Wild Card Achievement

  • Wild Card



    Complete Wild Card.

    The Wild Card story-line is given to you by Benny's personal robot, Yes Man. After dealing with Benny within The Tops Casino, you can find Yes Man in Benny's suite. Talk to him, to start the missions. He'll require you to complete a variety of different tasks. Check here for a detailed walkthrough.

  • when you find yes man, talk lots and it will reveal what needs to be done to take Vagas for yourself, do these and you'll be on your way to this achievement and to the no gods no masters, though you may finish on wild card side bets or wild card finishing touches.
  • Best way to get this one, (if trying to get all achievements on 1 playthrough more/less) is to do the "The House Always Wins" (HAW) quests, up until the last one where you go to Hoover Dam, on Mr. House's side. SAVE BEFORE GOING TO THE DAM. (Also to get "All or Nothing") At this point you'll want to kill Mr. House and then go see Yes Man. You will have already done a lot of requirements for the Wild Card quest via the HAW quests. Just need to go visit the White Glove Society and the Khans (west of New Vegas). Once you agree to go to the dam, achievement should unlock. Then the Quest "No Gods, No Masters" starts for another achievement
  • @2 Your description while good depends on so many quest variables not having happended before hand its actually totally useless. If like you say anyone trying to do these on almost one playthrough or get to the latest point in the story as i was there are many factors that relate to your "SAVE BEFORE GOING TO THE DAM. (Also to get "All or Nothing")" infact as i have found out there are at least 6 points of failure before that. Everytime i have gone back to a previous save and not made the same mistake but it is very possible to not have a save at the point you save that is able to do all storylines due to the fact you can game an infamy status after the benny encounter and still continue without realising and before getting the quests that basically say "stop now or else they will hate
  • Do comma's not work? That was nicely worded and now it is a wall of text. This, has, comma's, after, every, word,....test,. Sorry for those reading my above comment, it now reads horribly :(
  • Pfft, lord knows then. Seems it also missed out this: Just a heads up for anyone reading this, ive covered this in fair detail in the forums in a few different threads so read up if you wish to understand in full.
  • does this achievement end the game ?
  • Go up to Benny's place in the casino (after you killed him) and in his room is Yes Man. Start his quest there, Its insanely easy (Kill someone, Visit a few people). When all is done, Visit him and he will tell you to go to the dam, Agree to go to the dam and the achievement should pop then or when you get to the dam. To be on the safe side, Save before accepting to go to the dam. I personally didnt bother going yet because I am still working on a majority of the achievements that I want to get before I finish up my first playthrough.

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