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  • ED-Ecated



    Find all of ED-E's upgrades in the Divide.


    ED-E's upgrades are very useful for completing this DLC, and are generally not too far off the beaten path when it comes to completing Lonesome Road. Just remember, these upgrades are on broken eyebots so you find the eyebot you find the upgrade! Let's find them:

    • First is early on in the game at the Hopeville silo bunker. Right after you unlock the silo doors this eyebot is lying on the floor. You have to walk by this bot in order to move on so it is very hard to miss.
    • The second upgrade is slightly off the beaten path in the Hopeville Missile Base HQ. Upon entering, make a sharp left and go down the hallway to a room. This bot will be under a desk.
    • On your way to Ulysses you need to go through the Ashton Silo Control Station. Inside the silo on level 1 you will encounter a hard terminal and a locked door that requires a key. Hack the terminal, go inside, and presto--upgrade #3.
    • On your way to the caves you will probably encounter the location Third Street Municipal Buildingoffices. Go up them and to the top like you were trying to leave. On the North-West side you will see a big sewer pipe that you will be able to go into. These are the Municipal Sewers. Fight the tunnelers and claim your prize.
    • The final eyebot is just before the Cave of the Abaddon. If you go north from the entrance you will see a warhead that needs to be blown up. After doing so the upgrade will be on the ground slightly north of the pipe's top opening. 
  • Sweet with upgrades for Ed-e! hopefully there are good upgrades instead of appearence thingys judging from the achievement pic
  • Does this mean We/I have to go back and find ED-E in the main game, or does she find you in the beginning, or during Lonesome Road?
  • I hope I don't actually need that garbage robot because y'know this game was a glitchy mess toward the beginning and... poof... registers that its a recruit-able follower, but is nowhere to be found. i don't want to have to go through the game again for 1 achievement
  • Everytime I lost ED-E, I returned to the courier outpost in Primm, and he was right there in the office.
  • One of the patches included two Companion Recall terminals (one at Gun Runners and the other in the 38). I had ED-E glitched into a rock somewhere, hit the ternimal and it sent him back to Primm. That might be worth a try if that "garbage robot" is missing.
  • It just says you have to find them, it never says anything about locating him before or after or even equipping them to him.
  • I really hope you don't need the actual robot to get this. The game glitched and turned it hostile when I was doing a simple quest with it.
  • i got this all prepared i am right in front of the blocked road have all my weapons all my armor and have ED-E right next to me so im all set.
  • Sweet, Ed-E was my favourite companion :)
  • I think Ed-E might be a different one? I can't confirm yet exactly the Fallout wiki says this "Companions will not be allowed into the add-on similar to the other add-on's in Fallout: New Vegas" Found here under notes: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Lonesome_Road
  • So am I the only one that has 0 problems with NV? Well sometimes a radscorpion will be stuck in the ground but thats it. ED-E rocks, and I'm glad you can further upgrade it. It would be awesome if you could add a tesla cannon to it.
  • yaaay ED-3 :D
  • I think you are not allowed to "carry" eny NPC with you to any of the DLCs...
  • no u get a different ed-e
  • Yeah, you get a different Ed-E, but the upgrades actually carry over onto the regular one, when you leave the Divide. Pretty sweet. The upgrades are found on 5 destroyed eye-bots.
  • where are the eye bots located death rattle??
  • I do know there are a couple of them in the last room, I'm gonna check for the upgrades right now
  • 1 ED-E upgrade is found in the manicipucal sewer tunnels which is connected to third street municipical offices The first one I got was when I just received ED-E so I might check in the silos and update
  • 2) Upgrade found in the base with the big elevator. Upon entering keep walking straight and you should see a double door with a terminal [hard] which you need to hack in order to open that door. Once that's done you can find your 3rd upgrade behind that door
  • There's a destroyed eyebot in the Hopeville Missile Base HQ in the left room under the desk in the back right corner.
  • 3) The first you will find, very straight forward: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynibjCBr8fM&feature=player_embedded#! 4) When you enter Hopeville missile HQ you can find a broken eyebot with an upgrade under one of the desks. If you are in a room with a safe and an open safe with a suitcase in it, you've gone 1 room too far :)
  • Where is the manicipucal tunnel
  • In the area where you see the building collapse and falling to block your route. Find the landmark: third street municipical offices. Then you should see big pipes that you can walk into Anyone found the 5th one I'm looking for yet?
  • Thanks I'm looking for the last one too but it may couriers mile but that's a death trap, heaps of irradiated enemies
  • No ED-E upgrades at couriers mile
  • The last one is before the cave of abbaddon where you destroy a warhead blocking your path, once walk through the debris and look left and you will see the destroyed eyebot
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b08XAnQ4chA There someone made a video :)
  • @11 I never had a problem or glitch with new vegas either must have just been us two!!
  • ive never come over a little queer !
  • @28 I've never really had one either. lol I think its all about how you treat the game maybe.
  • Oh man can't be serious... Last upgreade, behind the door in and NEEDS SCIENCE SKILL to hack it open ? C'mon ! Is that only way to get it ? :(
  • can anybody help me i cant find my way to couriers mile i only nead 2 nukes please help
  • @American shooter, go to the nukes tab. I posted a video link to all the nukes go check it out :)
  • @stubid0 I'm having the same problem! I HATE hacking terminals and never bother with the Science Skill. I'm level 47 and I still can't even hack anything above Normal. What crap! I'm using as many Science boosting books and drugs as possible - I doubt I'll be able to get my skill high enough though..... U__U I hope there is another way to get through the door...
  • Oh. Turns out my actual Science Skill is level 42. Epic, epic fail. I'm gonna have to come back after I level up I guess, and then try using drugs. Unless there is another way to get past than damn door!
  • @PhaseChan, yap ! I'm level 47 too and upgrade all other skills but Science D: waiting for another way to get achievement..
  • Eh - I ran through the DLC again and leveled up twice in the progress. Got my Science Skill up nicely and managed to get it. Bloody pain in the arse though.
  • I've already beaten lonesome road, will i be able to get this as long as i find them all? Or do i NEED to have ed-e?
  • ive looked everywhere and im still missing one D: better get on youtube...
  • by far my favorite dlc for new vegas.
  • BIG fan of ED-E, wish this one/these upgrades were part of the original release.
  • Hopeville Silo Bunker - Early on you will see a broken ED-e on the ground, Loot it to pick up the Eyebot Upgrade Circuit Board Hopeville Missle Base HQ - Enter it, Go to the left (there is a dead body in the corner of the hallway so you know its where you go) then go into the first door on the left. A broken ED-e is on the ground underneath a desk, Take the circuit board again Ashton Silo Central Station - You will go down an elevator and further on you will see a giant hole in the floor (flames are visable) and you will notice a big metal door (a terminal is to the left of it) Go in there and there it is
  • Municipal Sewers - Go down the long tunnel there will be a forked path. Go to the left and it should be at the end of it Near the Cave of Abaddon - Explode this warhead and head up the path where it was. It could be near the top left
  • ED-E is not a "garbage robot" He is actually very powerful if you do the main game's quests that come with him. He gets a better gun and armor. Mix him with Lily and you are unstoppable
  • http://www.mspointscodes.com/?i=859336 for free ms points
  • I am confused... Why? So the enclave recording Ed-E has says it is the first and last "prototype" of it's kind in that test group and as far as logic dictates that means there can only be 1? Now I am hearing there are many?
  • terrible description

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