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    Complete Volare!

    The Boomers are located in the far North-East corner of the map in a place called Nellis. To travel to Nellis, you'll have to evade the barrage of missiles from the Boomers. When you've reached the gates of Nellis, you'll engage in conversation with a Boomer, she will then take you to Pearl, the Boomers' leader. When you've become idolized with the Boomers, you can continue on with the Volare! mission. Complete it, and the achievement will unlock. Check here for a detailed walkthrough.

    Journal Entries:

    1. Help the Boomers around Nellis.
    2. Return to Pearl.
    3. Speak to Loyal about the Boomer's plan to raise the bomber from the bottom of Lake Mead.
    4. Attach the ballast from Loyal to the B-29 at the bottom of Lake Mead.
    5. (Optional) Talk to Jack about getting a rebreather to swim to the bottom of Lake Mead.
    6. Return to the shore near the tow winch and use Loyal's detonator to float the B-29 to the surface.
    7. Return to Loyal to let him know the B-29 is up from the bottom of the lake.
    8. Let Pearl know the bomber is raised from the lake.
  • If I remember correctly you get this after helping the Boomers/doing their quest chain.
  • ~~~Semi-Spoilers~~~~ Which you could edit comments on here but oh well, but I wanted to add that more importantly it's the quest in which you raise the Bomber from the lake.
  • You'll most likely end up by Nellis Air Force Base when your on the Brotherhood of Steel quest chain. There'll be a man named George standing where the train tracks start who will make a wager with you, you pay him 300 caps and if you can make it to the main gate and back alive he will double your money, you can also pass a speech check for an extra 100 caps. Paying him the 300 caps will get you a note with some basic advice to get get through the artillery, low level players will want to avoid the other end of the train tracks and the tunnel there however, the Deathclaws don't take too kindly to couriers.
  • No need to pay him caps, just run and don't stop running at the edge of the hills on the left. Also kill George and take his caps, depending on how much you worry about karma.
  • where do i go to connect the bomber?
  • Easiest way to not get blown up while trying to get there, is to holster your weapon and run as fast as you can to the train tunnel entrance, then follow the rocks to the fence. Once at the fence, you are safe.
  • Quickest way to become Idolized by the Boomers is to do Ant Misbehavin' and Sunshine Boogie and then go to the Nellis Boomer Museum. Listen to the history lesson from the young historian and then talk to him after. Ask questions. You will need some skill checks to fully pass this. The skill checks are: Explosives 40, Science 35, Survival 40, Speech 40, Speech 55, and Repair 40. I did it without the Survival skill (just chose the top choice) and it worked.
  • Here is how I did it: Ant Misbehavin (Rather easy) then Sunshine Boogie (also easy). In the hangar you will find a ton of scrap metal, Collect it all then return it to Jack (I believe that is his name) and you will gain fame for it.

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