Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
Offline: 75 (1655)
Online: 0 (0)
Approximate amount of time to 1280: 35-45 hours.
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4 playthroughs.
Number of missable achievements: Lots. See below.
Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats.
Does difficulty affect achievements?: No. (See Below)
Glitchy achievements: Yes. (See Introduction.)
Unobtainable achievements: None.
Extra equipment needed?: No.

Note  Difficulty does not affect any of the achievements in the game, however, the Hardcore achievement requires you to play on Hardcorde mode. Within the first few minutes of playing, you will be notified of playing the game on Hardcore mode. You can turn the option on, but MUST keep it on for the duration of your playthrough. Turning it off at any point, will void the achievement and you must start a brand new game. Hardcore mode doesn't necessarily turn the difficulty up, as you can play through the game on Very Easy difficulty, but makes playing much more challenging.

Welcome to the Mojave! Fallout: New Vegas feels very much like its predecessor, Fallout 3. The game's story is very different from Fallout 3, as the story splits off into 4 separate ways at a certain point. Completing all 4 story splits unlock achievements, so you'll be needing to play through the game at least 4 times. You could save at the point where the story splits off, but it's very early in the story. The game is littered with glitches and bugs, but there are no bugs that make any achievement unobtainable. However, the glitches and bugs can make it so some of the missions are impossible to complete. If this occurs, you can replay the game and complete that mission.

Note If you have yet to start a playthrough and you have Gun Runner's Arsenal, be sure to check the challenges frequently and complete them whenever you can.

Mr. House Playthrough: (15 achievements; 360)
Playthrough 1 will be your Hardcore playthrough. When you first begin the game, you will be in Doc Mitchell's house setting your SPECIAL and skills. Try focusing on Strength and Agility for your SPECIAL, and Repair, Stealth and Lockpicking for your skills. These skills high will make Jury RiggerArtful Pocketer and No Tumbler Fumbler much easier. You can work on any certain damage achievement depending on which skill you chose to level up. Once you are about to leave his house, you will be notified of Hardcore mode. Turn the option [on] and get ready. Be sure you turn the difficulty down to Very Easy to make it easier. You will earn Ain't That a Kick in the Head after leaving the house. Continue on through the story, until you reach Novac. Here, you can earn Come Fly With Me. Also, a companion will be here, (Boone) so be sure to pick him up for Ol' Buddy Ol' Pal. North of Novac is the HELIOS One station. Here, you can unlock That Lucky Old Sun and have the ability to glitch your way to level 30 within 30 minutes. You WILL need to play offline and clear your system's cache for it to work though. Get to level 30, and you'll unlock New Kid, Up and Comer, and The Boss. Once you've reached level 30, you can continue on with the story until you reach New Vegas. You'll unlock They Went That-a-Way and Ring-a-Ding-Ding along the way. Afterwards, you can start Mr. House's story line. Continue with his story line, and you will unlock The House Always Wins and All or Nothing. You will also unlock the Hardcore achievement.

NCR Playthrough: (9 achievements; 165)
For this playthrough, you will be siding with the NCR. When setting your character, focus on Strength and Intelligence for your SPECIAL. For your skills, focus on Science and Speech. Having these skills higher will make Hack the Mojave and Outstanding Orator much easier. Depending on which skill you chose to increase, you can work on the Damage achievements throughout your NCR playthrough. Continue with the story as usual. When you get to The Strip, you can complete G.I. Blues and Talent Pool. You can earn Stim-ply Amazing and Desert Survivalist easily by drowning yourself and healing yourself. Continue on with the NCR story-line and you'll earn For the RepublicYou'll Know When it Happens, and Eureka! before finishing the game.

Caesar's Legion Playthrough: (9 achievements 155)
For this playthrough, you'll be focusing on completing the story for Caesar's Legion. Focus on having high Charisma and Luck for SPECIAL, along with barter and guns for your skills. With your high Luck, you can earn The Courier Who Broke the Bank without many problems when you get to the Strip. You can also earn One Armed Bandit, Little Wheel and Double Down while in any casino. After you've unlocked The Courier Who Broke the Bank, you'll have plenty of money to spend on mods and weapons. Install 20 weapon mods, and you'll unlock Mod Machine. You can also unlock You Run Barter Town, since you'll be swimming in caps. You can also earn any weapon damage achievements while playing through the game. You'll earn Render Unto CaesarArizona Killer and Veni, Vini, Vici before finishing the game.

Mop-Up Playthrough: (17 achievements; 320)
For you final playthrough, you will focus on all other achievements that you have yet to complete. You will be siding with Yes Man during the story, to unlock Wild Card and No Gods, No Masters. You can recruit all 7 companions for The Whole Gang's Here achievement. Discover 125 locations, and you'll unlock both Walker of the Mojave and Master of the Mojave. While uncovering these locations, you can find all snow globes for the Globe Trotter achievement. Win 30 games of Caravan, and you'll unlock Know When to Fold Them and Caravan Master. By now, the only other achievements you may be missing are the side-missions and the 10,000 damage achievements. Both of these work hand-in-hand, and can be completed with ease.

