The House Always Wins Achievement

  • The House Always Wins



    Complete The House Always Wins.

    This achievement is unlocked after you complete "The House Always Wins, VII." When you first meet Mr. House, agree to help him. Then complete the six parts (two are mutually exclusive) of this massive quest and you'll gain the achievement. See here for a detailed walk through.

  • If you don't already know when you get to The house always wins pt 7 and you decide the fate of hoover dam wether you are with the NCR or Legion make sure you have a good stock of stimpacks
  • Everytime I blow up the Brotherhood of Steel bunker and return to Mister House, I automactically fail the next part in his series because I can't come within' 1,000 feet of President Kimball. How do I get past this?
  • Have a good rating with the NCR
  • Thank you Csalt
  • everytime i get to the point wer i am about to blow up the BrotherHood of Steel bunker it doesnt seem to want to let me blow it up can u plz help me
  • This quest takes the biscuit. It's taken me a whole night to get through, it's stupidly hard.
  • Is this the/a PNR for this game? I'm up to it, and want to do it, but should I do the other quests first, plus I have the Dead Money DLC to get through, will doing this quest stop me doing more after it?
  • Why is Casear's Legion or wtfever attacking me when i go to Cottonwood... I literally had no interaction with them until they came to me the part where their ambassador and the NCR one came.
  • @ #2, 3 & 4, you do NOT need good reputation with the NCR for "The House Always Wins, Part 6". I failed "The House Always Wins, VI" and it went straight to "The House Always Wins, VII". I completed part 7. When I decided to pass the point of no return and go fight my way through the Hoover Dam, this achievement unlocked. @ #5, For Part V, be sure you pickpocket the 3 keycards from McNamara, Taggert and Hardin to unlock the password to blow up the bunker. After you steal the key from Taggert, quietly kill him and wear his robe. Don't forget to pickpocket a key from one of the guards in Father McNamara's room, too, so you can exit the bunker on your way out while wearing the robe. I hope that helps some of you.
  • why does mr house have to look like an anorexic paedophile its no wonder he has to be locked away in a dungeon a mile deep in a casino.
  • Easiest way to get this and the other story related achievements is to save when you get to new vegas. Then you create multiple save files (its best to do one at a time though so you dont get confused or at least write down the number of saves that each game has before you continue on). This way you can playthrough and get the achievements and still have the ability to go back and complete all the other quests you need to complete.
  • Mr. House for the win
  • @10 b/c he is centuries old on life support and machines keep him alive. You try looking that good at his age...
  • hey i want to get this achievement but the legion hates me and when i go their they kill me what do i do

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