Rocket's Red Glare Achievement

  • Rocket's Red Glare



    Acquire all upgrades for the Divide's signature weapon.


    The Divide has one signature weapon called Red Glare. Red Glare is a missile launcher you can pick up when you are tasked with picking up the laser detonator. Red Glare's upgrades can be randomly found throughout The Divide, but it is very rare. There are a few techniques you can employ in order to get the three upgrades though:

    • Possess just over 34,000 caps and when ED-E opens up any commissary you can buy they from there. If you plan on using Red Glare the caps are well spent on these upgrades as it makes this weapon much better.
    • If you do not have 34,000 caps in pure cap form you can sell enough goods in order to afford the upgrades, purchase them, and then just load your previous save to simply avoid having to waste your items/cap collection. 
    • Previously mentioned it is possible to randomly find these upgrades throughout The Divine although it is very rare. 

    *Note* This can be completed AFTER finishing the main storyline.

  • i cant wait to see how much damage this gun can do.
  • Holy damn diggity dang.
  • its automatic
  • 3 upgrades, all in the Commissary (wall vending machine). Need plenty of caps, around 40k.
  • Lol where is the Commissary then?
  • Question is more ... where are they not.
  • All right guys as a hardcore fallout player i'm ashamed, but i found and easy way to get this achievement. I really didn't care for red glory and haven't really saved an extreme amount of caps, so here's how to spam this achievement.(spoiler alert) right before you meet courier 6 at the end of the dlc, you get ed-e back(Courier six reprograms him 3/4 through the dlc). Basically all along the dlc make sure you're picking up any weapon or armor of high value(camel back and burden to bear are very helpfull, also use ed-e storage and put them in the empty metal box when he leaves you, backtracking to pick the items up when he comes back to you) use the last commissary and you can just sell everything you have besides the red glory, as buying each mod replenishes the commissary cap
  • ....caps. sell everyting, buying each mod as you go. leave the commissary screen when you have all three, achievo pops, and you can simply reload your last save and get all you gear back. Cheap, I know but hey if you don't like the gun, no point in boosting endlessly to get the achievo. Hope this helps some of you
  • @7-8 Just joking but i would be ashamed if you are a hardcore fallout player and don't have enough caps to buy the upgrades... I seen them in the first commissary and bought all them and 2 of the SMMG ones. I am a mega fallout fan and have almost everything in the game. so selling a few things wernt to must to bare.
  • 1. Go to Commissiary Terminal on the High Road (Just after entering) 2. Save 3. Buy all upgrades and sell your stuff 4. Achievement pops up 5. Load your last save
  • i dont like this gun, but ive got 200k caps spare, and i could do with the wepon fully upgraded for my collection...
  • I'll add it too my collection :p
  • yeah, this one is just a matter of caps, not really much of an achievement.
  • Go to Hopeville Missle Base HQ, Once you are in there go to your immediate right and see a console on the wall through a doorway. Use ED-E to unlock it and access the Commissary and buy the 3 upgrades. They cost about 35,000 caps (they are a little over 11,000 caps each). What I do is save the game before buying them so that way I can keep my caps n get the achievement.
  • Is this possinle to get after completion of the DLC as I don't have LR ED-E anymore?

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