Pros Only Achievement

  • Pros Only



    Complete any three Gun Runners' Arsenal (GRA) three star (***) Challenges.

    • Against All Tyrants
      Kill any named Legion members with Hunting Revolvers, Ranger Sequoias, Brush Guns, Service Rifles, Hunting Rifles, or Cowboy Repeaters. (0/10)
      • Aside from The Fort which I do not believe anyone wants to run through there are a few other locations which have named Legion members:
      • Nelson: which has Dead Sea
      • Cottonwood Cove: which has Aurelius of Phoenix, Decanus Severus, and Canyon Runner.
      • For a list of notable characters go here.
    • Armed For Bear
      Kill any named NCR Ranger or commissioned officer (Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, General) with Machetes, Rippers, Chainsaws, Throwing Spears, or Ballistic Fists. (0/15)
    • Crackerjack Timing
      Kill Mojave Wasteland Cazadores with Tin Grenades, Long Fuse Dynamite, and Time Bombs. (0/10)
      • The only part of this which will require some planning is finding the right group of Cazadores to attack. When looking up their locations look for areas where you can sneak up and drop your explosives from hiding to get sneak and critical damage. 
    • Deathclaw Pro Hunter
      Kill adult Mojave Wasteland Deathclaws with .22 Pistols, Switchblades, Boxing Tape Recharger Rifles, or Dynamite. (0/5)
      • Deathclaws will test your build more than anything else out there. Deathclaws can be found at the Gypsum Train Yard. For more locations refer to the Deathclaw link.
    • Man-Machine Interface
      Kill Mojave Wasteland Mr. Gutsys and Sentry Bots with Brass knuckles, Spiked Knuckles, Tire Irons, and Lead Pipes. (0/10)
      • The Crashed Vertibird has a handful of Gutsy robots and Sentry robots. Crashed Vertibird has just about 10 robots. You can also kill advanced Sentry Bots at the REPCONN Headquarters.

    Planning out the challenges may be the most difficult part of this DLC. You may want to sit down and take a look at which ones are still possible based on the amount of game you've played and the choices you made. With a little planning and a little stocking up of weapons, stims, and armor you'll be able to fly through these achievements.

  • Glitched??
  • I think for this one you just have to play with those weapons and then you'll get the challange somehow....
  • Got this achievement last night, just go on the wiki for the achievement and do 3 of the 5 challenges. It was a tad annoying, but I completed it without any problems (other than finding low level weapons at lvl 50 -.-)
  • Fuck you Bethesda for making these things...i just finished lonesome road and got everything completed just to find out i have to buy this shit to finish the
  • @4 Don't be ignorant. It was Obsidian that did all the development, put your blame in the proper place.
  • Regardless,I was still pissed...for the Deathclaw one, does anyone know if silenced .22 pistols work?
  • @6 Yep, silenced pistols work, that's what I used.
  • does anyone have any advice for taking down the cazadors using the weapons you have to use?
  • I personally went after the deathclaws at the quarry with a recharger rifle (took ages lol!), went around ncr camps for the officers and then to repconn h/q, helios 1 and nellis for sentry bots and mr gutsys. Took a while to get this one though, they are very tedious achievements!
  • ive already killed all them deathclaws, and wiped out all the robots, so im just going to have to try and do the deathclaws and cazadors at the thorn, then go around killing ncr, since ive already killed every named legion memeber. it's a shame that this dlc is rubbish for anyone that has got far in the game
  • Oh this DLC sounds very disappointing. I've literally completed everything else and have reached level 50 - what the hell is the point in my downloading this?? Old World Blues was such a great add-on. I want more areas to explore, and more story, not just a load of weapons and annoying challenges. :( I don't know whether to bother buying this one...
  • dont buy it!! i only got it because i wanted all the achievements, definately not worth it, its not enjoyable, i just found it frustrating having to wait for days for enemys to spawn again, and having to do things, then reload a previous save etc
  • The achievement is actually not that hard to get. I just killed everyone at Cottonwood Cove and the Fort with a Cowboy Repeater, killed every named NCR Ranger and Officer with the Machete Gladius, and punched every sentry bot and Mr. Gutsy silly with Spiked Knuckles. Didn't even bother with the deathclaw one, yet!
