Combat Veteran Achievement

  • Combat Veteran



    Complete any three Gun Runners' Arsenal (GRA) two star (**) Challenges.

    • Dyin' Ain't Much of a Living
      Kill members of NCR or Legion hit squads with weapons affected by the Cowboy perk. (0/5)
      • In order to get hit squads to come after your character you need to anger the desired faction into hatred. The Cowboy Perk is not necessary for this challenge. The link will also tell you which weapons will be affected by the perk itself.
    • Even a God-King Can Bleed
      Cripple Caesar's head with Throwing Spears. (0/1)
      • In order to make this challenge work you will need to get a nice little supply of Throwing Spears. Get the spears and aim for Caesar's head. Cripple it and the challenge is yours.
    • Historical Propriety
      Kill Caesar with a Knife or Combat Knife. (0/1)
      • This challenge requires killing the head honcho of the Legion with a knife. Caesar will not go down without a massive fight. 
    • Nyah! See?
      Kill Chairmen, White Gloves, or Omertas with any submachine gun, light machine gun, or minigun. (0/10)
    • Sic Semper Tyrannis
      Kill President Kimball with any One-Handed Pistol. (0/1)
      • Getting to President Kimball requires playing through much of one of the main storylines and eventually assassinating the president with any one handed pistol. 
    • Talk About Owned
      Kill Benny with his own gun, Maria. (0/1)
      • Benny is the chairman of New Vegas and resides in The Tops casino. You must pick-pocket his pistol then kill him with it.
    • Vault 13’s Revenge
      Kill Super Mutants with 5.56mm Pistols, Plasma Defenders, Plasma Grenades, Power Fists, Rippers, or the Bozar. (0/15)
    • White Line Nightmare
      Kill Fiends, Vipers, or Jackals with Tire Irons, Baseball Bats, Lead Pipes, Machetes, .44 Magnum Revolvers, or Sawed-Off Shotguns. (0/20)
      • The challenge here is simply finding FiendsVipers, and Jackals. After you find them, dispatching them should be no problem.
  • got this achiev the first day it was out. i can see i have it no one else can and it still hasnt added the gs im still on 1530 when i should be 1555??
  • XBOX has added the achvs so now you have to recover your gamertag and redo the entire achv to get credit. xbox added them thurs afternoon even though the dlc was released on tues.
  • storming the strips casinos with the CZ57 Avenger, this will be fun
  • I went to jacobstown and wiped them out there (nightkin count too), went after fiends and vipers at various spots and then wiped out everyone in ghommora(sp?) simplez :)
  • yeh this one was pretty easy, stuck on the 3 star ones though
  • This one was pretty easy. "Nyah! See?" just requires you to take out a handfull of strip casino gangsters with a machine gun. The Omertas at Gomorrah went down quickly and filled the required body count. "Vault 13's Revenge" requires you to kill off Super Mutants. Grab the Gun Runners 5.56mm and head to Jacobstown, where you should be able to take out the peaceful bastards easily. Nightkin count too. If you're looking for more of a fight, head to Black Mountain, although you may need a bigger gun. Finally, go out hunting for Fiends and the like. Vault 3 is filled with them if you haven't finished them off yet.
  • I found the easiest way to get this was going to Caesar, crippling his head with a throwing spear (requires some distance, I had to get him out of the tent), then finish him off with a combat knife. Prior to this I killed all the other legions with a high melee and the 'Oh Baby!' hammer. Then I grabbed a 10mm submachine gun and killed 10 white gloves - achievement unlocked.
  • I found an easy way was to combine 2 quests and enter The Tops without surrending your weapons, kill the Chairmen that attack you with a submachine gun (but use V.A.T.S., so that you don't accidentally kill Benny in the initial melee, as he will likely descend the stairs and join in). Switch to Maria to kill Benny, then switch back and kill any others you may need to reach the count. Then go to Jacobstown and start shooting with a Plasma Defender. If you haven't done any of the related quests, then Lily will be there, and you can actually just kill her repeatedly (she will always get back up) away from the others as she tries to leave town. It only took me 10 minutes, tops, and I'm pretty horrible.
  • Killing Benny with his own gun (Maria) was kind of a long term thing for me. I talked him into taking me to his room (Black widow perk) and then shot the gun from his hand. Picked it up, but it was completely broken, so I could not use it to kill him. I left his room, left the casino and took a detour to the Mojave outpost in the far south of the map (with the NRC guy that can repair up to 100%), repaired the gun, transported back to the strip. Benny was in de hallway on the 13th floor waiting in anticipation. So I shot him in the head with Maria. Thankfully the chairmen at the door downstairs let me keep Maria, although I don't believe it's a stealth weapon. Anyway, challenge done!
  • @9, thanks for the advice, I've been had no luck whatsoever pickpocketing Benny.
  • yea...i don't think you can pick-pocket Benny...tried 5 times today...should be a 3 star challenge if it really is so complicated as comment 9

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