DLC: Dead Money
All achievements for this DLC are story based, and can be completed by the story's conclusion. However, there are two achievements that are exclusive to the story's ending; Cash Out and Safety Deposit Box. Make sure to set up two seperate saves to ensure you unlock both achievements. While wandering around the Sierra Madre, check around for Sierra Madre chips. You'll need to collect 500 of them for Sierra Souvenir Aficionado. 
DLC: Honest Hearts 
All of the achievements for this DLC are story based, but two are mutually exclusive based on which ending you choose. So, just play through the game until you get the quest "Gathering Storms", then refer to May my Hand Forget its Skill and O Daughter of Babylon in the guide below for a method to manipulate your saves and avoid having to play through the DLC twice. It's really that easy.
DLC: Old World Blues
Every achievement within this DLC is achieved by playing through the story except for one; Making Friends. You'll need to find certain parts for all your assistants within the Sink. The quest relating to this achievement is called; All My Friends Have Switches. Check out the link for a walkthrough of the quest. 
DLC: Lonesome Road
There are two achievements within this DLC that are unmissable and are unlocked by playing the story; Condemned to Repeat it and Hometown Hero. The three other achievements are for collectibles, each unique in their own way. ED-ucated is obtained by collecting ED-E's upgrades. There's 5 total and they're found by searching destroyed eyebots. Rocket's Red Glare is for upgrading Red Glare. Finding them across the Divide is rare, but if you possess 34,000 caps, you can buy all the parts. And lastly, Warhead Hunter will take you the longest. Finding (and activating all 30 warheads) is going to be a bother since they all rather hidden, but follow the videos provided and it's a cinch. 
DLC: Gun Runner's Arsenal 
If you've happen to complete the story before touching this DLC, you will be out of luck on most of them. Gun Runner's Arsenal includes a myriad of challenges for the player dealing with many different situations. There three different challenges to complete; One star, Two star and Three star challenges. Many of these challenges are story-based, so starting a new playthrough might be a good option. If not, keep playing and you'll earn Up to the Challenge, Combat Veteran, and Pros Only. Curious and Relics and Master of the Arsenal will require you to accumulate 10,000 points with weapons each, so grab a gun and start shooting.

Fallout: New Vegas isn't hard, but the achievements require quite a bit of effort, as they are (mildly) time-consuming. Reaching 10,000 damage for each weapon type sucks, but since there are four separate story-lines, they shouldn't cause too much problems. There are multiples glitches within the game that can ruin your experience, but the glitches that can help pay off in the long run. Be sure to clear your system's cache for the glitches to work in your favor, and you'll have the full gamerscore in no time!

[x360a would like to thank Tracker4502YUNDER, and L1E for this Road Map]

Fallout: New Vegas Achievement Guide

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There are 75 achievements with a total of 1655 points

  • Reach 10th level.

    Reach level 10 and the achievement will unlock. See The Boss for more information.

  • Reach 20th level.

    Reach level 20 and the achievement will unlock. See The Boss for more information.

  • Reach 30th level.

    Getting to level 30 is more a test of patience than anything difficult. Unlike Fallout 3, FO:NV does not fully scale monsters in the wastes to your level. So for example, the area around Goodsprings will always have Geckos and not much else. This means that you are going to either want to farm an easy yet relatively high experience enemy (such as Fiends) or do many quests. I suggest doing quests, as once you have explored the majority of the map many can be completed in 15 minutes or less and yield a hefty experience reward. Do not forget the Here and Now Perk, which automatically levels you if you take it; save it for later levels when it takes more experience to level.

    There are multiple places within the game where you can power level-up. Some of these glitches may have been patched, but can still be done your system's cache is cleared. Play offline, and it should work perfectly. Check out That Lucky Old Sun for the superior method.

  • Recruit any companion.

    The easiest companion to pick up is Boone. He will be found in Novac, and will join you after you complete his quest, One For My Baby. There will be no skill check if you had evidence in the quest, but you must pass a Speech 55 check if you had no evidence. Since you'll pass through Novac and the quest is extremely short, he's an easy choice. Also refer to The Whole Gang's Here for a full list.

  • Recruit all companions.

    There are a total of eight companions in the game, and to get this achievement you must recruit all eight of them. This means you must get all eight of them to be willing to follow you; you don't have to do the special companion quest of each. This achievement is MISSABLE if that character happens to die before you can recruit them. If they happen to die after you've recruited them, it will still count toward the achievement. The following are the companions;

    • Boone
    • Veronica
    • Arcade Gannon
    • Lily
    • Cass
    • ED-E
    • Rex
    • Raul

    See a detailed list here of all eight companions and their requirements.

  • Crafty



    Craft 20 items.

    You craft items by using any workbench or campfire in the wasteland. To name a few, there is a workbench next to the tavern in Goodsprings, a campfire near the wells in Goodsprings, and a workbench in the Presidential Suite of Lucky 38 (the workbench must be bought). The easiest way to get this achievement is to either recycle or convert ammo.

  • Install 20 weapon mods.

    Mods can be acquired from many traders in the waste, and then can be added to weapons via your Pip-Boy. Each gun can hold up to three mods. You can do this over time, but MUST be done in one playthrough. You can complete this immediately after completing The Courier Who Broke the Bank as then you'll be swimming in money. The Gun Runners have a good supply of mods to buy if you're searching.

