Safety Deposit Box Achievement

  • Safety Deposit Box



    Trap Father Elijah in the Sierra Madre's Vault.

    Reload the save from Cash Out, but this time exit the vault bunker and run to the left. You must make it through the entirety of the vault area without him noticing that you're gone. (There have been some reports that alerting the holograms alerts him, failing the achievement). Once you make it back to the elevator area, Elijah should scream "No, I'm trapped!". This is your cue that the door is unlocked. Simply use the elevator and the achievement should pop For a full, detailed walkthrough, check here.

  • How the hell do you do this?!?!?
  • I don't know, Sounds hilarious though!
  • I was having trouble on this one, as well, but I was finally able to do it after some experimenting. The way I did it was, after convincing Elijah to come down to the vault, I snuck out of the vault room, and retraced the path I used to get to the vault. After taking the elevator up, I got the achievement. I also destroyed the turrets before entering the vault, but I don’t know if that has any effect on being able to sneak out.
  • I couldn't get out because the blue shield things were on. Do they turn on if Elijah sees you or is it something else??
  • From the forums: 1. Talk Elijah into coming down into the vault. 2. Immediately leave the vault and book it through the LEFT entrance of the room. 3. Backtrack all the way to the elevator that you arrived in. 4. Around the time you get anywhere close to the elevator, Elijah will realize that he's been tricked, and set off the alarm. 5. He's stuck in the room. All you have left to do is leave on the elevator. 6. Enjoy your Achievement.
  • Hello, I have one question... Where do you find Elijah and how do you get him to go down to the vault, because I cannot for the life of me find him... please help!
  • hello, im at the part in the casino where you get a emergency key to open this door and when i enter it dog is inside it and you have to repair the gas valves but every time my collar keeps going off and keeps killing me. I looked all around room to find a place where it stops beeping, and I cant even repair all the valves in time without my head being blown off. I even went up to dog and persuadedd him to fight his "voice" and even when I helped him I still end up getting my head blown OFF! Anyone how did you get pass this bit? Reply please, thank you.
  • Never mind I figured it out.
  • when do u talk elijah into vault
  • @itsFazza1612 u play the same audio log as u do when u first meet him
  • OK I've gone seriously wrong somewhere, in my game I just walked into the vault and died. When do you get the opportunity to convince Elijah into coming to the vault? I never met him face to face or had a conversation with him apart from at the beginning when he was a hologram. Help!
  • Haynes- when u go into the vault and go onto the cpu and read the notes the it says do u want to read the personal documents or something like that select no then exit the cpu it will trigger a cut scene then all u need to do is run for the exit long way round
  • One way i done this was using a Stealth Boy, as my sneak was very low at around 17. Once you enter the vault i saved so i could get both Achievements, and once you access the terminal and convinced Father Elijah to come down, i used a stealth boy and opened the door and then closed it and went the same direction i used to get into the vault. It was best to use a Stealth boy as you need to escape undetected, and holograms won't see you, they will turn orange then red but won't fire at you since you have a Stealth Boy. Then just go through the elevator at the end to collect your Achievement. Also for people who don't have a Guass Rifle i suggest getting this achievement first then re-loading it and then killing Father as you can get a Guass Rifle from his dead body.
  • All you have to do for this one is once your in the vault and its locked access the terminal to the left try to disengage lock(nothing will happen) go back to the terminal in the back center of the vault and and it will say two things. click on the one that says Vera. And that one only and then back out. You will have a conversation with Elijah and once it is done start a sprint out the vault (it will be unlocked now) and go to the left and follow the path you just came from until you get to the maintenance door and once you go through it there will be elevator in that general area. Hope this helps!
  • Just run, it's what I did...
  • if enyone ever comes back SPOILER(to some)SPOILER how many gold bars did ya walk away with
  • Does anyone know how you can walk away with all 37 gold bars?? because i tried it but kept getting caught by elijha!! obviously i move very slow (walking pace) but there is no way in which i can make it in a minute all the way to the service elevator in time!!! im pretty sure other people have this problem but i simply cannot be bothered to attempt the glitch. i want to do it legitimately!! could really use some help!! if he gets locked in the vault will the collar alarm still go off???
  • well bring a companion and give it all to him
  • im joking
  • easy tell him to come down to the vault and then run you way u came
  • I actually took the way Elijah came from, so much harder than going back the way you came. I also had 100 sneak and it took me about 20 tries.
  • How the heck are you suppose to trap him in there when by the time you get to the doors the security fields are back up?
  • Corwin - you have to go back round the long way I'm afraid.
  • All you do is sneak out the way you came in with out him seeing you run back the path past all the raido transmitters and head for the elevator and the achievement will pop do not sit in the room and wait for him to get to the vault he will just know your there......I tried this , o and don't be over cumbered by gold bricks.
  • Im not sure if im too slow but the security sheilds on the door always pop up before I can get to it.. If its a proximity thing or something I dont know but this is killing me : (
  • just sneak past him and sprint for your life before the collar goes off
  • @ SG1, either pathway from which Elijah comes from will "lock" with the blue shield because its an ingame action, letting Elijah know that you tricked him. This is to stop you from walking away with the 37 gold blocks so easy. You can sneak it out, but even with a sneak of 100 and a stealth boy, Elijah's perception is like at 10, (which is super annoying), so prepair for the restarts.
  • Locking Elijah in the vault and escaping with the gold FTW.
  • I walked away with all gold bars AND trapped elijah in without walking around the long way. when your overencumbered you walk instead of run, so when he walked past me i had a decent sneak and a stealth boy on, so when he walked in i walkedright up to the elevator and left
  • I did this with all gold bars (37 I think?) and without the use of a stealth boy. I had the assassin suit on and ila fantoma, so my sneak was at 95. There is a guide on youtube if anyone is still interested in this, just search for the achievement name and no stealth boy. I'd link it, but meh, lazy at the moment.
  • This video really helps alot . Check it out
  • For some reason it says this is the 1st achievement i got and the 2nd is Cash out and my third is Ain't that a kick in the head. Ain't that a kick in the head should be first because you get it for creating your character which is the first thing you do so it HAS to be your first achievement. All the other achievements from the dlc are fine and in the right places. Has this happened to anyone else?
  • Finally got this, yay. Too bad I was fixated on this darn cheevo and I seem to have forgotten the loot. Didn't even grab 1 gold bar... Dang.
  • NOTE: It doesn't matter if the holograms spot you when escaping, you can still get the achievement for trapping Elijah. You will know you're on track when you are 3-5 seconds away from the elevator and elijah realises and starts ranting about your escape.
  • The problem im having is that I cant go through the door that leads to the elavator. Its like a invisible wall :/
  • This was a tough one, finally did it, and nabbed all the gold! When is fallout 4?!?!?!?!
  • Such a terrible DLC!
  • I got this with my first try. I just asked him to come down and then ran back the way i came from. When i got to the maintnence door it first says that a key is needed but just take your aim off it a couple of times and then you dont need a key. After that just take the elevator up and your done!
  • Fucked it up. Now I gotta do a whole new play through.

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