Outsmarted Achievement

  • Outsmarted



    Complete Old World Blues.

    This is a story related achievement / quest.

    This achievement is the end of the Old World Blues DLC and is simply your decision on what to do with the Think Tank after you have recovered your brain... or dealt with it.

    There really isn't much to this achievement. It is the conclusion of the DLC and requires you to decide whether or not you wish to destroy the Think Tank or simply find another solution. Completion of Old World Blues will result in the completion of this achievement. Congratulations on finishing this fun packed DLC!

  • this update doesnt sound to good :/
  • Cant wait to play this DLC. Hope it good.
  • whats it about?
  • Rumours says that you'll encounter a courier but i didn't meet anyone.
  • same here i only found the audio logs in ulysses point and few people mentioning him but that's all :(
  • ulysses is the couried that turned down your delivery, and supposed to be the guy in the next dlc
  • A cool dlc, a lot of unique weapons a fun little adventure, and it actually has more then 1 side quest unlike Honest hearts and dead money. Plus you can get all of the achivments without having to create save point And lay through it Again.
  • Wow, either I'm not doing something Right or the formatting for typing comments is really bad on this site.
  • best dlc in the fallout series ever. no annyoing achievements and lots of funny dialogs^^
  • Whenever I try to *Leave the think tank* In Old world blues, It freezes. Has this happened to anybody else or is it a scratched disc type problem?
  • it took me 2 hours for all achievements

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