  • Discover 50 locations.

    'Discovering' a location is defined as walking there for the first time. You'll get a notification, 10/11exp, and a permanent marker will be added to your map. This achievement is best done over time, and will be acquired over the course of the main storyline.

  • Discover 125 locations.

    Another achievement that is simply done passively; you can most likely get it while doing quests and leveling to 30, but it's quite possible to need to actively search. Note that if you wish to power through the achievement follow this process:

    • Save just before leveling.
    • Level and take the 'Explorer' perk. Note the Explorer perk only reveals the location, it doesn't allow fast travel.
    • Methodically fast travel to the nearest discovered location to the desired undiscovered location and walk to said undiscovered location. Repeat until you reach 125 locations.
    • Reload the save before leveling.
    • Level and take a better perk.
  • Discover all snow globes.

    This achievement is unlocked by finding a total of seven snow globes around the world, and they are relatively easy to get provided you know where to look. Their locations are as follows:

    • Goodsprings: Located in Goodsprings cemetery at the back left corner of the area at the base of a grave marker.
    • Hoover Dam: Located in the Hoover Dam Visitor Center, on top of the welcome desk.
    • Old Mormon Fort: Located in the tower directly to the right as you enter, on a shelf on the second floor.
    • Jacobstown: Located on the reception desk directly inside the lodge.
    • Nellis AFB: Located in the boomer museum, on a table directly to the right of the door.
    • Lucky 38: Located in the Cocktail Lounge (this isn't the casino floor) on the counter behind the cash register with a green lamp next to it.
    • Vault 21: Located in Sarah's room; the door is locked, requires 50 Lockpicking or her key.
  • Sell 10,000 caps worth of goods.

    While this achievement can be acquired over time, it is obviously easier with a high barter level. If you want to power through this achievement, you can use the following method:

    • Find a merchant.
    • Sell the maximum amount of goods to a merchant (equal to his / her caps on hand).
    • Complete the transaction.
    • Buy back your own goods.
    • Repeat the last three bullets until you are out of caps / get the achievement.

    If you are having trouble finding high value goods, most unique weapons sell for a lot of caps. You can also sell Power Armor for a hefty profit (kill NCR Heavies or BoS members for it). Finding all the snow globes, and selling them to Janet in the Lucky 38, will net you 14k caps which would make it very easy to use the above method. Alternatively, you can simply wait until after "The Courier Who Broke the Bank" and get the achievement quite quickly using the above method.

    If you want to attain this achievement in a gradual fashion, then you can get this by simply looting everything you kill, combining the items by using your repair skill, and then selling all the goods when you get back to town. Remember that your influence with a faction determines the buy and sell prices of its merchants, so higher favor = less time and money!

  • Cause 10,000 damage with Energy Weapons.

    To start, you will need an energy weapon, either Laser or Plasma based. Note that Plasma based explosives don't count. You can get a Laser pistol right at the start of the game from Doc Mitchel, but after that they are hard to find. Fiends have energy weaponry in large supply for some reason, so they're a good target, as do the Brotherhood of Steel. The Silver Rush sells energy weapons from its almost unlimited supply, but are quite pricey overall. Also don't forget that traveling merchants can repair any weapon for a price, even if you don't have a second weapon to cannibalize for parts.

  • Cause 10,000 damage with Explosives.

    So this achievement is most likely the easiest of the group if you have the caps to pay for it. Grenades and mines will be your bread and butter, as missiles and fat men are in short supply. For an early game explosive stockpile, loot the NCRCF Powder Gangers for dynamite. Raider groups usually have 1-3 grenades on them, so they'll be a constant influx as well. Most traveling merchants will also have a few frag grenades on hand. If you're struggling to find targets, head to the nearest robot infested building. This is because robots move slow (so they're easy grenade targets) and have lots of health.

  • Cause 10,000 damage with Guns.

    This one is perhaps the most straightforward of the group. Simply take a gun that uses bullets and shoot enemies. For best results, you'll want to fight against lightly armored opponents like Raiders, Fiends, and Great Khans. Also remember that unless you want to wait for the Weapon Handling (Level 16, Strength under 10) perk you'll need a Strength of at least 3, though up to 5-8 if you want versatility in weapon choices.

  • Pick 25 locks.

    An achievement that simply must be done over time. Remember to take it slow, as each bobby pin has a 'health' bar such that if you guess wrong you can stop before it breaks. Should you fail often, you might want to invest in the Infiltrator (Perception 7, Lockpick 70) perk which lets you repick a broken lock one more time. This achievement can easily be done with "Hack the Mojave," as many locked doors have a terminal next to them that can unlock the door. If you do them simultaneously, access the terminal first, hack it, but then unlock the door manually instead of through the computer.

  • Heal 10,000 points of damage with Stimpaks.

    A much more reasonable achievement than the above Desert Survivalist, this is achieved either over time or in a fashion to the above given method. Visit a doctor to buy your stimpaks and wait when needed. A decent Medicine level and cash pile is suggested, and having Arcade as a companion can help speed this up. You can earn an infinite amount of Stimpaks if you follow the glitch mentioned in the "That Lucky Old Sun" level-glitch. See that achievement for more information.

