Up to the Challenge Achievement

  • Up to the Challenge



    Complete any three Gun Runners' Arsenal (GRA) one star (*) Challenges.

    Challenges require you to kill certain monsters, characters, or creatures with special weapons or in special ways. Each challenge is different and there are more than 3 per category so no-one is forced to kill key NPCs.

    • A Slave Obeys
      Kill Mr. House with a 9 Iron or Nephi's Golf Driver. (0/1)
      • Nephi's Driver is owned by Nephi a fiend who can be found in a camp north of the Samson Rock Crushing Plant.
    • Ne Ne Ne Ne...
      Cripple Right Arms with Shotguns. (0/5)
      • Any right arms of monsters, humans, ghouls, ect. It does have to be a right arm. Also any shotgun will work. 
    • Overkill
      Kill Animals with any Fat Man or Fat Mines. (0/20)
      • Animals can be found just about anywhere, the task then results to finding Fat Man ammo or mines. Obtaining aFat ManFat Mines, or mini-nukes should be the only difficult part of this challenge. 
    • The Same Could Be Said of All Religious Weapons
      Kill Feral Ghouls with Maria, Gehenna, and Holy Frag Grenades. (0/15)
    • You Don’t Belong In This World!
      Kill Abominations with Katanas, Dynamite, Machetes, Throwing Spears, Throwing Knives, and Throwing Hatchets. (0/10)
      • Abominations are centaurs, Deathclaws, night stalkers, and spore plants to name a few. The link will take you to each of their pages thus giving their locations.
  • Most of these challenges suck if you are at the end.:(
  • "A Slave Obeys" specifically.
  • these are such a pain in the arse
  • i did it, but i had to go around killing the securitrons on the strip, now for 2 star and 3 star...
  • For this i went to the nuclear test site lots of ghouls there, repconn h/q for the robots and then simply shot 5 people in the right arm, quickest way i found to do it :D
  • i have to start a new game. i killed everybody. i mean everybody so theres noone left for me to d othis with :(
  • This one was easy, assuming you didn't kill everyone off. "The Same Could Be Said..." requires you to kill off ghouls. Old Nuclear Test Site in the south has plenty, although they can be found pretty much anywhere with radiation. Use Benny's Maria or, if you sold it, buy a Gehenna from the Gun Runners. "Benefit or Hazzard" requires you to kill off robots with a 5.56mm, which you can buy at the Gun Runners. REPCONNN Headquarters has several easy targets, and New Vegas Steel has a trio of Mr. Gutsys that regenerate every few days (also useful for the Mr. Gutsy 3 Star challenge). Finally, an abundance of "abominations" can be found in The Devil's Throat to the far West. Grab a machette and start hacking away... they respawn every couple of days.
  • Did anyone else get thier achievements for this dlc deleted? I had the 1st 3 achievements on day one. A week later they were gone. I was not happy.
  • Keep in mind there's an easy one star challenge that you have to view "Other Challenges" for.. Crippling 25 right arms, I believe.
  • Yes mine were deleted. What the hell happened?
  • Challenge, as in the lame ones in my pitboy?
  • @9 Its only 5!
  • lol shotgun crippling challenge is an Oblivion refrence
  • @13 Afriad not. While they may reference it in Oblivion, this is truly a Robo-cop reference. This refers to the beginning of the movie when the bad guy points a shotgun at the soon to be Robo-cop and trails the iron sights around his body saying, "Ne ne ne ne ne." Ending with the shotgun pointed at his right hand, he pulls the trigger and his hand dissapears.
  • A Man chooses, a slave obeys! Nice Bioshock reference :D
  • Ne Ne... = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOkZIay0J00
  • Overkill... *Killing an animal by physically hitting it with a timed mini nuke will count toward the total, even though the nuke hasn't actually exploded. *Mutated animals do NOT count! Only regular animals such as ravens, coyotes, and all types of dog, including NCR, Legion, and Fiend dogs.
  • The Ne Ne NE Ne one isn't on my list of challenges. I've not completed it either...
  • shotgun "nenenenene" NOTE not "any" shotgun will work. the couriers stash caravan shotgun doesnt count, it is the only one which doesnt, and since it is the free shotty everyone gets they are gonna try it right off the bat. i wish the creators of the guides here were PROPERLY thorough in their research as i have been misled far too many times from the information presented here at 360achievements.

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