Master of the Arsenal Achievement

  • Master of the Arsenal



    Cause 10,000 damage with Gun Runners' Arsenal (GRA) Weapons.

    Like Curios and Relics this one also requires GRA specific weapons OR mods. So when looking at different vendors you are looking for weapons and mods that have (GRA) in the description or in their name. An example: Power First (GRA)+ Power Fist Hi-Cap Valves.

    That is a GRA power fist with a GRA modification.

    Also like in Curios and Relics you must do 10,000 damage with GRA specific weapons. Shouldn’t be too hard but will require some grinding out depending on completion percentage of the game.

    Note: If the unique Mojave Wasteland weapon is also a GRA weapon the achievements will stack in your favor. This also means if you put a GRA mod on a unique weapon they will stack.

    For a complete list of GRA weapons and mods go here.

  • What's wrong with the colors of these cheevos???
  • For anyone interested, simply buy the named fatman (Esther) from the Gun Runners store and all damage from it will count towards both this achievement and the 10k unique mojave achievement. This also works for the named shiskebob, Gehanna (sp?).
  • @#2 Yup. I - stupidly - did not fully understand the dlc and just bought a regular fat man that only had GRA next to it (not the named one BBowles mentions). It took me a minute to understand where the new challenges added by this dlc were (in the pip-boy -> misc -> press y for challenges), and when I did, I got pissed that I'd basically have to start a new game. Long story short, I went on my usual anger-releasing killing spree on the strip with the non-unique fat man. Got this achievement, but not the other. Grr.
  • wow thanks for the advice. I got the Esther fatman and all the ammo the Gunrunners had. Then i when to the gate of the strip, SAVED, shot the security Bots with one shot. Went inside and shot one more shot into the 5-10 person crowd and got both the 10,000 damage achievements 2 SHOTS thats it. still need the star challenges.
  • this one sounds like an easy one
  • #2 is right esther(gra) sold at the gun runners vendortron would make this easy along with the other achievement to use unique weapons. i noticed though that i only got about 1000 damage per shot no matter how large a crowd i shot into. fun achievement if you are starting a new playthrough.
  • there is a way to get both this one and the other 10000 dmg one with gra weapons at the same time if u buy the smg from the gun runners it counts for both
  • Buy Esther from the Gun Runners. It's a unique Fat Man and will count for this achievement and for Curios and Relics so you can get two for one. Load up on mini nukes and go to the entrance to the strip. Kill all the securitrons at the gate with Esther and then go into each casino and nuke everyone. Start with the Ultra-Lux because it has a lot of people in the lobby close together. This shouldn't take you more than a few minutes.
  • Bought the Bozar to use for the Super Mutant Challenge, got me both of these achievements. Counts as a unique weapon and as a GRA. That and it's a DPS monster.
  • I got this one + Curious Relics with one shot from the Esther in the Ultra-Lux.

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