Sierra Souvenir Aficionado Achievement

  • Sierra Souvenir Aficionado



    Collect 500 Sierra Madre Chips.


    Note that the achievement means 500 chips cumulative, not 500 chips at one time. While this achievement is technically missable, there are numerous opportunities to easily get it. Not to mention unless you are exceedingly lucky you will need many more chips than 500 just to survive. The most natural way to attain this is to scavenge everywhere in the Town for chips. Each container usually has 8-15 chips in it (the Scrounger perk will significantly increase this amount), so over time you'll accumulate enough.

    If you still haven't gotten it once you enter the Casino, you can simply gamble for the chips. Once you've turned the power on, the hologram table workers activate allowing you to play Blackjack or Roulette with your Sierra Madre chips. Simply gamble until you have the 500 chips (though I suggest farming for much longer so you can simply vend everything you'll need for the rest of the DLC). If you need help with earning chips through gambling, see The Courier Who Broke the Bank in the main achievement guide.

    You can still get the achievement in the Mojave wasteland in one of two ways. First, you can make counterfeit chips if you received the Coin Operator perk from Christine during the DLC. Note the Coin Operator perk is learned from Christine, not given as her companion perk. You can use these counterfeits to buy goods from the vending machine in the abandoned BoS bunker. Next, sell back the goods you bought from the machine to receive real chips. Alternatively, you can simply bring items you find around the wasteland back to the machine, return them, and receive chips for it. The only way to truly miss this achievement is to not get enough chips during the DLC and not have found the return codes for at least one item. In other words, not likely.

  • This is actually not a hard achievement at all, and may even be the first you get in the DLC. Just open every container you find, and search the fountains. Sierra Madre chips are VERY plentiful and you will probably have well over 1000 when you complete the DLC.
  • i agree with #1. everywhere you go will have multiple chips. also search in every container you see. easy and you will probably get it without any effort.
  • It also helps to trade in all packs and cartons of cigarettes a the vending machines. And if you don't have the achievement by the time you turn on the power to the casino, you can gamble. I ended up finishing the DLC with around 5000, but the limit at the Sierra Madre Casino is around 12,000, so you could end up with much more.
  • This is cumulative. I just got it an currently have only 60 chips in my inventory.
  • so easy
  • If you get the snowglobe in this dlc you will be awarded 2k chips on the spot, thus unlocking the achievement.
  • This cheevie tile was a bit of a kop out, just The Legend of the Star one, except with hearts as eyes instead of stars.
  • this was the first achievment I got on the DLC very easy
  • Where is the snow globe located in this DLC?
  • Drop your chips and pick them back up until you have gotten 500. also works with the cards
  • didnt even have to go back to collect like its been said before you'll get it thru normal playthru
  • I Dont No If This Will Work But I Use Father Elijahs Bunker As A House And Theres A Safe On The Corridor Wall What, Every Few Days Put 100 Chips Init And You Have A Vender In The Room Next To It, Dont No If Those Chips Count Towards The Achievment Though.
  • Can't wait to buy the DLC:)
  • really easy one, first achievement to unnlock in my case
  • I raided the police station looking for Dog/God and ended up with like 75 chips and just kept dropping them and picking them up and I got it. I just recruited Christine and have close to 200 chips. This is not a hard achievement at all, but I will find that snow globe so I can have all 8 of them.
  • You can also just get the Snow globe, which gives 2000 Sierra Madre chips. It's located near Dean's Secret Stash in the upper levels of Salida del Sol North. From the southern-most entrance to Salida del Sol South (inside a house in Salida del Sol North), proceed down the stairway and out to the street, then turn 180 degrees for the entrance hole in the wall above. This area can be reached by going up the stairs located around the corner to the southeast and following the rooftops back toward the hole.

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