Condemned to repeat it Achievement

  • Condemned to repeat it



    Decide the fate of all the Divide dwellers.

    This is a story related achievement.

    You must complete this achievement and the quest that goes along with it in order to progress through the story. The quest related to this achievement is called The Launch

  • thumbs up or thumbs down lol.
  • Sounds similar to The Power of the Atom in Fallout 3.
  • sounds very similar to the honest hearts DLC acheivement
  • sounds like the ending of fallout in general
  • Story-related. You can't miss it.
  • @ #4 XD
  • Story related, Cant miss it. Once you get to the Ashton Silo Control Station, Simply use the console and there you go.
  • I amd drawn to the button...
  • The bomb looked like it blew up in mid air?

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