Make Up Your Mind Achievement

  • Make Up Your Mind



    Make up your mind... about your brain.

    This is a story related achievement and quest.

    This requires the completion of the quest Old World Blues. A Quick run through:

    • Talk to Dr. Klein and make 'Old World Blues' your active quest.
    • Make your way to the Forbidden Zone Dome entrance, and enter it.
    • Find a solution for the X-42 giant robo-scorpion. Without spoiling anything, I say solution because there are multiple ways to finish this part of the quest. Have fun choosing.
    • Find Mobius' Lair and deal with him. Again there are multiple way to conclude your business with Mobius. 
    • Get your brain back... or deal with it. Again with the personal choices. 
    • And reason or destroy the Think Tank

    Note: The final step of this also completes the following achievement: "Outsmarted."

  • having flashbacks from point lookout...
  • Same thing i thought when i read it Keltdiasavere
  • Story based you'll get it no matter what.
  • I think this is missable but i don't know for sure.
  • this does remind me of point lookout only its my brain.
  • JimmyHood, it's not missable
  • yeah...i set my brain free. talking to it, i realized that it was right. staying with me was WAAYYY too danderous
  • This achievement is bugged. If you take the dialogue choices of making a compromise with things such as seeing a qualified doctor regularly it will end in an infinite loop and a restart of the game is required to fix it. Thats not to say this is impossible to get, just use one of the other options to convince your brain to go with you and the achievement is all yours.
  • so its not glitched? it can be achieved?
  • its been fixed

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