You'll Know It When It Happens Achievement

  • You'll Know It When It Happens



    Complete You'll Know It When It Happens.

    This quest is special in that it is given in the NCR, Mr. House, and Wildcard quest lines. For Mr. House and the Wildcard, the quest may not appear if you are not on good terms with the NCR. In either case, the main goal is to prevent the three assassination attempts against the President. There is a bomb on the vertibird, a sniper in the tower behind the president, and a fake mechanic with a knife. See a detailed walk through here.

  • how do i start this quest?
  • after I killed mister house it became an optional mission.
  • ~~~~~SPOILERZZZZZZZZ~~~~~ I got it oddly enough after I was helping Mr. House, reported to him on the status of all the factions, then was informed I had to head to the Hoover Dam to protect the president. At this time I got the cheeb for "The House Always Wins" and then once the president landed and I stopped the assassination attempt etc. I got it.
  • I just got this, the way i did it was i went to the landing pad where the vertibird lands. up there is a NCR guy and an engineer. pick pocket the engineer and take the detonator from him, then confront him about it. the NCR guy will kill him and the president will leave before even getting out of the chopper, unlocking this achievement
  • where dose the guy shoot from i sat there watching for like 10 min then he gets domed and i was confused
  • You can get this quest either from ranger Grant, Yes man or Mr House. You'll have to protect the president during his visit to Hoover Dam. You can look for clues in advance but this is entirely unneccesary. There will are several possibilities of assassination attempts, but the sniper and bomb are most likely. The sniper will be located in the tower behind the president. A dead ranger lies at the base of the tower. Go to the top and iniate dialoque with the "ranger". When you're done, he'll attack you. Kill him and go down. Now go to the vertibird the president came with. There is a bomb at the back. With 50 repair or 50 explosive skill you can detonate it.
  • To #4 #6 Thankyou Guys Im trying to Get all 'Cheevos for this Game and I Was Stuck on That Mission haha

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