Render Unto Caesar Achievement

  • Render Unto Caesar



    Complete Render Unto Caesar.

    At the end of Ring-A-Ding-Ding, a spy will approach you and give you the Mark of Caesar as well as telling you to go to Cottonwood Cove. Go to Cottonwood Cove and start working for Caesar; this achievement should pop after 'Et Tumor, Brute?' but it is possible to get the achievement without completing the secondary quest. Check here for a detailed walkthrough.

  • Is there a way to get this without aligning with Caesar's Legion? I can't stand these guys but I want to complete this. Is there a point of no return that allows me to get some of these other faction achievements even if I don't align with them in the end? I am going down the Yes Man path!
  • DON'T agree to save the NCR President if you want to do this. I said yes to it and it failed this mission and the "For the Republic" mission for me. Could have been a glitch, but I think Caesar asks you to kill him during this mission. Time for a second playthrough I guess...
  • lol i went down the yesman path oh dear failed like 15missions haha
  • on the arizona killer mission does anyone know where the guy your supposed to meet is located the game is glitched and will not show you were he is
  • #4 He's just south of the Hoover Dam. The map will just show you how to exit The Fort. Forgot what his name is, but he has a little count. Once you're out in the Mojave, the map should correctly show you where he is.
  • #5 Im pretty sure that his name is Cato something. Beware, there is a bug that makes him spawn near cazadores, so he might be dead. Also, lucky me, I saved when I got the platinum chip, so I am able to do the Caesar, NCR, Mr. House, and Yes Man missions. It is perfect. I am doing Render Unto Caesar, and just finished Et Tumor, Brute? I hate supporting the legion, but I love FNV too much to care.
  • Ugh, I regret going for this achievement, so not worth 30g. The amount of side quests required for this are absurd.
  • Correction: The guide says "this achievement should pop after 'Et Tumor, Brute?'" This achievement does not pop until after you have completed "Arizona Killer" and are told to Return to Caesar to be recognized for your service. He will then send you to speak to Legate Lanius. Once you enter his tent and speak to him for the first time the achievement should pop. Achievement should pop prior to getting the quest "Veni, Vidi, Vici"
  • is there any way to save before this and do the other groups quests like yes man and the ncr?
  • I hated doing this quest line... Helping those you just want to hurt lols
  • Make sure to remove your NCR outfit before returning to The Fort. They kept attacking me every time. Took about 5 replays to figure it out. HAHAH
  • @11 the same thing kept happening to me, I couldn't figure it out until I realized what I was wearing.. duh

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