Double Down Achievement

  • Double Down



    Play 10 hands of Blackjack.

    The third iteration, just be dealt into a hand of Blackjack ten times and the last of the three is yours. Once again, you can go to the Atomic Wrangler, but I suggest the Strip.

  • Cant wait to try out the gambling. Hopefully it is better than Red Dead Redemption I did not like that.
  • And as with all of the gambling achievements, just go to the Atomic Wrangler and trade the NCR money that you have for chips and just play around. Slots are affected by your luck, as is Roulette I think.
  • I liked the red dead redemption gambling
  • is there a way to cheat at blackjack in red dead
  • luck effects blackjack alot i got 40,000 from all of the casinos combined
  • All you need is 10 hands (win or lose) with the minimum bet, in any casino, and this will pop.
  • It popped when I played 8 hands but then again I am playing it unpatched so who knows if that effects it.
  • Get luck near 10 and play blackjack. For me it worked so great. Almost 1/2 hands came as 20 or 21 and almost impossible to lose. Easy strategy for getting banned from casinos also.
  • this was so much fun to do with 10 luck... I always start with 10 luck.

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