Assemble Your Crew Achievement

  • Assemble Your Crew



    Recruit Dean Domino, Christine and Dog.

    To start the DLC, go to the Abandoned Brotherhood of Steel Bunker marked on your map. Note that you will be stripped of all your items so don't bring anything; you'll thank me later. Fall for the obvious trapped radio to begin the DLC.

    Once inside the DLC, you will need to save three other captives:

    • Dog, a schizophrenic Nightkin
    • Dean Domino, the performer turned ghoul
    • Christine, mute Brotherhood of Steel Scribe.

    Your first rescue should be Dog because you'll need some essential supplies in the police station. Avoid any ghost people along the way if possible and enter the station. Once inside, you'll need to shoot radios that block your advance into the basement. Radios with a blue light and old-style radios can be shot, radios with a red light are invulnerable. Once downstairs, make your way to the recording and pick it up (also don't forget about the contraband room). Go back to Dog, play the recording, and then finish the conversation to free Dog. For a full, detailed walkthrough, check here.

    Next on the list is Christine. She's trapped in an auto-doc in the clinic in the medical district. Make your way first to the medical district, then use the roofs to find the clinic door. Once inside, first go to the basement to disable the radios, and then back to the first floor to free her. Talk to her and she will also return to the fountain. Note that you shouldn't return the hologram security to the first floor; it will make the task much harder For a full, detailed walkthrough, check here.

    Lastly is Dean Domino, holed up in the residential district. If you don't have the Light Step perk, you are headed for trap city. Almost every turn and stairway will have a trap on it, so keep your eyes peeled. Once you finally reach Dean, agree to be his partner. However, he will still refuse to go back to the fountain. You will need to escort him back to the fountain yourself instead. For a full, detailed walkthrough, check here.

    Once all three are back at the fountain, talk to Father Elijah and the achievement should pop.

  • Story-related; cannot be missed.
  • what level do you need be to start this DLC?
  • 20+ i went to place and said when i tried enter.
  • I think you can really be any level to do the DLC but its recommended you to be a level 20+
  • ''Dog, back to the gace.''
  • This is the worst DLC - for any game - I have ever played. It's a bad, boring, frustrating crap that has *nothing* to do with Fallout.
  • Love the achievement picture :D
  • So annoyed i can't do these. I don't have the option to get God/Dog to stop following me so even though everyone is around the fountain i can't progress.
  • Haha, nice Brady Bunch style graphic.
  • did anyone els find this to be very dull and un appealing?
  • I cannot get in, where do I find the key?
  • I have all 3 in the fountain and talked to Elijah. How come it's not popping?
  • Finished this DLC today and it was pain in the ass. I got all the achievements tho.
  • A bad DLC for a crappy game. FONV was a complete letdown! I hate this game.
  • If you buy the ultimate edition of this game and download the dlc from it could you play the dlc of your original fallout new vegas not the ultimate edition???
  • @#6 nothing to do with fallout? this is the back story of elijah the BoS leader who was fired, and is mentioned in the BoS quests involving picking the leader at hidden valley bunkers. elijah is also mentioned all through the old world blues DLC. so no, this content had quite a bit to do with fallout, you just didnt like it or are not thorough in your experience of the game.
  • also yet another "guidance" fail here, the "author" of this claims not to take anything with you cause you will lose it for this DLC. however if the "author" took the time to research or at least checked another source, or maybe had finished the DLC before writing this, would have noticed you get all your gear back at the end of the DLC.

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