One Armed Bandit Achievement

  • One Armed Bandit



    Play 10 spins of Slots.

    A simple achievement as it does not even require you to win. Simply pull the handle on any slot machine 10 times and you'll get the achievement. The Atomic Wrangler Casino in Freeside is the first chance you get to play slots, but as mentioned before I suggest waiting until you're on the Strip.

  • to quickly get this achievment,play ten hands of blackjack and ten spins of roulette simply save play the games and load.
  • ^wont cost you a cap^
  • All you need is 10 spins (win or lose) with the minimum bet, in any casino, and this will pop.
  • Easiest achivemet ever. Find a casino, play the slots 10 times win or lose. With 10 luck it's hard to lose.
  • Do these have even remotely reasonable odds?

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