Curios and Relics Achievement

  • Curios and Relics



    Cause 10,000 damage with unique Mojave Wasteland weapons.

    Once you purchase the Gun Runners Arsenal DLC these weapons will be sold by characters across the Wasteland. You will be able to find them at just about any vendor who sells weapons and each has their own special selection of unique weaponry. 10,000 points of damage can easily be accumulated if you stick with your unique weapons only and do quests or random location cleaning. The full list of unique weapons can be found HERE. Just for clarification, unique weapons must be named weapons that are different from their regular counter parts like Paciencia---Hunting Rifle or Maria---9mm Pistol.

  • Have these been fixed yet?
  • Love and Hate.
  • This DLC has achievements too??? WTF!!! I'm only missing getting all the nukes from LR. I was just gonna ignore it and assumed I was done with it! Oh well, at least is sounds like theres actually more than just new weapons. Still, the "cause 10,000 damage" ones from the main game were a pain in the ass and now I have to do it again (and of course I've already beaten everything, so I have no choice but to grind).
  • @3 just go back to the arena, its what i did for a lot of the 10,000's. But your right, this be a lot more grinding:(
  • The Thorn here i come!
  • buy the unique fat man, fire one of the high yield nukes, launch it into a populated area, ka-boom, cheevo unlocked, reload. simple, as long as you got the caps. i got it on accident doing that.
  • This one is very picky when it comes to what weapons work. Gehenna was the first i got to register after i slaughtered ghouls to get the challenge.
  • these are fixed, at least they are on as of this morning.
  • the gun you get from benny called 'Maria' works well for this acheivement. 'Love and Hate' works aswell
  • You HAVE to use Unique guns from the core game for this achievement. GRA weapons won't work (there's a separate achievement for that), nor will guns from the four DLC packs work.
  • @10 that information is incorrect. I personally went to the Gun Runner's store, bought the unique fatman (it's called Esther or something similar) and proceeded to massacre the strip with it. I only hit 9.7k damage before running out of mini-nukes. I then bought the Gehanna (named shiskebob from the GRA) and upon killing 4-5 people to reach the 10k mark, both achievements popped.
  • @11 how do you know how much damage you've done?
  • @12 look in your pipboy under challenges and it'll tell you how much you have left to go...i got two for using sleepytime the 10mm smg
  • @13 thanks I got both achievements with 2 shots of the Esther fat-man in the Vegas strip. was super easy and vary unexpected...
  • can you still get this achivement even if you don't have the DLC?
  • @15 No, you need the DLC for this five achievments
  • can you guys please tell me what guns I should use to get this achiev? would .45 Auto Submachine Gun work? (Thompson) or M1 (in game is called Battle Rifle (GRA) ) help me! as this is the last achievment to get
  • @ 17 highly doubt the .45 smg works...try A Light in Darkness (whatever Joshua's gun was) not sure on battle rifle as i havent picked one up yet...any of the weapons with a strange name should get it. alien blaster would probally be a good one, just headshot a bunch of deathclaws from VATS...with the HUGE crit % it seems to have
  • @18 i read somewhere that A Light in Darkness won't work, i am trying right now gehenna and bozar
  • ok, i did it, GEHENNA works for this one:) 100%
  • The YCS/186 Gauss Rifle works
  • I'm using This machine for it
  • Maria works fine, very easily done ... got it without even thinking about it ... just used it for lonesome road ... then pop!
  • Has anyone made a full list of guns that work for this?
  • the YCS/186 is a unique gauss rifle, you can get both of these achievements in 10 minutes using esther(gra), most just go wild on the strip but i went after death claws, kind of ruins it but also leaves no reason to complain. 3 star challenges on the other hand...
  • This Machine works. I love that gun with a passion.
  • there is a way to get both this one and the other 10000 dmg one with gra weapons at the same time if u buy the smg from the gun runners it counts for both
  • In my challenges section of the Pip-boy, there's no Curios and Relics challenge. Anybody have an idea of what might be going on? Is it called something else?
  • Sorry for the double post, I'm an idiot. Figured out that you had to switch between types of challenges.
  • Hey everyone. I'm working on a guide for this DLC.
  • Sounds like it's hammer time. Oh Baby!
  • Gehenna didn't work for me, is this gltched? I only got the other achievement , the one next to this.
  • for free ms
  • does this count for the non dlc weapons too?
  • From the Fallout Wiki: A "unique Mojave Wasteland weapon" is defined as any named unique variant of an existing weapon, such as Dinner Bell or Annabelle. It can only be earned with unique weapons in the base game or uniques in Gun Runners' Arsenal. For example, Maria can contribute to Curios and Relics, but A Light Shining in Darkness cannot. The Gobi Campaign scout rifle can contribute to Curios and Relics, but Christine's COS silencer rifle cannot. Unique weapons in Gun Runners' Arsenal (like Sleepytyme or MF Hyperbreeder Alpha) will contribute to both Curios and Relics and Master of the Arsenal.
  • anyone who has a list of these or even just loves to talk about gaming as long as it is not an FPS you should add XBlyndSDragonX, btw I notice every once in awhile these guys offering points codes? I assume it is a scam but don't their comments get deleted?

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