Know When to Fold Them Achievement

  • Know When to Fold Them



    Win 3 games of Caravan.

    Caravan is a game that you can play with almost anyone who is willing to trade. I highly suggest talking to Ringo in his Goodsprings hideout, as if you talk to him about Caravan he'll give you a Caravan deck for free. Otherwise you'll have to find the cards and construct the deck yourself. The rules to Caravan are printed in the game's manual, but a quick summary follows.

    • The goal is to get your three piles with total values between 21 and 26 in each.
    • When all three columns between you and your opponent have at least one completed stack, the game ends. Player with the most completed stacks wins.
    • Top card (the last card played on top of the pile) determines suit, top card and second-to-last cards determine direction. All cards played on stack must follow direction or suit.
    • Aces worth one point, Face cards and Jokers have special effects.
    • You can play Face cards and Jokers on your opponent's piles.

    See "Caravan Master" for some strategies.

  • caravan is annoying to play, mainly cos you need 30 cards to play it, i havent had a chance to play it yet, can anybody tell me what its like?
  • If you complete the side quest in goodsprings involving saving ringo from the powder gangers he will give you a deck and play with you.
  • Yes, Ringo in Goodsprings will give you a full deck right off the bat. Great way to start.
  • Anyone got any good tips for actually playing?
  • Also if you go to the store in goodsprings he as a couple of cards that you can buy.
  • Check youtube, they apparently have some good strategies acording to Falloutwikia, though I haven't looked myself yet. I hate it, mostly because I suck at it, lol, half the time I have to re read the rules because I forget how it's played. Winning 30 games is gonna be a bitch.
  • i actually like playing caravan...
  • Caravan totally baffles me..
  • This is how to do it: 1. Make sure you have a deck of 10's, 7's and 9's(these must be included for this method) 2. Then have a deck of around 30 - 35 cards at least. 3. Go to either the general store of Novac or talk to Ringo at the Caravan Trading Company (if you saved him at goodsprings 4. Once you are in a match of Caravan with them, make sure you have 3 of each of these cards: 3x 10's 3x 9's 3x 7's 5. Then put down your 10 first, then 10 as your next pile then 10 as your next. Then put down a 9 on each of the 10's, then put a 7 of each of the 9's. 6. You should have a pile of 26 of each which means you have won (hopefully this works.)
  • @NinjaBeast It's going to take a lot of chance to get 3 10s'; 3 9s'& 3 7s' in a hand. Unless your strategy is to have a 30+ deck of only 10s', 9s' & 7s'. In that case the majority of your time working on this & the '30 caravan wins' is going to be finding 5 decks of cards. Personally I enjoy playing caravan. Once you get the hang of it it's quite simple. I also like the challenge of the '3o caravan wins' Achievement as well.
  • I think its a well thought out and fun mini game.once you understand what each card does its extremely fun for a card game.
  • I've actually tried playing Caravan with my friends...
  • what a stupid game! i've tried the 3x10's 3x9's and 3x7's method but they wont let me put the 9's or 7's on top of the 10's. is there any other easier ways to play?
  • Have sevens, nines, tens, and kings. Then fill the rest of the deck with any cards you wish. Put tens or sevens as a start to any caravan. Have at least one king at any time in your hand. If your opponent has 23-26 points in a caravan, use the king on that caravans highest card. Discard all other cards on your hand except the ones I mentioned. Occasionally you might lose since you run out of cards, but losing in caravan is also a challenge worth of XP.
  • This video really helped me, now I am on the way to 30 wins :) I hope it helps you also.
  • i still cant win any games
  • @14 Same. My game is glitched, so I can't even put cards down 99% of the time (regardless of suit or number). Hopefully the glitch won't carry over to a new game, otherwise I'm screwed out of 2 achievements.
  • I'm pretty sure that, for the people who are saying that the game is glitched, you guys just need to press down on the analog stick to play the card. I was just pressing right and left trying to put it on cards, but it was red and not doing anything (I could only put down face cards). I was confused... But, then I just pressed down.... And it worked. So, yeah, try that. And if that wasn't the problem, then I'll continue to feel stupid for taking five minutes to press down on the analog stick...
  • A good way i found to do this was first go to Ringo in the crimson caravan company (you can play ringo as many times as you want so you can unlock the 30 games of caravan quickly) When he agrees to a game, fill you're deck with 3 10's, 3 kings and three 6's, and then the rest of you're deck with whatever... at the start b4 you put down your'e first hand, get rid of all cards that are not 10 6 or king, by now you should have at least 3 10s, 3 kings and two 6's In you're hand. Put down the 3 10's then put down the kings on top of you're 10's on the table that will then equal 20, so you will now have three rows of 20, then just simply put down the 2 6's and you should have 2 rows of 26 and a 20, you should win with that if not wait till you get you're last 6 and put it down on the thrid row.
  • then BOOM Achievement unlocked
  • cant say i like this card game
  • I'll never get this. Even watching videos and reading tips I still don't know how to play this stupid shit.
  • Thanks for the tips above, got this in around 30mins, if your stuck just follow the youtube link in comment #16 but make sure you addd some kings to your 10s,9s and 7's
  • caravan took me way too long to learn...
  • This is such a confusing game I have played over 20 times throughout all of my New Vegas characters and still barely understand the concept of this games.
  • This is actually super easy. Just pick a deck with 3x10s, 3x9s and 3x7s and some other cards. When you start the game discard all other cards and then lay down one ten in each row, then the nines on top of the tens and then the sevens on top of the 9s. After that you win! So its 10-9-7 on each row.
  • this is a pain in the ass, ive tried the 10/9/7 trick, doesnt work. wont let me lie down the 9 after a deck of ten is set, tried laying down the 7 1st, still wont let me place a 9 or any other cards for that matter.
  • This is such a pain in the ass. Dont like card games in the first place!

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