Talent Pool Achievement

  • Talent Pool



    Complete Talent Pool.

    You will receive this mission after talking to Tommy Torini within The Tops Casino. He will ask you to find some acts for his theater. There are 4 total acts you must find for Tommy, and they are scattered over the Wasteland. Check here for a detailed walkthrough.

    Journal Entries:

    1. Find Entertainers for the Tops (1/4)
    2. Talk to Tommy Torini at the Tops
    3. Find Entertainers for the Tops (2/4)
    4. Talk to Tommy Torini at the Tops
    5. Find Entertainers for the Tops (3/4
    6. Talk to Tommy Torini at the Tops
    7. Convince James Garret to let Hadrian out of his contract
    8. Tell Hadrian you've gotten him out of his contract
    9. Find Entertainers for the Tops (4/4)
    10. Talk to Tommy Torini at the Tops.
  • anyone know how to start this quest?????
  • http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Talent_Pool Check that out - the entire wikia is amazing :) I try not to use it too much, but if I find myself wandering about lost, I'll hop on there and usually be on my way in a matter of minutes
  • You start the quest by talking to the guy who runs the Theater at the Casion (Tops I think). You find that he needs help getting talented performers.
  • This quest is started by talking to tommy torini at the aces theatre in the tops second floor. The quest is about hiring people to perform at the aces. (If you are vilified by the strip, torini will just become hostile, and will end the quest). First there is the lonesome drifter, who is at a giant sign near helios one. If you have a high enough speech skill, you can also convince him into him giving you a mysterious magnum. Next get Bruce Isaac who is hiding out in novac from mr bishop. Then theres hadrian, a comedy act ghoul who's in the atomic rangler (Freeside near the silver rush). And finially, there's billy knight, who is another comedian, who can be accessed via the strip. Then go back to torini, and thus, you have your achievement.....
  • Fallout really punishes you for killing people for fun doesn't it..haha
  • Fucking tops. Benny wouldn't talk to me so I had to kill him for the platinum chip and now everyone in the Tops wants me dead so if I walk in they rape me
  • it helps to have a high barter skill could have made a lot more money
  • Maybe the easiest quest in the game.
  • Quick and easy as long as you can talk with Tommy Torini.
  • I killed everyone at the Gomorah because the guy wanted to take my weapons. Stupid I know, but he looked stupid when he said "this is going to be fun", and I slaughtered them With Oh Baby!!! XD
  • Best to do this before going after Benny. I didnt and it ruined the quest for me. Thank god I made a save well before it though.
  • Finally got all the cheevo's for this game!!!

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