For the Republic Achievement

  • For the Republic



    Complete For the Republic.

    This achievement is unlocked after you complete "For the Republic Part 2." To start this quest line, you will receive a message from the NCR ambassador on the Strip via courier. Accept his invitation and then simply start doing the quests he gives. His mission is split into two parts, so check out this walkthrough for the second part of For the Republic.

  • What do we got a bunch of republicans here?! huh?! a bunch of candle stick makers!! HUH!? You all part of the candle stick making association????
  • anyone know how/where to start this quest?
  • According to the wiki, it's the Ambassador at the NCR's embassy in New Vegas. You can get there by wearing an NCR uniform at Camp Mccarran and using the monorail without talking to anyone. The embassy is right across the street from the Vault/hotel and Michael Angelo's workshop.
  • I had "For The Republic, Part 2" triggered by completing "King's Gambit" and given by the Ambassador upon reporting "King's Gambit" is completed. I didn't have a Part 1 at all in my Quest listing.
  • I made a guide for this achievement here: It includes 8 missions (and 4 of them are achievements). I asked some questions, so I played the game, figured out what to do, and answered the questions myself. I hope someone finds the guide useful. This was my 2nd to last achievement. "Eureka!" was my last achievement. FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS, 1000/1000G, July 9th, 2011 for "E vee dub".
  • Here's a more precise link
  • What if the monorail was destroyed in the quest where the captain was stealing information from that radio tower? I went to the monorail and it was destroyed...couldn't activate this quest:( Any ideas?
  • I know I'm 3 years late on this but I think all the quests you just did for the NCR were for the republic part 1

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