No Gods, No Masters Achievement

  • No Gods, No Masters



    Complete No Gods, No Masters.

    This achievement is unlocked after you complete the game by allying with Yes Man at the Battle of Hoover Dam. Check here for a detailed walkthrough.

  • Thats not an Amebix reference, its always been a saying for anarchist. Amebix isn't the one who made the saying up and it was originally said by Margaret Sanger except she said it in a speech about birth control.
  • @2 nice history lesson u gave us... im sure i need to know that stuff for the achievement
  • @3 No you needed to know it so you know there is nothing wrong with being informed and using proper grammar...oh wait.
  • sorry dude dont beat me up
  • erm so about the achievement? do you blow up the dam?
  • you have the choice to render the dam useless or to reroute power for yourself, look at comment on the wild card achievement, but this is the achievement for committing to take Vegas for youself
  • I did this for my first 72 hour playthrough, used my speech to avoid a fight with the Legate at the end (Speech 100) and then told the NCR where to go, great moment!
  • where does this quest start?
  • @kernzi I did the very same thing. Also, for the n00bs out there, this is one of the hardest (If not the hardest) missions in the game. While playing with Yes Man, you should definitely upgrade the Securitron army and have them follow you. It's much easier
  • @10 i dindt find this achievement so hard. sided in my first playthrough with yesman on hardcore normal
  • that legate dude wont even take half damage from the c-finder don't do what i did BE PREPARED
  • Having General Oliver thrown off that dam was SOOO worth it. The NCR are so pompous. I wish the game continued after you beat it. I wanted to cut off Oliver's head and place it on the one end of the dam.
  • Did anyone else laughed at the fact that the general was pushed of the dam?
  • I didn't like what Oliver was saying, so I had him vaporized....mwahahaha!!!
  • Guide (features spoliers so dont continue to read): You start off at the dam. Make sure you have a ton of health packs and a great melee weapon, Also a sniper rifle for later on. There is a robot with you so he will dish out some attacks too but its mostly you. Use your melee weapon (a powerful one mind you) and take out the NCR rangers (the first enemies you come across). Heal yourself then continue on, Remember to stop every time you face enemies and make sure to constantly heal yourself. You will face a lot of legion members in this area but they are rather easy if you have a good melee weapon. Now you will have to install the override chip, Its rather simple. Just go into the building (you will have to kill a few legion/ncr guys) and install it. Then you have to go and destroy
  • A power generator. Simply go in there, Kill 4-5 guys, and press the button (simple as that). Soon after some enemies you will continue on into the legion camp. Kill the 2-3 guards at the base level of the camp and dont continue on just yet. Hop into the wagon (by jumping on the wheel and then into the wagon itself) and equip your sniper rifle. Use vats to find the boss near the top of the hill (near the flag). Get out of vats then zoom in for a headshot. He will soon race down and when he is close, Use vats and take him out with a few headshots. Eventually more guys will come and thankfully cant get to you because of the wagon (or at least have a tough time too) and pick them off using vats (headshots as well).
  • Once they are all dead, Save the game (just in case cause if you die in the next part then you gotta do it all over again). Then walk towards the gate and it explodes. NCR reveals itself. Soon after a conversation, The robots appear. You can either convince NCR to leave or kill them. If you choose to kill them then turn around and run, Make a quick right and hide behind the metal structure as the robots make quick work of NCR. Once they are dead then talk to Yes Man (he will talk to you) and the achievement is yours.

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