  • Cause 10,000 damage with Melee Weapons.

    Though this damage type is not particularly complicated, the Strength it requires allows it to have a nice synergy with most of the other damage types. Just remember that melee damage is not the same thing as unarmed damage; melee weapons are considered any weapon that you "swing." So to make it clear, you must inflict the damage with a weapon that you swing (like a sledgehammer or sword), not your bare fists or a Fist/glove weapon.

  • Repair 30 items.

    You should get this achievement over the course of the game simply by looting bodies and repairing like items. Any area with a faction (minor or major) will have lots of potential enemies with like armor and weapons. Kill and loot them and you'll have a good amount of items to repair. Also don't forget the Jury Rigging (Repair 90) perk which makes this achievement trivially easy to get.

  • Hack 25 terminals.

    When a terminal is locked, you must play a puzzle to unlock it (if you have the prerequisite science level). The puzzle works by you getting four guesses to choose the password from the given words. If you guess wrong, the terminal will tell you how many letters you got correct (but not where). Unless you are absolutely sure, always back out of the terminal instead of making a fourth guess to avoid getting locked out. You can try again on the terminal and will just have to wait through about 5 seconds of typing before starting over. As mentioned before, this can be done in conjunction with "No Tumbler Fumbler" by hacking the terminal next to a locked door but then picking the lock. Should you fail a little too often, the Computer Whiz (Int 7, Science 70) perk will let you try again a few more times.

  • Pick 50 pockets.

    For this achievement you must pick pocket 50 items. You can pick pocket by crouching down and then tapping when hidden from the target. To maximize results, do it at night (if outside) with a high stealth level, low / no armor, and a stealth boy active if desired.

    The best place to farm this achievement is within the Vault 21 reception area. The receptionist will have the item; "Bubblegum" on her person. If you pickpocket this item from her, the item will never go away, so you can continuously steal this from her. Having a high Stealth skill, using a StealthBoy makes this achievement go by much faster.

  • Make 50 Speech challenges.

    A speech challenge is when you are talking to a NPC and an option of dialog comes up with [Speech X] (where X is a number between 5 and 100) before it. This means you must have that speech level or higher to successfully use that dialogue. Get a high speech early and you can easily get this over the course of a game.

  • Heal 10,000 points of damage with food.

    This will almost certainly require boosting. A decent Survival skill score is a must, as it will greatly reduce the time to achieve this (Survival impacts how much health food replenishes). Also note that you must heal 10,000 points of damage, not eat 10,000 points of food health. A way to simply power through this is as follows:

    • Go to the Gourmand in the Ultra Luxe Casino with a large sum of money and no inventory.
    • Buy out the food waiter's inventory.
    • Wait for 48-72 hours.
    • Buy him out again.
    • Repeat the last two bullets until you have 10,000 points worth of health replenishment from food.
    • Walk next door into the Ultra Luxe Bathhouse.
    • Enter the pool and start drowning yourself, healing with food as required.
    • Continue until the achievement unlocks.
  • Cause 10,000 damage with Unarmed weapons.

    The counterpart to New Vegas Samurai, the 10,000 damage for this achievement must come from using your bare fists or Fist/Glove weapons. A respectable strength (5 or higher) is required for this achievement, and a high agility and stealth are also recommended. To expedite this achievement, try to make a character that focuses on getting critical hits through stealth and VATS. That will greatly increase your damage output and effectiveness.

    For some of the Damage achievements, you can collect as much ammo/weapons as you can and make a save on the Strip. Here, you can kill/destroy all citizens until you unlock the achievement.

  • Win 3 games of Caravan.

    Caravan is a game that you can play with almost anyone who is willing to trade. I highly suggest talking to Ringo in his Goodsprings hideout, as if you talk to him about Caravan he'll give you a Caravan deck for free. Otherwise you'll have to find the cards and construct the deck yourself. The rules to Caravan are printed in the game's manual, but a quick summary follows.

    • The goal is to get your three piles with total values between 21 and 26 in each.
    • When all three columns between you and your opponent have at least one completed stack, the game ends. Player with the most completed stacks wins.
    • Top card (the last card played on top of the pile) determines suit, top card and second-to-last cards determine direction. All cards played on stack must follow direction or suit.
    • Aces worth one point, Face cards and Jokers have special effects.
    • You can play Face cards and Jokers on your opponent's piles.

    See "Caravan Master" for some strategies.

  • Play 10 spins of Slots.

    A simple achievement as it does not even require you to win. Simply pull the handle on any slot machine 10 times and you'll get the achievement. The Atomic Wrangler Casino in Freeside is the first chance you get to play slots, but as mentioned before I suggest waiting until you're on the Strip.

  • Play 10 spins of Roulette.

    The exact same premise as before, simply play ten spins of Roulette. A spin is defined as placing as many bets as you choose and then spinning the ball around the wheel. Once again the Atomic Wrangler Casino in Freeside is the first chance you get to play, but I suggest waiting until you're on the Strip.

  • Play 10 hands of Blackjack.

    The third iteration, just be dealt into a hand of Blackjack ten times and the last of the three is yours. Once again, you can go to the Atomic Wrangler, but I suggest the Strip.

  • Win 30 games of Caravan.

