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  • Cash Out



    Confront Father Elijah in the Sierra Madre's Vault.

    Once inside the Casino you will have to track down your three team members once more. You are forced to first turn the power back on in the Casino; do this immediately as with the power on the gambling tables open up for easy chip income. After turning the power back on you must then track down dog in the restaurant. Once inside, you can either convince dog to kill himself (Speech 45) or cure his schizophrenia by... talking to him (Speech 85). You have roughly 15 seconds before dog blows the room up, so talk to him before scavenging for supplies! Also, you cannot fire a shot in the room due to the gas leak; doing so will cause instant death. For a full, detailed walkthrough, check here.

    Dean Domino is next on your list, and he's trapped in the Theater. When you are ready, pick up the sheet music in front of the stage; this will initiate a 'race' of sorts from security. Exhaust all options with Dean to know where to run (first his dressing room for Vera's key, then Vera's room for her recording and key). Recording in hand, make your way to the back of the room up to the projector booth and start the holographic show. Then you'll be free to deal with Dean as you wish For a full, detailed walkthrough, check here.

    Christine in the most straightforward of the three. She's in the suites in Vera's old room, so simply make your way past the security and radios. Once there, if you haven't already gotten the password from the receptionist's computer you must go back to the main lobby and do so. Bring the password back to her and you may enter the vault For a full, detailed walkthrough, check here.

    Make your way through the Vault past security and annoying radios until you make it to the Vault proper. Loot the room before accessing the terminal on the back wall. Once you are ready, convince Elijah to come down and prepare for a fight. Save!

    For this achievement, exit the vault bunker once Elijah says he is coming down. He'll emerge to your right (after activating the turret system) and all you must do is kill him. Once dead, the achievement should pop up For a full, detailed walkthrough, check here.

  • hello, im at the part in the casino where you get a emergency key to open this door and when i enter it dog is inside it and you have to repair the gas valves but every time my collar keeps going off and keeps killing me. I looked all around room to find a place where it stops beeping, and I cant even repair all the valves in time without my head being blown off. I even went up to dog and persuadedd him to fight his "voice" and even when I helped him I still end up getting my head blown OFF! Anyone how did you get pass this bit? Reply please, thank you.
  • I just don't know where father Elijah is located at!
  • Nevermind I got all of the DLC achievements now you just have to read the second note on the pc and log Off the pc the Elijah contacts you with this hidden screen then you just have to convince him to come down save it to get both right before he comes...
  • Once in the vault, read the terminal and choose To Vera and read it all, once youve finished log out and you will get a chance to talk to Father Elijah. All you need to do is convince him to meet you in person. Once you've done that open the door and Father Elijah will make his way down, if you leave the vault him and some turrets will turn against you, and theres a terminal for the turrets but requires 100 Sciene to hack. Once you kill Father Elijah you should earn yourself this achievement and alos loot his body for a Gauss Rifle. Also in the Vault is 37 Gold Bars (Which you can't take all as they weight 35 but can be sold for 10000 Caps, you can probabaly take a maximum of 5 or 6 and still be able to escape). Also theres a locker with 2200 ammuntion for a pistol. Sierra Madre Helmet
  • Do you have to choose between this achievement and the one where you trap him or can you get both on one playthrough
  • the best way to get both in one play through is save while in the vault before messing with the main computer. he is pretty tough, what i did when he attacked was hack the terminal in the vault (science 100) and reprogrammed the turrets to attack him. while they were i ditched everything that was on me, grabbed all the gold i could and when the turrets killed him ran to the door. you have to go the way you came though because the security blocks the doors, unless there is a terminal that unlocks them that i missed.
  • You cannot reconfigure the turrets to kill him you must destroy the turrets and have him come out, then kill him. Once hes dead 30g
  • i cant even reach him without gas, traps, or getting hit with spears, i have 1 hp and no stimpacks, what do i do? D:
  • where is sera madres vault iv looked evrywher and i cnt find him
  • Why can't these guides begin with "This is story-related."? That's all I want to know.
  • just so people know, this is the worst fallout DLC of all time. I hated it start to finish.
  • The worst Fallout DLC is Operation Anchorage. While I didn't enjoy this as much as Old World Blues, it was still pretty fun.
  • So I killed him and got out and no achievement. What?

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