Warhead Hunter Achievement

  • Warhead Hunter



    Detonate all of the warheads in the Divide.


    Probably the most time consuming part of this add-on, you must hunt down all 30 warheads and detonate them. 
    A complete list can be found here or follow the video guides below:

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Overall this DLC is the toughest, the most rewarding, and the least time consuming of the whole lot of them. You should have a ton of fun, be test at every turn, and really enjoy the plot as it unfolds before your eyes.

  • i hope u can get this straight through.
  • i really hope this DLC doesn't require 2 playthroughs. hopefully its like old world blues, where all acheivements can be done in 1 playthrough
  • Is'nt that monstreously dangerous, or can they be remote rigged?
  • There's 30 of the damm things -_-
  • Lol watch out for Rawr, hes a feisty one!
  • 1 word: shoulder-mounted machine gun (ok, not 1 word) beast of a gun. along with the new melee weapon 'Blade of the West'
  • It's funny that everyone is still playing it and that there are no guides for finding them yet at all! I'm on 11 right now, but so far I've only found 1 ED-E upgrade and none of the weapons upgrade for the achievement. Did you guys have any luck?
  • Tyhonpholos, the upgrade achievement is to purchase the 3 mods for the new rocket launcher. go to one of the commisarys and u will find them. they cost bout 11,000 each
  • Yeah I saw that. Thanks! I'm still hunting those warheads and the ED-E upgrades :( I noticed in the last room there are about 5 of them!
  • I got three left and they seem to be hiding from me.. hmmm
  • Anyways update: Courriers mile has 2 warheads It also has a LOT A LOT of ammo! and other interesting stuff! Just make sure to bring enough anti-rad and anti enemies cause there are some deathclaws there.
  • I'm stuck with 4 remaining. It's frustrating
  • I only need 2 more. Nozeby make sure you check that you've found all locations. So far i know there are: 2 - courriers mile 1 - lonesome road southern part near the Marked storage 1 - opposite corner of the base where you launch that missile that gives you that achievement Condemned to repeat it - Decide the fate of all the Divide dwellers. 5 - Room where you confron Ulysses 1 - Near the 7th rest stop location (on the High road NEAR the end, look down) I'm gonna hunt my last two and I will update. Those mentioned above are the ones you will not encounter by just looking around while going straight for the quests
  • Alright I found my last two! I hadn't ecountered Rawr yet but he is behind the 'waterfall' when you reach the last zone: the divide. It's right after that second tunnelers area. I might post an entire list of where to find them. However I'd appreciate if someone made a youtube video.
  • Oh and woops. I miscounted: final room has 6 of them not 5
  • A full list would be cool. I found I missed quite a few on the linear quest's path due to not noticing them in the dark, as through some terrible luck almost every time I was outside in this DLC, it was night time.
  • So I have been missing 1 for the longest time. I have all of the Ed-E upgrades, but I am still missing 1 warhead. I found the 2 in Rawr's location, the 6 in Ulysses location, and both in the mile. I think I will check the area across from the silo that Typhon mentioned. I can't seem to remember whether or not I found that one. So confusing. Not to mention that it's a possibility that I missed one high up on a cliff somewhere...just frustrating killing all of the respawns after already hitting lvl 50.
  • Just a side note, there is one blocking the women's barracks in Hopeville. I just thought I would note that because it is the only one I have found that appears "behind" you as you are going through the main quest line after you receive the detonator.
  • When I get back to warhead searching after work, I will start in the silo location you mentioned Typhon. But, could you be a bit more specific. I'm not sure I know what you mean by "the opposite corner of that base." Is it inside that base or outside someplace? Thanks in advance!
  • Go to the Fallout Wiki if your still stuck mate, find the page for this achievement (Warhead Hunter) and both the main page and the talk page have all the locations between them. Not the easiest guide to follow, but all locations none the less.
  • Thanks a lot Lyco. I will attempt to follow that guide later tonight.
  • no it is not all the locations on the wiki page, they say 3 warheads in 'rawr' cave when there is only two. they also dont mention 2 more warheads like the one at the 7th stop junction and the one in the corner near one of the silo stations. it is a crap guide. find a different one. the way i did it was go to various forums to find most of them and just keep looking up at the cliffs when you r outside, there are loads on the cliffs.
  • Just found the last 2 on the Couriers road. 1 at the water treatment 1 above rawls cave 2 in the cave Just look for the stars on the walls and look up for a lot of them. Climb to the highest point whenever you get to a new area and use a sniper rifle to scan everywhere.
  • i was missing 2 but i found them here is were i rember were the warheads are to help cut back on looking theres 2 in rawrs cave 6 in the last room iam pretty sure there are 3 in hopevile the starting area one is at the outpost i complety missed that one there are 4 on high road 2 in couriers mile the rest are in the divide i could be wrong on that hope this helps some ppl
  • Yeah, I'm starting to get really frustrated. Still missing 1...and have been missing 1 since I defeated Ulysses 2 days ago lol. Anyways, if there are 4 in high road, I think I will go back there and double check. That's the one place I haven't scoured 3-4 times. I think I got all of them off of the cliffs in the Divide.
  • there was one that took me awhile to find it was in the divide if ur at the cave of abbandon just before u enter it turn around climb the building on the left all the way across to i think its the sewage plant and one warhead is hiding behind on the pipes i couldnt see it till i walked up to it
  • http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?p=4517610