    You'll have to win 30 games of Caravan for this one. You can continuously play (and win) against the same opponent. See the following YouTube video for some advanced tricks.

  • Get banned from all the Strip's casinos.

    This achievement will require your LCK stat higher than average. If your LCK stat isn't at least at 7, it would be best to not even attempt this achievement. You can increase your LCK stat at the New Vegas Medical Station, by buying implants from the Doctor there. These implants cost 4000 caps, so be prepared to spend some money.

    If you have a high Luck (8+) you'll want to play Blackjack, as you'll be dealt good hands almost all the time. To help improve your odds using any method, you'll want to be wearing Naughty Nightwear (+1 LCK) and possibly buy the Probability Calculator (+1 LCK) from the New Vegas Clinic.

    You need to win the following amount of money from each Casino:

    • 9,000- Gomorrah
    • 10,000- The Tops
    • 15,000- Ultra Luxe
  • Play the game from start to finish in Hardcore Mode.

    Hardcore Mode is new to Fallout, and adds more realism to the game. While playing on Hardcore, all ammo has weight, your stats include H2O, FOD, and SLP. If any of these stats reaches 1000, you will die. You must keep yourself properly nourished by eating, sleeping and drinking. Also, Stimpaks heal your health over time rather than instantly. and they will not be able to heal your limbs if they happen to break. Companions CAN die while in your party, and CAN be hit by friendly fire. Although Hardcore adds more realism, you CAN set the difficulty to Very Easy to make the game easier on you.

    To achieve this, you'll be prompted to turn Hardcore mode on before leaving Doc Mitchell's house. You must choose yes to get this achievement After turning it on, you cannot turn it off for the rest of the game. This means you must get to the end of the Battle for Hoover Dam without ever having turned it off. The achievement should pop just as the ending cinematic starts.

    Some tips:

    • You'll want to have some reasonable level of strength, as weapon ammunition has weight (especially energy and explosive ammo) which will make a large dent in your carrying capacity.
    • Always have at least three doctor's bags on you at all times as your limbs will most likely become crippled. Don't take the Small Frame trait!
    • Keep in mind easy access to water and food sources. Two rad-free water sources that can be conveniently accessed are the well in Freeside and the sink in the Presidential Suite of Lucky 38. The Gourmand in the Ultra Luxe also usually has a large supply of food for sale.
    • If an item has a + in the Hunger, Thirst or Sleep stat, this is bad! You want negatives (-) so you can reduce them down. With this is mind, note that alcoholic beverages and Nuka Cola actually make you more thirsty.
    • Enemies have significantly more health, so if it gets too challenging turn down the difficulty before turning off hardcore mode.

    A special thanks to DarthRandalNC, who wrote an extremely detailed Hardcore mode guide here.

  • Complete Ain't That a Kick in the Head.

    This achievement is story-related, and cannot be missed. Check here for a detailed walkthrough.

  • Complete They Went That-a-Way.

    This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed. Check here for a detailed walkthrough.

  • Complete Ring-a-Ding-Ding.

    This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed. Check here for a detailed walkthrough.

  • Complete The House Always Wins.

    This achievement is unlocked after you complete "The House Always Wins, VII." When you first meet Mr. House, agree to help him. Then complete the six parts (two are mutually exclusive) of this massive quest and you'll gain the achievement. See here for a detailed walk through.

  • Complete For the Republic.

    This achievement is unlocked after you complete "For the Republic Part 2." To start this quest line, you will receive a message from the NCR ambassador on the Strip via courier. Accept his invitation and then simply start doing the quests he gives. His mission is split into two parts, so check out this walkthrough for the second part of For the Republic.

  • Complete Render Unto Caesar.

    At the end of Ring-A-Ding-Ding, a spy will approach you and give you the Mark of Caesar as well as telling you to go to Cottonwood Cove. Go to Cottonwood Cove and start working for Caesar; this achievement should pop after 'Et Tumor, Brute?' but it is possible to get the achievement without completing the secondary quest. Check here for a detailed walkthrough.

  • Complete Wild Card.

    The Wild Card story-line is given to you by Benny's personal robot, Yes Man. After dealing with Benny within The Tops Casino, you can find Yes Man in Benny's suite. Talk to him, to start the missions. He'll require you to complete a variety of different tasks. Check here for a detailed walkthrough.

  • Complete All or Nothing.

    This achievement is unlocked after you complete the game by allying with Mr. House at the Battle of Hoover Dam. Check here for a detailed walkthrough.

  • Complete Veni, Vidi, Vici.

    This achievement is unlocked after you complete the game by allying with Caesar's Legion at the Battle of Hoover Dam. Check here for a detailed walkthrough.

  • Complete Eureka!

    This achievement is unlocked after you complete the game by allying with the NCR at the Battle of Hoover Dam. Check here for a detailed walkthrough.

  • Complete No Gods, No Masters.

    This achievement is unlocked after you complete the game by allying with Yes Man at the Battle of Hoover Dam. Check here for a detailed walkthrough.

  • Complete Come Fly With Me.

    You will receive the Come Fly With Me quest after talking with Manny Vargas in Novac. Here, he'll ask you to rid the ghouls from the nearby REPCONN testing facility. Here, you'll meet Jason Bright who will ask for your help. Complete the following journal entries and the achievement will unlock after you've finished the mission. Check out a detailed walkthrough, here.