  • Very frustrating. I have to find a bunch of crap to kill Cazadores. The legion was dead before this came out. Killed all the named NCR with a machete. Used brass knuckles to kill everything by the crashed Vertibird and still need 3 more
  • @14 go to new vegas steel, theres 3 mr steels that count towards that challenge, and they respawn every few days, thats how i did it
  • i cant find any more legion guys,or longfuse dynamite,or deathclaws anybody got any sugestions , ive killed enough ncr and robots
  • go to the thorn, once you've completed that quest you can fight against deathclaws
  • i found easy blind deathclaws in the northeast at a train yard i think gypsm trainyard...suttin like that
  • there is a mr gutsy in nipton inside a house that respawns every 3 days that you can use to finsih off that challenge, he's in the kitchen and can't move much. theres also an unmarked location called the death claw promontory, has about 30 death claws, if you stand on the rock hills they will just walk around.
  • @16. Travel to the Thorn and speak with Red Lucy (think thats her name). If you've already completed her quest you may ask her to participate in fighting. Select Deathclasws and she'll pit you up against three. Stay crouched and as soon as the gate opens close it again. From there, take your 22 pistol and its fish in a barrell. The deathclaws will just run around confused. Remember: Its the kill with the 22 pistol that counts, you can always soften them up using a weapon of your choice.
  • After reading some of these comments, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get this achievement, but it wasn't all that hard... assuming you haven't killed off everybody since beating the game. Killing off the named NCR folk was fairly easy if you're still on good terms with them. Just go around to all the camps and find the guys in charge. If you stay hidden as you do it (I used a Gun Runners Chainsaw), nobody else notices and you don't become an enemy of the NCR. This makes it much easier to travel around to each location. The Old World Blues Sneaky Suit helps with the sneaking if you have it. For the Mr. Gutsys, head over to the New Vegas There are three in there that respawn every couple of days. Also Nipton has one in a house (straight back and to the right) that respawn
  • (continuing from above) And as for the Deathclaws, if you haven't completed the "The Thorn" missions, you can find 6 of them at the Junction 15 Railway Station. Just beat them up with a more powerful weapon (I used the Old World Blues LAER), then finish them off with a .22 or Recharger Rifle. If you don't have either, they can be found in Goodsprings, complements of Chet. There's even a silenced .22 sitting on the counter ready to be stolen. BAM! Achievement.
  • #21 Sorry I'm new around here... Mr Gutsys are found at New Vegas "STEEL" location. Guess you can't edit old posts? And posts get cut off after a certain number of characters? I promise I'll get better.
  • Best location for the Man Machine interface can be found at Crashed Vertibird location: All the way to the south. Brassed knuckles can be found in the jail of the Nevada Highway Patrol Station Look on the floor next to the right hand (your left) of the corpse
  • Deathclaws: I went back to a level 20 savegame with high melee and killed 5 of them with a switchblade at 'Gypsum train yard' (using chems and stimpaks obviously). Setting difficulty to 'very easy' helps a lot. Robots: Travel east of 'abandoned nuclear test site' there are about 8-10 Mr. Gutsys and Sentry bots. After that I went to Nellis AFB there are a few more floating around. Killing 15 named high ranking NCRs took a while but I basically bought the Chainsaw from Gun Runners and went on a massive killing spree. The
  • ive just realised ive been doing all this on the hardest would have been so much easier on the easiest setting...
  • Ok for some reason after doing a star and three star challenge, no achievement pops up and all I got was the stupid xp and a headache?! lol Im logged in to my account and got the pts for it like I said, is there something I'm missing or just getting crapped on here?
  • have you done three of them? you have to do three of one star challenge, three of two star challenge etc
  • Um the achievements were glitched, when it first came out, you'd have to do them again to get the chivo :/
  • This is very easy to be honest: (1 Challenge) "Armed for Bear"- I went to each "Alfa" "Bravo" "Charlie" "Etc" Stationed, and there is atleast 1 or more Commanders at each one. Also if you go to Bitter Springs, there is a Captain and a Lieutenant there. (2 Challenge) "Deadthclaw Pro Hunter"- I went to "Gypsum Train Yard", and there is exactly 6 Blind Deathclaws there that counts towards the Challenge. Just use a silenced sniper to lower its health while you are in [Caution] mode, and finish it off with the Recharger Rifle. (3 Challenge) "Man-Machine Interface"- I went to New Vegas Steel and there is about 3 Mr. Steels that counts toward the Challenge in there, Also they spawn ever 3 days. Rinse and Repeat.
  • I'm taking this as an opportunity to start a new character. Counting just general gameplay throughout the game to get this achievement.
  • If you're having trouble with the Legion or NCR challenges and want to try the cazadore one, go to the Silver Peak Mine (on the road leading to Jacobstown). If you do the robot challenge at New Vegas Steel and the deathclaw challenge at The Thorn, do the cazador one last (being sure to save after completing these two, naturally). Inside Silver Peak Mine, don't be afraid to allow the bugs to swarm you and blow up whatever weapon you choose (I used Long Fuse Dynamite) at your own feet. Even if you get severely damaged and have to use a lot of health items, you only have to fulfill the challenge for the achievement to pop and then you can abandon the game.
