That Lucky Old Sun Achievement

  • That Lucky Old Sun



    Complete That Lucky Old Sun.

    HELIOS One can be found just North of Novac. This Solar Plant is under the NCR's control, but they have not found a way to power it. When you approach this plant, you will be greeted by Lt. Haggerty. After a talk with her, you will be given the quest. Complete it, and the achievement will unlock. Check out a full walkthrough here.

    Journal Entries:

    1. Talk to the idiot wearing sunglasses in the back of the HELIOS One plant building.
    2. Connect to the HELIOS One mainframe from the western reflector control terminal.
    3. Connect to the HELIOS One mainframe from the eastern reflector control terminal.
    4. Restore power to the HELIOS One mainframe via an auxiliary generator.
    5. Use the HELIOS One mainframe to send power to a destination of your choosing.
    6. OPTIONAL: Arm ARCHIMEDES security system to wipe out all nearby NCR soldiers.
    7. Initiate reflector retargeting from the console on the tower observation deck.
    8. Talk to Fantastic.
    9. Talk to Ignacio.

    Note: There is a glitch here that will earn you 350xp, 3 stimpacks and 2 doctor's bags upon completing the quest. You will have to talk to Ignacio and he'll continuously have the option of completing the quest. This option never goes away, so you can repeatedly earn the rewards. This glitch HAS been patched, however, but can still be used if you clear your cache and play the game offline without the update.

    Credit to WatchesVideosonUTube for the video.

  • Locked the termin al with wrong passwords, Looks like a second playthrough for me.
  • Fantastic will give you a passcode for 1 of the terminals through conversation, The other password will be given by the other scientist in the room leading outside to the terminals. No need for hacking and raising your science to 75. Just make sure before you start into the tower that you have 35 repair and a piece of scrap metal, as you will need it to repair a small generator to start the realignment.
  • @ DrDaggers: You don't necissarily need to have a 35 repair and a scrap piece of metal to start the generator. In the room just before the generator there is a memory card that will activate a helpful robot upstairs. If you pop the card into him he will fix the generator for you leaving you to carry on with the mission :) easiest way IMO.
  • The video embedded in the guide is no longer available. Sucks for me. I watched it 1 day before I started playing the game. Now that I'm ready to try it, the video happens to disappear, and I don't remember how to do it. Urgh.
  • I thought the glitch had something to do with talking to Ignacio over and over again. Well, I get there to chat with him and all he says is, "What have you done? Get away from me!" This sucks because I have no idea why he pissed and won't talk to me. I suppose I'll have to find a walk through guide for the glitch.
  • @5 if you did anything that got you "vilified" by the NCR then the guy won't have anything to do with you. i did the exact same thing when i activated archimedes and killed a bunch of NCR guys during that mission, and he wouldn't talk to me afterward. i was also running an unpatched version of this game and when i did the quest correctly and tried to do the glitch, the option to complete the quest went away and didn't stick. any thoughts on this guys?
  • How do I Start this Mission?
  • How and where do you activate this quest?
  • Helios center near Novac. Id wait a bit and level up a few times before you start it because the robots are a pain.
  • Anybody else having trouble with the teminals not having the hacking screen pop up and then the game freezing? Happens to me every time.. HAd an old copy of the game and just got the ultimate edition with the patch and it still does it.. If I do the thing with the scrap metal, will i not have to hack the computers? Cuz this is keeping me from getting this cheevo..HELP!!
  • Clearing the systems cache doesn't work anymore to get this lvl 30 cheat. Unplug the xbox from internet. go to 'settings', then 'system', then 'storage' and choose the hard drive u use. Choose 'Games and apps' and then find fallout vegas. The file to delete is 'title update #5' (as of this date). As long as your xbox is unconnected from the net this will work fine.
  • As of today, July 21, 2015. the glitch doesn't work any more.
  • This does still work. Like the previous poster said, just delete title update 5 and make sure your internet is disconnected.
  • It doesn't work for me and I did everything mentioned, still nothing. It just ends.
  • Any thoughts on this glitch on Backward compatibility? Got a new copy of ultimate edition for less than standard one on, but i realise One will probably download the newest version. Perhaps i should play offline on the 360? Would I be able to transfer my game over to 360?? Maybe so 1st playthrough on the One, where i am playing, and the rest on 360, offline. But it is the ultimate version with all DLC - will that still prevent this glitch??

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