    Journal Entries:

    1. Head to the REPCONN facility west of Novac to investigate rumors of ghoul activity there.
    2. Enter the facility and discovery the source of the ghouls.
    3. Head upstairs to meet with the owner of the voice from the intercom.
    4. Speak with Jason Bright, the leader of the REPCONN ghouls.
    5. Get rid of the Nightkin in the basement.
    6. (Optional) Help the Nightkin by searching for Stealth Boys.
    7. (Optional) Find Harland's friend, who has been imprisoned by the Nightkin.
    8. (Optional) Return to Harland and let him know the bad news.
    9. Report to Jason Bright that the Nightkin are gone.
    10. Head to the REPCONN basement and talk to Jason Bright about what comes next.
    11. Speak to Chris Haversam about firing the rockets.
    12. Find parts to fix the rockets' thrust controllers.
    13. Find atomic fuel for the rockets.
    14. Return to the Rocket Facility and give the parts to Chris Haversam.
    15. Talk to Chris Haversam to begin preparations for the rocket launch.
    16. Head up to the viewing platform and complete the launch sequence.
  • Complete Talent Pool.

    You will receive this mission after talking to Tommy Torini within The Tops Casino. He will ask you to find some acts for his theater. There are 4 total acts you must find for Tommy, and they are scattered over the Wasteland. Check here for a detailed walkthrough.

    Journal Entries:

    1. Find Entertainers for the Tops (1/4)
    2. Talk to Tommy Torini at the Tops
    3. Find Entertainers for the Tops (2/4)
    4. Talk to Tommy Torini at the Tops
    5. Find Entertainers for the Tops (3/4
    6. Talk to Tommy Torini at the Tops
    7. Convince James Garret to let Hadrian out of his contract
    8. Tell Hadrian you've gotten him out of his contract
    9. Find Entertainers for the Tops (4/4)
    10. Talk to Tommy Torini at the Tops.
  • Complete Return to Sender.

    This mission is given to you by Sargeant Reyes at Camp Forlorn Hope. She'll first ask you to check up on some Ranger Stations, then confront Chief Hanlon on his activities. The achievement will pop up after you've dealt with Hanlon at Camp Golf. Check here for a detailed walkthrough.

    Journal Entries:

    1. Deliver the radio security upgrade codes to each of the Ranger Sations
    2. Return to Sergeant Reyes and let her know the radio security upgrade is complete
    3. Find out what else Sergeant Reyes needs you to do.
    4. Confirm Sergeant Reyes' suspicions about the reports from Camp Golf.
    5. Ask Ranger Lineholm about the battle losses at Ranger Station Alpha.
    6. Find out about the Super Mutant Legionary Attack at Ranger Station Delta.
    7. Investigate the Deathclaw attacks on Ranger Station Foxtrot.
    8. Tell Sergeant Reyes that her suspicions about misinformation being fed to the NCR was correct.
    9. Inform Chief Hanlon what you and Sergeant Reyes discovered.
    10. Speak to Chief Hanlon in his office.
  • Complete Arizona Killer.

    This quest is the inverse to You'll Know It When It Happens; here you have to kill the president. I would suggest simply sniping the President when he lands, but here you can find some more stealthy approaches.

  • Complete You'll Know It When It Happens.

    This quest is special in that it is given in the NCR, Mr. House, and Wildcard quest lines. For Mr. House and the Wildcard, the quest may not appear if you are not on good terms with the NCR. In either case, the main goal is to prevent the three assassination attempts against the President. There is a bomb on the vertibird, a sniper in the tower behind the president, and a fake mechanic with a knife. See a detailed walk through here.

  • Complete G.I. Blues.

    This mission is given you to by The King, inside King's School of Impersonation. You can find this location within Freeside. Upon completing this quest, you'll have the opportunity to gain Rex, The King's mechanical dog, as a companion. Doing so will bring you closer to the "The Whole Gang's Here" achievement. Check here for a detailed walkthrough.

    Journal Entries:

    1. Hire a guard named Orris near the northern gate of Freeside.
    2. Follow Orris to the south gate and watch for any suspicious behavior.
    3. Return to the King and report what you've learned about Orris.
    4. Go to the Old Mormon Fort and question some injured locals about their assailants.
    5. Return to the King with your findings.
    6. Head to one of the Squatter camps in Freeside and learn why NCR soldiers have been entering the area.
    7. (Optional) Talk to Julie Farkas and see if the Followers know anything about the situation.
    8. (Optional) Talk to Major Elizabeth Kieran, and mention Julie Farkas if she's reluctant to help.
    9. Return to the King and inform him of the NCR supply drops.
    10. (Optional) Inform the King that the NCR previously sent an envoy to discuss distributing supplies to Freeside.
    11. Head to the train station in northwest Freeside and try to negotiate with the NCR.
    12. Return to the King and let him know the situation with the NCR has been defused.
  • Complete That Lucky Old Sun.

    HELIOS One can be found just North of Novac. This Solar Plant is under the NCR's control, but they have not found a way to power it. When you approach this plant, you will be greeted by Lt. Haggerty. After a talk with her, you will be given the quest. Complete it, and the achievement will unlock. Check out a full walkthrough here.

