In a Foreign Land Achievement

  • In a Foreign Land



    Scout the Zion Valley for signs of the White Legs.

    This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. Refer to the walkthrough in "May my Hand Forget its Skill" if you're having problems.

  • As a recent immigrant to the state of Utah, I can attest the of this achievement title couldn't be more correct.
  • title of this* ... bahh you know what I mean.
  • the white legs are a group of people/tribe in zion that are i think are against the burned man/joshua graham. its on fallout wikipedia
  • please tell me this isn't one of those where you have to "discover" all the locations... hasn't anybody got this yet?
  • oh, i just found my answer. sorry...
  • You have to complete (after talking to Daniel) The Grand Staircase, The Advance Scouts, The Treacherous Road, and River Monsters. Talk to daniel after you complete these for the achievement. FYI - Save first after you completed those missions because when you talk to daniel you decide what to do and both choices get you achievements, It beats playing it all the way through a second time.

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