  • spent 3 hours looking!!!.. shitty video quality but i found my last one here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpvbxwDN-z0&feature=youtu.be
  • how the hell do i get to courriers mile i cant get there please help
  • You need to return to Hopeville after the end and the entrance is to the right(follow the road)
  • 1St. The Courier's Mile. Are you FUCKING kidding? (When you fellow players get there, you"ll understand. Advice: Bring Rad - X and Radaway. LOTS OF THEM!!!!! Also bring Anti-Deathclaw weapons there is about 10+ Deathclaws there on a normal day, plus 6+ human enemies. The Two Warheads are on the right and the left of the very open area. The right one is around the outside boards of the area where u first become friends with the Deathclaws. The left one you can see when you climb the mound of rubble where the humans are. That one is on a soft hill. 2nd. I found this video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WisLWUsKhpA This is where single one is at. I just tried to make sure and it works. (Also not that within the video the person is playing on a PC so they could rip through
  • (Also not that within the video the person is playing on a PC so they could rip through the areas faster, exp. The Courries Mile) Also this video has no map pause moments, but it goes form warhead 1 to warhead 30. (If you been playing the DLC, you'll know where he is at and just either fast travel to it or just walk it through.) Simple, with the help of this video. And Thanks to Xerxus who made the video. Happy 30G!
  • Also when your in Ulysses' Temple, be careful with blue laser trip wires. Easy to jump over, or on Computers, but ED-E with set them off and, well, you'll see. Also, off Fallout topic, can anyone tell me how to update my card info. It says 51,785 which was a some time back, and the one on my main page says my score is 39030. Any help would be sweet. Thanks in advice and sorry for wasting time/space.
  • Also when your in Ulysses' Temple, be careful with blue laser trip wires. Easy to jump over, or on Computers, but ED-E with set them off and, well, you'll see. Also, off Fallout topic, can anyone tell me how to update my card info. It says 51,785 which was a some time back, and the one on my main page says my score is 39030. Any help would be sweet. Thanks in advice and sorry for wasting time/space.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WisLWUsKhpA
  • ^told ya lol :)
  • Please update when anyone sees a video that includes the map pauses, as I don't have the DLC down to a science yet; I just got it today... :S As my post is WAY later than your guy's I think there should be a video like this available now. But if you see one be sure to post the link, and if I find one I'll do the same. Happy Hunting!
  • Also agreeing with Icarus' side-note: My GamerCard is also experiencing the same problem, and according to the FAQ Forum post, most people are... :/ Mine hasn't updated in over 10-11k GamerScore... (>.
  • ** (>.
  • WTF... I tried to correct my smiley typo, and it did the same thing...? Maybe it's only a glitch on my end but that's just weird.
  • You can get this early on in the dlc considering you get the detonator in your second mission. Achievement Hunter has a good video on this so keep it open and get them as you play through the dlc.
  • Also make sure you have a lot of high powered weapons and ammo because there will be tough enemies (like Deathclaws) around the warheads. I had to leave the area just to go back, get a good weapon to kill them, and backtrack all the way back to where I was before i left.
  • I thought I could go back to the divide, Then I realized I did not save in between completing Lonesome Road, and going to Zion... Looks like I have to complete the DLC before going back. Sometimes, Bethesda really pisses me off.
  • I am not looking forward to going to The Courier's Mile. I mean is there anything scarier in this game than an irradiated deathclaw.
  • still missing one from the achievement guide. AHHHHH!
  • Theres actually some in the end fight too so you'll most likely have to go back, but its possible to do in one play through, Im going back to find the 3 i missed now.
  • Missing alot DX
  • I have them all its just this laser detonator in my inventory is really annoying
  • Is there anyway 2 get rid of it now I got the achievement
  • is it possible to get this achievement after completing the dlc.
  • is it possible to get this achievement after completing the dlc.
  • If you're only concerned about the Warheads, The Courier's Mile isn't bad at all. Just use a Stealth Boy and some Rad-X, and detonate them from as far as possible. I was able to detonate the one on the right first without any of the Deathclaws chasing me. Then go for the one on the left, and after detonating it run like hell to get back to The Divide.
  • Yes you can do this after completing the DLC but I think it gets populated with more Deathclaws, so bring some stealth boys if you're tired of fighting them all. This video is very helpful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WisLWUsKhpA
  • gotta love deathclaws
  • This guy sucks at making videos. Next time put them in order.
  • I usually hate collection type achievements like this. But when you detonate a warhead with an enemy nearby, it becomes very satisfying. Using the Anti Material Rifle with explosive ammo comes a very close second. Not looking forward to exploring the Couriers Mile, as I saw a video last night, and the Rads gained from being there are immense. Might go stock up on more Rad Away and Rad-X haha.
  • i was having lots of problems with deathclaws in the Mojave using my main weapon, That Gun, then in this DLC i decided to pick up a shoulder mounted machine gun that fires 10mm and its like 230 dps. aimed at the head deathclaws actually go down fairly quick.
  • http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/images/f/f9/The_Divide_Map%2C_Warhead_Locations.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120221000549 Here is a link to the map of them from the wiki & here is a link to the locations written. http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Warhead

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