    Journal Entries:

    1. Talk to the idiot wearing sunglasses in the back of the HELIOS One plant building.
    2. Connect to the HELIOS One mainframe from the western reflector control terminal.
    3. Connect to the HELIOS One mainframe from the eastern reflector control terminal.
    4. Restore power to the HELIOS One mainframe via an auxiliary generator.
    5. Use the HELIOS One mainframe to send power to a destination of your choosing.
    6. OPTIONAL: Arm ARCHIMEDES security system to wipe out all nearby NCR soldiers.
    7. Initiate reflector retargeting from the console on the tower observation deck.
    8. Talk to Fantastic.
    9. Talk to Ignacio.

    Note: There is a glitch here that will earn you 350xp, 3 stimpacks and 2 doctor's bags upon completing the quest. You will have to talk to Ignacio and he'll continuously have the option of completing the quest. This option never goes away, so you can repeatedly earn the rewards. This glitch HAS been patched, however, but can still be used if you clear your cache and play the game offline without the update.

    Credit to WatchesVideosonUTube for the video.

  • Complete Volare!

    The Boomers are located in the far North-East corner of the map in a place called Nellis. To travel to Nellis, you'll have to evade the barrage of missiles from the Boomers. When you've reached the gates of Nellis, you'll engage in conversation with a Boomer, she will then take you to Pearl, the Boomers' leader. When you've become idolized with the Boomers, you can continue on with the Volare! mission. Complete it, and the achievement will unlock. Check here for a detailed walkthrough.

    Journal Entries:

    1. Help the Boomers around Nellis.
    2. Return to Pearl.
    3. Speak to Loyal about the Boomer's plan to raise the bomber from the bottom of Lake Mead.
    4. Attach the ballast from Loyal to the B-29 at the bottom of Lake Mead.
    5. (Optional) Talk to Jack about getting a rebreather to swim to the bottom of Lake Mead.
    6. Return to the shore near the tow winch and use Loyal's detonator to float the B-29 to the surface.
    7. Return to Loyal to let him know the B-29 is up from the bottom of the lake.
    8. Let Pearl know the bomber is raised from the lake.
  • Complete The Legend of the Star.

    This achievement is a little misleading. You can gain The Legend of the Star quest when you head into the Sunset Sarsparilla Headquarters. Inside, you'll find Fetus. Fetus is a robot-greeter, who gives the player information on Sunset Sarsparilla, and the rare, Star Bottle Caps. When you find 50 of these bottle caps, you can return and claim your prize. After you've done so, the mission will fail. However, afterward, another mission will pop up, where you claim your prize. Head to its location inside the Headquarters, and the achievement will unlock.

    Check here for locations of all Star Bottle Caps.

DLC: Dead Money (Store Link)

There are 5 achievements with a total of 140 points

  • Recruit Dean Domino, Christine and Dog.

    To start the DLC, go to the Abandoned Brotherhood of Steel Bunker marked on your map. Note that you will be stripped of all your items so don't bring anything; you'll thank me later. Fall for the obvious trapped radio to begin the DLC.

    Once inside the DLC, you will need to save three other captives:

    • Dog, a schizophrenic Nightkin
    • Dean Domino, the performer turned ghoul
    • Christine, mute Brotherhood of Steel Scribe.

    Your first rescue should be Dog because you'll need some essential supplies in the police station. Avoid any ghost people along the way if possible and enter the station. Once inside, you'll need to shoot radios that block your advance into the basement. Radios with a blue light and old-style radios can be shot, radios with a red light are invulnerable. Once downstairs, make your way to the recording and pick it up (also don't forget about the contraband room). Go back to Dog, play the recording, and then finish the conversation to free Dog. For a full, detailed walkthrough, check here.

    Next on the list is Christine. She's trapped in an auto-doc in the clinic in the medical district. Make your way first to the medical district, then use the roofs to find the clinic door. Once inside, first go to the basement to disable the radios, and then back to the first floor to free her. Talk to her and she will also return to the fountain. Note that you shouldn't return the hologram security to the first floor; it will make the task much harder For a full, detailed walkthrough, check here.

    Lastly is Dean Domino, holed up in the residential district. If you don't have the Light Step perk, you are headed for trap city. Almost every turn and stairway will have a trap on it, so keep your eyes peeled. Once you finally reach Dean, agree to be his partner. However, he will still refuse to go back to the fountain. You will need to escort him back to the fountain yourself instead. For a full, detailed walkthrough, check here.

    Once all three are back at the fountain, talk to Father Elijah and the achievement should pop.

  • Confront Father Elijah in the Sierra Madre's Vault.

    Once inside the Casino you will have to track down your three team members once more. You are forced to first turn the power back on in the Casino; do this immediately as with the power on the gambling tables open up for easy chip income. After turning the power back on you must then track down dog in the restaurant. Once inside, you can either convince dog to kill himself (Speech 45) or cure his schizophrenia by... talking to him (Speech 85). You have roughly 15 seconds before dog blows the room up, so talk to him before scavenging for supplies! Also, you cannot fire a shot in the room due to the gas leak; doing so will cause instant death. For a full, detailed walkthrough, check here.