  • Deathclaw challenge - You can start off by wounding them with heavier weapons. I used the Anti-Materiel Rifle to cripple legs, and finished them off with the silenced .22 pistol. Man-Machine interface - I used a lead pipe. Kill all the robots near the crashed vertibird, and then you can find the remaining the robots at New Vegas Steel. Mr. Gutsy's respawn at New Vegas Steel every 2-3 in game days. Crackerjack timing - I had the "MAD BOMBER" perk, and created tin grenades. There are several Cazadores near Tribal Village, the Wind Farm, and near the bootleggers hideout. Also try Cazadore Nest. Just throw several grenades among the groups of cazadores and it will kill 10 quickly.
  • thanks everyone you helped out on hours of work :)
  • That Deathclaw pro hunter one is glitched. My counter wont go past 4 out of 5 and I've killed at least 20 adult dearthclaws, as well as alpha males and female ones too but it just staus at 4 outta 5!!! Using a silenced 22 pistol
  • What really pisses me off is that I've been killing the Deathclaws in the Thorn, over and over. Yet, the game freezes after I kill my 5th one. This is my third try.
  • how come none of the achievements unlock after i complete one of the challenge?
  • @38 In order to get the achievements, you have to complete three 1*, three 2*, and three 3* challenges.
  • all of these achievements are easy if you just start another playthrough..i mean the game is fun anyway why not?
  • Finally got this, last achievement! Now I can rejoin the 10% club
  • 100% club that is....
  • This was easy for me
  • @#36 try killing the blind deathclaws at the trainyard. a lot of the other ones won't count after awhile.
  • stuck on 9/10 timed explosives kills, getting them to 1 hp and its still not accepting my kills, guessing certain bugs only work, i really hate this game now
  • @ 45 Myself, update here, becarefull with the *** (3 star) challenges, especially Crackerjack Timing, given the explosives you need are rare and hard to make unless you have the Tin Bomb Crafting Perk "Mad Bomber" you'll have a rough time, be aware if you have just 1 bomb, it might not register the kill, for whatever reason if you only have 1 bomb, don't use it, it will be consumed after you throw it, and your character will be only using their fists, and the game for whatever glitchy reason, will only register the kill for whatever weapon is in your hands, being that your empty handed it will register it as a fist kill. so have at minimum two bombs, swapping to another bomb type works too, i.e. throw last delayed dynomite followed by quickly switching to one of your tin or tim
  • *timed bombs and it will register the kill as one of your tin or timed bombs, that or just keep a hefty amount of the required explosives on hand before heading out.
  • The three I found to be the easiest are "Against all Tyrants", "Man-Machine Interface" and "Armed for Bear". The Legion one may be tricky because there are so few named Legion members that are always around, but there are NINE named Legion members stationed between Cottonwood Cove and the Fort. Combine that with Lanius, who you have to encounter in practically every ending, that's a pretty straightforward 10. Just stock up on health items, good armor, and some regeneration items, and you can easily take the Fort John Rambo style.
  • Hands down, this was the best method to take in getting this achievement. Man-Machine Interface - I used a Love and Hate. Set off all the alarms at REPCONN Headquarters and start swinging away. If you come up short, get the one in the house to the west side of Nipton and also the 3 that are in New Vegas Steel. Crackerjack timing - The key as stated above by others is the "MAD BOMBER" perk, then just create tin grenades. Buy jars of pistol powder from Goodsprings general store and gun runners kiosk. For tin cans I went and got 10 from the Nipton general store. Then duct tape from Novac gas station (steal 7 rolls). This mission ties in well with "The Thorn" mission when you have to go after Cazador eggs. Get 4 or 5 at a time to come rape you and lop a tin nade at your feet.....too
  • easy. Deathclaw challenge - THE EASIEST WAY TO DO THIS........"The Thorn" arena. Tell Red Lucy you are ready for a tougher challenge and she lets you fight deathclaws. Just close the door after it opens and shoot them from a far. Pull out you .22 pistol when they are down to 1 or 2 bars left and bing chievo. A few hours tops for this is all it should take.
  • I found the Deathclaw Pro challenge much easier to do when you have a .22 pistol, an anti-material rifle or Bozar and you explore Quarry Junction. Try to take off as much health as possible with the initial shot from the AM rifle, then try to take it down to 1 bar with the Bozar. Then let it come close and shoot it in the head with the .22 pistol. Luckily the game doesn't state that you have to take on down with a .22 pistol or the other items. Only that you kill them with it. Same can be applied for the cazadore challenge and the wasteland robot challenge. Easy peazy.
