All or Nothing Achievement

  • All or Nothing



    Complete All or Nothing.

    This achievement is unlocked after you complete the game by allying with Mr. House at the Battle of Hoover Dam. Check here for a detailed walkthrough.

  • This is a End Game Quest & Achievement: You Should gain this after you work for Mr House and battle for Hoover Dam.
  • well i can honestly say im stuck on this, at legate camp. im not very well equiped bout all ive got is plasma rifle. does anybody actually no how many legion enemy u have to kill?
  • There's about 5 Legion Minions and then 1 "Boss" battle. Then you have to deal with NCR forces after, but you can run away and let the bots take them out.
  • you dont have to fight the Legate if you have a 100 speech you can convince him to leave
  • i cant do this quest at all. When im in legates camp i kill bout 10 of the legion guys and then like 10 more appear from nowhere aswell as legate. I have loads of weapons with armor peircing ammo, 8 stimpacks and i still die. Any tips ?
  • i only needed 90 speech to persuade him to leave by bluffing until he asks wat u gain from telling him then i lied and said its no honor to beat a man through lies or something like that and i then only needed 90 speech for him to leave
  • I found that telling Yes man to remove the General from the dam can be very amusing.

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