Cardiac Arrest! Achievement

  • Cardiac Arrest!



    Recover X-13 cardiac regulator sneaky suit!

    This is a story related achievement and quest.

    The quest you are looking for here is X-13: Attack of the Infiltrator!, and by completing this quest you will unlock the "Cardiac Arrest!" achievement. Here's a quick run through (Note: a full run-through can be found by clicking on the quest link above:

    • Go to the X-13 testing facility which is located near the perimeter fence to the west of the Big MT dome.
    • Explore the rooms in the corridor by the reception area. You will find 3 parts of the MK ll suit here (boots, gloves, chest piece). 
    • Assemble the suit and follow your objective then accessing the nearby terminal with your suit in your inventory. 
    • Continue following objective points to initialize your suit. 
    • Once the test is complete the stealth suit Mk II will be upgraded (Sneak bonus increased by +10, to 25) and enemy robo-scorpions will appear throughout the X-13 facility under the direction of Mobius making your exit a little more troublesome.

    Note: Higher sneaking and high lockpicking do help tremendously in this quest.

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  • I hope this isn't missable because I really want this suit. It looks awesome.
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  • The suit is made up of three pieces found in the X-13 Research facility, collecting all three immediately completes the suit unlocking the achievement.
  • Arc797 is right, the achievement isn't missable.
  • They're all right. It's the quest in the X-13 to obtain three pieces that make up the suit and then you can upgrade it to have Sneak +25. And it talks to us lol
  • have to say it was good but too short and jesus give proper gamerscore
  • @19 I don't know what your talking about the DLC being short, this DLC added a solid 14+ hours of gameplay onto my Fallout experience. I've many retail games that weren't even that long, so it's definitely NOT short.
  • It was short, I definitely had it done in about 4 hours max
  • It was short, I definitely had it done in about 4 hours max
  • kinda short, not nearly as short as HH, but this was so much funnier with wild wasteland. i like the suit..."sneaking done fighting begins" "sneaky sneaky" and such
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  • All of the fallout DLC packs are usually fairly short if you only go for achievements.
  • The sneaky suit is nowhere near as good as the one in Fallout 3
  • until you do the challenge over and gain more bonuses
  • @16 Just picking up all three of the pieces doesn't unlock the achievement, you actually have to do the test with it.
  • #27 you are so right, the chinese stealth suit was the best.
  • You have to do the testing part of the mission too, also the Chinese stealth suit was the shit. The very best light armor of all fallout.
  • How do you unlock the achievement assemble your crew in dead money? Any advice, there're all in the fountain, still not unlocking.
  • @#32 I think your posting in the wrong area.
  • Did they really think it was good idea to make this sneaky suit? I hate it... Still does nothing as far as sneaking which is a wasted skill in this game, On top of that it uses all your medx and stimpacs and leaves you addicted to medx, Bethesda seriously failed in this game when it came to this. I want the Chinese version lols, Not to mention the fact I did all the "testing" I maxed my sneak use a magazine, stay in the shadows and move slowly or not at all, heck i even put it on easy to test and still the second they see you they come for you. The other bonuses are just not worth it. I would really like to know what they were thinking, Probably something like sneaking makes the game too easy so lets dumb it down... So something people enjoy which is why I game and they take it away? zz
  • Quite simply put, this was a monumental waste of time. Collect the Mark II Stealth Suit pieces and retrieve the X-13 doc from the admin's safe to pop the achievement and then ditch the suit. Don't even bother with the upgrades because they're totally useless. If these scientists were reverse engineering the Chinese Stealth Suit, then they failed miserably and were most likely high on the drugs the suit pumps into your body like a Pez dispenser. Epic Fail, Bethesda. Fallout 3 puts New Vegas to shame. Hint: You're supposed to IMPROVE a game.

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