  • If you're like me and you've already killed pretty much every robot in the game including all the ones at the Crashed Vertibird, there's a good place you can go to do the Man-Machine Interface challenge. At Nellis Air Force Base there are four Mister Gutsy robots floating around in various places between the array station and the hangars. If you kill them (make sure the Boomers don't see you do it or else they will become hostile) and fast travel to another place on the map, wait three days and they will respawn. Rinse and repeat and you will complete the challenge. I believe you can also do this at New Vegas Steel, which also has Mister Gutsy robots that respawn after several days.
  • Man-Machine interface: in my game the robots at the Crashed Vertibird also respawned. I don't know how many game days went by though. Didn't count.
  • Followed # 13 nice and fun way to get this..
  • I feel that this would be a lot easier if I wasn't level 50. I would create a new game, but I'm really attached to my character now and have already used all of my saves. I hate how you can only have a certain amount of saves before you have to start overwriting previous saves.
  • A lot of you have given advice on Deathclaws about the actually doesnt work, so i dont know how you did it, only certain death claws count....this is tried and tested as well, geez if it was any old death claw it would be pretty easy and wudnt have the name Pros only...Link for deathclaws that count and deathclaws that dont count :D
  • i didnt mean Thorn i meant that secret deathclaw place lol, none of them count apart from the mother ones...(which there are 2 of) sorry. :D
  • What I did was punch a couple of Mr. Gutsy's and Sentry Bots at Crached Vertibird and Mr. Steels at New Vegas Steel. Then slice and dice and serve deathclaws with rice with switchblade. Finally, cut 15 famous NCR Rangers in half with a Ripper.
  • A blind Deathclaw is a legitimate count towards the Deathclaw Pro Hunter challenge, depending on the size... I suppose.
  • my game is glitched, i have two challenges done and 9/10 cazadors beaton and now every time i kill one it doesnt work! WTF any suggestions because ive already killed all the legion and ncr dudes before the dlc came out.
  • thanks to everyone who posted this helped alot
  • easy realy.. gypsum trainyard,, crash vertibird n nellis,, just do NCR,, theres loads of them,, all the ranger stations.. mccaren.. embasy.. hoover dam,, its realy not difficult lol
  • This is so complicated lol I'm having trouble with th darn deathclaws even at lvl 50.
  • My game has glitched. Whenever I kill a deathclaw with the required weapon or do anything else towards any of the other three star challenges I doesn't count towards it. Has anyone had this problem before? If so how did you fix it because its the last achievement I need.
  • Had a really annoying glich on this one when trying to go for the deathclaws. I chose the hard option and stocked up on dynamite. The first three went down (eventually) without any problem. The fourth I took down was at the Thorn, but when I tried to fight another one he'd become immune to dynamite, as did each of the next dozen or so I enountered (including ones at the trainyard). Got there in the end, but wondered if anyone else had this problem?
  • I love the glitched insects and animals Fallout: New Vegas produced. :P Get those Crazzies down to no bars with the long fuse dynamite and they don't die because of some freak glitch with both animals and insects where they can simply outlive explosions even when on no health. =/
  • Holy crap on a cracker, I did it, FINALLY!!! I can now put this game back on my shelf as I finally got all 75 achievements! Also got all 72 achievements on Fallout 3... :D Here's to Fallout 4! :P
  • This was actually pretty easy once you get your priorities straightened out. I was doing the quests for the NCR but I messed up with killing named Legion, so I just made multiple save files and went on an NCR killing spree until I got that particular challenge. The robots were easy, considering if you have That Gun, it makes a world of difference. And the worst one was to kill 5 Deathclaws with .22 pistols and recharger rifles. For that, I just went to the Thorn and fought 1 or 3 deathclaws at a time. I had a steady supply of Turbo and Stealthboys and just went around getting critical hits on the Deathclaws until I finished that achievement. All in all, it took me 1 hour to get all 3 of the challenges.
  • I took your advice on Man-Machine Interface and Deathclaw Pro Hunter, which made them pretty easy. For the third challenge, I choose Armed For Bear, since I was in good reputation with NCR and there were a lot of named NCR still alive. While doing this, the game froze up at least six times. Two of those times, my save got corrupted. Even without those errors, things in the game were screwing up. I ended up having to start over several times. I decided to then save after ever kill and finally got it. It was a lot harder than it should have been because of all that! Ugh. But, now I've got the completion! Yay!
