Arizona Killer Achievement

  • Arizona Killer



    Complete Arizona Killer.

    This quest is the inverse to You'll Know It When It Happens; here you have to kill the president. I would suggest simply sniping the President when he lands, but here you can find some more stealthy approaches.

  • where do you start this one?
  • I believe you have to meet with Casear after you get his invitation...
  • yeah, its in the Caesar's Legion questline, close to the end of Render Unto Caesar
  • This was much more satisfying than You'll Know It When It Happens!
  • your supposed to rendezvous with Cato Hostilius, ware is he he's not ware the map marker says.
  • He's in a random spot in the middle of no where. just a lill bit east of the Cazador Nest and north of the Ranger Station Delta (on the grid he is in the same square as the ranger station.)
  • Best method is to sneak and/or use a stealth boy to the far tower, kill the gunman and take his apparel and weapons and then report back to Cato to trigger the president's event.
  • Any help with this one? I can't seem to get close enough without triggering the Rangers shooting at me...
  • Wow i think this quest/achievement sounds so fun. Cant wait when get my hands on this.
  • Most unoque quest in the game. This is the Caesers legion quest of assassinating the NCR president.

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