have great base damage. Just go around and punch every-thing/one.
  • I used the spiked knuckles for my entire (albeit only to lvl 14) playthrough. Got this achievement by the time I was fighting for Legion on the top of Hoover Dam.
  • I found the Palidin Toaster in Black Rock Cavern, and now that I've finished each of the seperate endings. I'm doing Achievement mop up, and at Level 31 everything I hit with it loses nearly half it's HP. My strategy is to wander the wasteland picking up all of the missed locations and attacking everything that's hostile with the Palidin Toaster.
  • Very easy if you use Power Fists. I don't have points on unarmed but I own with my fists.. You can find 2 of them in the tent of Severus in Cottonwood Cove. If u reepair them you can kick some ass ^^ You can also buy them at Mick and Ralph's.
  • the "Love and Hate" is a very good choice. very powerful
  • 1) Get a ballistic fist and lots of stimpacks. 2) Go to the Hidden Valley bunker (you can usually buy a ballistic fist inside the bunker). 3) Go on a killing spree. You should be able to take down just about anything with one or two punches. My unarmed stat was only around 20 and it only took me about 15 minutes to get this achievement.
  • Won't be getting this one, i never use unarmed. :(
  • Never really used unarmed in Fallout 3, as well as early on in New Vegas. After going for this one, though, I have found that Unarmed has some of the strongest weapons in the game. The Ballistic Fist is the strongest unarmed, as well as one of the best weapons period when used with the Piercing Strike perk, which negates most enemies armor. The other useful unarmed is the Zap Glove, which functions like a pulse grenade, destroying anyone in power armor, as well as any robot, in just a few strikes.
  • so ive found that bear trap fist is really bad ass. decapitations on almost every kill.
  • Where can you find most of these wespons/ places???
  • Ballistic Fist FTW, really powerful!
  • Love and hate did it for me. For people asking where weapons or places are just check Fallout Wiki.
  • For the people who been looking for where the ballistic fist. This link should help you. http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Ballistic_fist
  • "love and hate" worked good for me. can find in bonnie springs on a viper gang leader.
  • Made my way round the strip with a power fist, working through the casinos. Not to hard really, just avoided the Securitrons, as the rockets chewed me up before I got to them. Did it in under 1 hour from scratch
  • Anyone know if the thorn works for acheving this? Seems logical enought.
  • So mainly ppl are saying "love and hate" and ballistics fists is best to do this with, but have any1 done it with normal brass nuckles? Just wondering how long would that take.
  • might aswell fight unarmed for abit to earn this achievment

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