  • NCR Locations: Legion Locations: Cazadors: Deathclaws: c:
  • I've gotten all the of the challenges done but it still won't pop up the achievment
  • Here's a few hints for Against All Tyrants: Kill Vulpes Inculta during your first run-in with the Legion in Nipton. Kill Dead Sea in Nelson. Kill Alexus in Techatticup Mine. Kill Karl in Red Rock Canyon (he is in Papa Khan's tent). Kill Alerio in the New Vegas Strip after he gives you the Mark of Caesar. Kill Severus, Cursor Lucullus and the Aurelius of Phoenix in Cottonwood Cove (Lucullus only appears after you have been given the mark of Caesar). Kill Otho, Antony, Lucius, and Caesar in The Fort.
  • As you can see there are more than enough named members to kill before you have to do any faction-related main storyline quests.
  • Man-Machine Interface was another easy 3-star Challenge: All you need is some decent armour (at least medium), an unarmed skill of at least 50, spiked knuckles, buffout, psycho, scotch, a stealth boy, and some stimpacks. If you want to really make things easy you can also bring ant nectar, rushing water, rebound, brahmin steak, and a few doses of jet. Simply go the Crashed Vertibird, buff-up, and destroy. If you need any kills after that take a trip to New Vegas Steel and do the same thing.
  • These three challenge achievements were some of the worse ones I ever did. I'm glad I no longer have to go for these unneeded challenges.
  • Hmmm should I tackle this now at level 45 or start complete after my hardcore playthrough.
  • thorn is perfect for deathclaws. set up custom fight between deathclaw and the 2 poison butterfly things. let the butterfly attack twice. deathclaw will have 2 bars of health left and easily finish him off.
  • Is there any long fuse dynamite that I can purchase from a person/store?
  • As far as the deathclaws go, .22 silenced pistol is definitely not working for me.. nor the dynamite. The kills simply don't register. Plus I can't find a [email protected] recharger rifle or switchblade anywhere. Somehow there aren't 15 named NCR at all the places mentioned. Those of you who say this is easy just have it easy..
  • small question.. been a while since i played it but u need to do the 2 stars first before u can do the 3 stars right? i unlocked the 2 stars chievo and reloaded cuze i killed caesar. didnt kill him now but i did the 3 star deathclaw, cazadors and robots... the 3 stars doesnt unlock for me.
  • No, you don not. I've got the 2 star achievement done but not the 1 or 3 star yet.
  • man this one is really hard. killing those bots with melee weapons? lol ok
  • I did the Man - Machine interface using Love and Hate with Ede as back up. Armed For Bear using the GRA Chainsaw in stealth mode, I also pick pocketed them as well before killing, if you attack in stealth and noone notices you can get away without raising alarm. I killed all named Rangers and Comms Officers and the commanding Officers at McCarran airport. Against All Tyeants using a modified Cowboy Repeater, starting at the fort then working back to cotton wood cove, I had already killed Dead Sea at Nelson. I played up to the point where you confront Benny and kill him at the Topps and got the chip back, as you leave I got approached by a runner for the NCR and a Legion Scout in gambler attire. Saved and did all three GRA Achievments in one go.
  • To 78: yes. I believe I bought a stick from the guy in the dinosaur in Novac, and another one from either the Sink in Big MT or the robot in the Gun Runners shop. I'm doing- Man-Machine: like others have mentioned, 3 robot respawn in New Vegas Steel every few days. I'm using Love and Hate (unique spiked knuckles). Crackjack: using long-fuse. I crippled the wings of the bugs, to make move much slower. After I got a slow group I stood still and threw down a stick. Of course I moved away from the stick a little and had to heal a bit, but I got 6 kills with 2 sticks. Cazadores will respawn in the Cazador Nest (due south of Boulder City).
  • Oh, not sure what I'm doing for the 3rd yet. Was planning on doing the Deathclaw one, but I've heard that getting kills with the guns are bugged (or can be) and deathclaws are destroying me right now, even though I'm at level 30. My plan was to cribble the legs then throw dynamite, but so far the deathclaws are all over me before I can finish the crippling.
  • The deathclaws are really easy if you go to the Quarry and haven't cleared it yet. You can use the cliffs as well as the machines to safespot. Then just weaken the deathclaws with some better weapon and finish them off with the .22 pistol. Only the killing hit needs to be done with the weapon listed in the challenge. Takes like 10 minutes (depends on how aggressive you get and if the deathclaws run away from you). The robot challenge is another easy one. Just make the 3 Mr Steels at New Vegas Steel respawn until you have killed enough. They always respawn after the usual 3 days so not a bad one. The last challenge can be tricky. I couldn't do the named Legion challenge as that can be a tricky one since you can easily miss out on a number of named Legion members depending on you choic

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