O Daughter of Babylon Achievement

  • O Daughter of Babylon



    Crush the White Legs.

    This achievement and "May my Hand Forget its Skill" are mutually exclusive. They are the two different endings for the game, and one must be chosen for completion of the DLC. Read on to know when to save in order to refrain from a second playthrough of Honest Hearts.

    After completing the "In a Foreign Land" achievement, you will get the quest "Gathering Storms." For this quest, you must talk to Daniel in order to decide the fate of Zion. Save before you talk to him! You can talk to him about the decision and still have the opportunity to back out in order to complete any side quests, so back out of the conversation and save your game. In order to get this achievement, choose the option to fight the White Legs. After choosing the option to kill the White Legs, you will receive the quest "Crush the White Legs." Just complete all of the objectives within the quest, the ending cinematic will play, and the achievement will unlock.

    Refer to the walkthrough in "May my Hand Forget its Skill" if you're having problems.

  • this is optional you get it if you side with the burned man
  • Don't worry, you have the opportunity to say that you'd like to think about the decision when it comes time to make it, during which you can exit the conversation and save before taking a side.
  • The 40g for siding with the sorrows and escaping was much simpler, hated walking the majority of the map just to get at him.
  • Make sure you save b4 you either choose josh's way or dan's way (i think thats his name anyway) that way you can do 1 ending then load and choose the other ending. Don't do what i did and not save b4 you choose because i had to do the whole dlc again with my other person just the get the other ending achievement -_______-
  • You have to side with Josh during the Gathering storm quest.
  • When talking to Daniel (after completing the 4 quests he gives you), You are given the choice to either flee Zion or side with Josh and fight the White Legs. Choose josh's choice and once you completed the mission, You get the achievement.
  • It was quite a short quest-line, purely for the XP boosting. I raised 4 levels by finishing this add-on.
  • When I chose to go with Joshuas plan it gave me the achievement for daniels. I was on the mission to destroy the white legs and it only gave me the achievement for evacuating zion...Not the o daughter of babylon achievemet which I should have gotten.

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