Making Friends Achievement

  • Making Friends



    Reactivate all of the Sink's robotic assistants.

    This is the only achievement in DLC that is not required to complete it. Also note that you can return and complete this after the completion of the main story line.

    The quest related to this achievement is All My Friends Have Off Switches. Here is a quick run through:

    • Start out by installing the Sink Central Intelligence Unit which is given to you in the conversation at the start of the DLC with the Think Tank. Please note that in order to install any other chips you need to install this one first.
    • Sink Project - Sink is located in the caverns of the magnetohydraulics complex
    • Sink Project - Auto-Doc is located in the complex Y-17 medical facility.
    • Sink Project - Biological is located in the Research Station in the X-22 botanical garden.
    • Sink Project - Jukebox is located in the House #108 of Higgs Village.
    • Sink Project - Book Chute is located in the House #101 of Higgs Village.
    • Sink Project - Light Switch 01 is located in the X-2 transmitter antenna array.
    • Sink Project - Light Switch 02 is found hidden away inside the Big MT north tunnel.
    • Sink Project - Muggy is found stashed on a truck just outside the Securitron de-construction plant.
    • Sink Project - Toaster is found just inside of The Cuckoo's Nest.
    • Return to the Sink and install your mods. The achievement is yours along with a much better Sink!
  • last achievement to get!
  • toaster's in the cuckoo's nest
  • This just requires you to reactivate them and not fully upgrade them right? Cause there's like 6 more holotapes you'd have to find for the Autodoc and that would be a big ol bitch
  • i agree with jack haha im currently working on this one and damn its time consuming lol
  • @#'s 3 and 4, the achievement does not require you to fully upgrade each assistant, only to get each ones holotape. After installing the central intelligence unit the rest of the holotapes can be found as follows: Toaster = Cuckoos nest Muggy = Securitron De-construction plant (Outside in military truck) Auto-Doc = Y-17 Medical facility Jukebox = #108 in Higgs village Book chute = #101 also in Higgs village Biological research station = X-22 Botanical garden Lightswitch 1 = X-2 Transmitter Antenna Array Lightswitch 2 = In Big MT North tunnel
  • i think you only need to activate them thats what it says i've done all of them except toaster light switch 1 and something else im not sure what it is
  • You must have powered the weapon to complete this quest.
  • You only need to activate all of them, it takes a few minutes but their funny as hell haha. It's optional if you wanna upgrade them
  • The toaster is awesome! I wanna take him back to Mojave as a companion :(
  • I cant find the toaster file in the Cuckoos Nest! Ive looked everywhere and cant find the nest someone help!!
  • The Cuckoo's Nest is near the X-2 Satellite tower thing. It on the West side of the map
  • this was the easiest one to get.
  • Just had some trouble trying to find the Sink: Sink... Then I realised this is actually a mission and you can get markers set to their locations.
  • Horny light switches FTW oh and evil toaster's
  • I agree with #9 that toaster is AWSOME.... "LETS BURN THIS MOTHER DOWN AND HOOK THAT SHIT UP"
  • I activated all these and didnt get the achievement. The quest just says "Install the personality modules in the Sink" which I already did. Is there something else you have to do?
  • @ 16 nah all you do it activate all of them no need for upgrades unless you want some the perk just double check and make sure there all up and going look at #5 list there if you continue to have problems re-load your save point before you first activated them I have had times where it didnt give me the achievement all I did was re-load and try it again an you'll recieve it...6 more achievement and I have this game complete woo! hoo!
  • y r people saying they cant find it. it tells you where they are on your pip boy. this is super easy. just time consuming
  • The toaster is in a cave, around the cave entrance there is a bunch of junk and a small path that goes up to the entrance. once inside its off to the right, there is a book shelf with a bunch of toasters and candles around the holotape kinda like a shrine.
  • for the people having trouble, after you get all the holotapes you have to talk to the things to activate them. the one i was missing was the sink in the room with the plant thing.
  • The list above is missing the Sink's...well, SINK, which can be found in the magnetohydraulics complex.
  • Hey you, got any mugs?
  • Why are you all telling where to get the holotapes. They are all marked on the map ordnot?
  • Are there any like youtube guides or visual guides to watch any obtain the information?
  • Toaster was the best. I wish I could have Muggy as a companion though.
  • I loved the toaster it was so funny and @25 I agree with you I wish I could have Muggy as a companion that would be cool.
  • This cheevo shouldn't be a problem as all the items are marked on the map. Simples.

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