May my Hand Forget its Skill Achievement

  • May my Hand Forget its Skill



    Evacuate Zion.

    This achievement and "O Daughter of Babylon" are mutually exclusive. They are the two different endings for the game, and one must be chosen for completion of the DLC. Read on to know when to save in order to refrain from a second playthrough of Honest Hearts.

    After completing the "In a Foreign Land" achievement, you will get the quest "Gathering Storms." For this quest, you must talk to Daniel in order to decide the fate of Zion. Save before you talk to him! You can talk to him about the decision and still have the opportunity to back out in order to complete any side quests, so back out of the conversation and save your game. In order to get this achievement, choose the option to evacuate Zion. The achievement will unlock just before the ending cinematic.

    If you're having trouble with this DLC, click here for an abbreviated walkthrough.

  • this is what you get if you side with the sorrows
  • Don't worry, you have the opportunity to say that you'd like to think about the decision when it comes time to make it, during which you can exit the conversation and save before taking a side.
  • bah.. i missed this.. have to start over again...
  • hey ppl, this is completely unrelated to the achievement but didnt no where else to post it.... for all the snowglobe collectors there is 1 in the general store where u collect the lunch boxes, its behind the counter and is worth 2000 caps. Enjoy :)
  • Well just got the 5 achievements in 3-4 hours and thats with 2 full play throughs New Vegas is totally a waste of money compared to fallout 3...
  • i would agree with comment #5 to a degree, compared to fallout 3 its not that great but its not a bad game, its just very glitchy.........oh and my game freezes alot lol
  • @6 yes fallout NV is really good but thats just cause Fallout will be more revolutionary then most game for a while.
  • I think NV is a good game that's unfortunately using an old engine. such a shame because it has a hell of alot of good bits that make it worth buying.
  • So pumped for this DLC. Hope it's less of a pain in the ass then Dead Money!
  • i think that people should buy this add on cause it may be short as hell but it gives you some cool items and and a cool back story to the game but i really with it was more in depth like i got one full play through in like 1 hour to 2 hours. dose anyone know if dead money was better?
  • Make sure you save b4 you either choose josh's way or dan's way (i think thats his name anyway) that way you can do 1 ending then load and choose the other ending. Don't do what i did and not save b4 you choose because i had to do the whole dlc again with my other person just the get the other ending achievement -_______-
  • Hey ppl this is kinda unrelated but i was wonderin if any1 knows release date for new dlc? last i heard it was june sometime?
  • comment #12 the next DLC is 'Old World Blues' and will be released July 19th
  • comment #12 the next DLC is 'Old World Blues' and will be released July 19th
  • #13  Thanks for info lol
  • yea #11 has the right idea, i didnt do this i now regret it cause i have to restart the dlc for the other ending
  • WoW, I seriously hope that the new DLC will be better than this one, It took like an hour to complete the story line, and there was never any strong opposition. Fallout 3 FTW!
  • I have never had the game glitch out on me and I've had it since February...except I found 1 radscorpion stuck under a wing of some crashed plane. Is this DLC good? I liked the first one, is this better or worse?
  • I haven't had too many glitch problems. I see most people saying it only takes a few hours for a playthrough, is there not a lot of opposition? How easy is it to get the 5/5 for Honest hearts?
  • i bought this dlc when it came out and havent played it because i had to start a fresh game lol, i hate that there is no continuation after the final battle, its such a waste
  • My letdown of New Vegas was I thought that it would be a copy of Las Vegas (just like they did with Washington DC in Fallout 3). But it isn't at all. There's no comparison between the 2 games. I was also excited the New Vegas would have tons of quests but I still didn't enjoy the game.
  • Honestly... I preferred Dead Money... despite all its glitchy-ness
  • @ # 20 - you didn't HAVE to start a new game - all you had to do was use the SYS file (which is an auto-save), and instead of going off to the final battle you can continue right from where you prior to leaving for the point of no return. Hey, this is a fun game, but I wouldn't start all the way over, mainly due to all of the freezes and losing 30 levels+ of experience.
  • Save before talking to daniel after you finish the 4 quests he gives you. Then go and talk to him and decided that its safer to leave zion. Simply go straight to the pine cave, allowing josh to kill the enemies in between, and once everything is done then talk to daniel and he gives you a dentenator, use it when the game tells you to and there you go.
  • for free ms points
  • this glitched hard for me like SOOOO many other points in the DLC. I pick to flee and then I find my self standing in a river, the burned man is behind me. NO weapons. NO pip boy. NO movement. What a fucking waste of money.
  • You can even chicken out if you have a high enough speech skill. And get a fuckload of XP after doing so, and obtain some nice outfits :D
  • Wasn't a fan of this DLC at all... Only good thing was it was short... But I feel like I wanted better companions

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