    Dean Domino is next on your list, and he's trapped in the Theater. When you are ready, pick up the sheet music in front of the stage; this will initiate a 'race' of sorts from security. Exhaust all options with Dean to know where to run (first his dressing room for Vera's key, then Vera's room for her recording and key). Recording in hand, make your way to the back of the room up to the projector booth and start the holographic show. Then you'll be free to deal with Dean as you wish For a full, detailed walkthrough, check here.

    Christine in the most straightforward of the three. She's in the suites in Vera's old room, so simply make your way past the security and radios. Once there, if you haven't already gotten the password from the receptionist's computer you must go back to the main lobby and do so. Bring the password back to her and you may enter the vault For a full, detailed walkthrough, check here.

    Make your way through the Vault past security and annoying radios until you make it to the Vault proper. Loot the room before accessing the terminal on the back wall. Once you are ready, convince Elijah to come down and prepare for a fight. Save!

    For this achievement, exit the vault bunker once Elijah says he is coming down. He'll emerge to your right (after activating the turret system) and all you must do is kill him. Once dead, the achievement should pop up For a full, detailed walkthrough, check here.

  • Complete the Sierra Madre Gala Event.

    After you have gone through the work of gathering your three partners in this mess and gotten them all safely to the fountain, Elijah will tell you you have to redistribute them across the Town once more. Regardless of how annoying he is you must do as he says, so I suggest beginning with Dog. If you have a high intelligence, take God along; if not, take dog along. If you chose the former you must bring him two ghost meat in order to get him to follow you. Make your way through the Villa and Salida del Sol until you get to the row of switches. If you chose God, simply talk to him and he will agree to work them. If you brought Dog, you must lock him in to get him to stay. For a full, detailed walkthrough, check here.

    Dean Domino should be next on your list, and you must bring him to Puesta del Sol. Make your way to the severed wiring, and there he will refuse to stay unles you convince him. You have two options: turn on the holographic security, or threaten to break his legs. The threat is much quicker, but if you can't / won't you'll have to find the two corresponding terminals. One is through the door directly next to Dean, follow its path until you find the terminal. For the other you must go back to the Cafe at the beginning of the area. Enter it, and exit it from the back second story exit. Then simply cross the rooftops to the terminal. For a full, detailed walkthough, check here.

    Christine is the last and possibly longest quest if you don't have 60 Repair. Take her to Puesta del Sol and once there make your way to the Switch Station. Once inside you'll need to activate the power by repairing the fuse box. If you have 60 repair you can simply jury rig it. Without 60 repair you'll need to find the three fuses (one is in a toolbox in the station, one is in a toolbox on the highest roof in Puesta del Sol, and the last is located behind a Very Hard locked door near the service route; not the locked door can be bypassed). With the power restored you'll have to deal with turrets and shielded radios; there are terminals to deactivate both provided you have the science levels. Once you bring her back to the elevator, she will reveal she is claustrophobic. You may either receive the computer pass code from the named locker in the Ventilation control room or you may force her into the basement For a full, detailed walkthrough, check here.

    Finally you must make your way to the bell tower. It is located in Salida del Sol and you will have to fight numerous ghost people along the way. Once there, start the event (and pick up the codes next to the controls) to pop the achievement. With the event started, make your way back to the fountain past many more ghost people. Back at the fountain go to the gate to finally enter the Casino For a full, detailed walkthrough, check here.

  • Trap Father Elijah in the Sierra Madre's Vault.

    Reload the save from Cash Out, but this time exit the vault bunker and run to the left. You must make it through the entirety of the vault area without him noticing that you're gone. (There have been some reports that alerting the holograms alerts him, failing the achievement). Once you make it back to the elevator area, Elijah should scream "No, I'm trapped!". This is your cue that the door is unlocked. Simply use the elevator and the achievement should pop For a full, detailed walkthrough, check here.

  • Collect 500 Sierra Madre Chips.

    Note that the achievement means 500 chips cumulative, not 500 chips at one time. While this achievement is technically missable, there are numerous opportunities to easily get it. Not to mention unless you are exceedingly lucky you will need many more chips than 500 just to survive. The most natural way to attain this is to scavenge everywhere in the Town for chips. Each container usually has 8-15 chips in it (the Scrounger perk will significantly increase this amount), so over time you'll accumulate enough.

    If you still haven't gotten it once you enter the Casino, you can simply gamble for the chips. Once you've turned the power on, the hologram table workers activate allowing you to play Blackjack or Roulette with your Sierra Madre chips. Simply gamble until you have the 500 chips (though I suggest farming for much longer so you can simply vend everything you'll need for the rest of the DLC). If you need help with earning chips through gambling, see The Courier Who Broke the Bank in the main achievement guide.

    You can still get the achievement in the Mojave wasteland in one of two ways. First, you can make counterfeit chips if you received the Coin Operator perk from Christine during the DLC. Note the Coin Operator perk is learned from Christine, not given as her companion perk. You can use these counterfeits to buy goods from the vending machine in the abandoned BoS bunker. Next, sell back the goods you bought from the machine to receive real chips. Alternatively, you can simply bring items you find around the wasteland back to the machine, return them, and receive chips for it. The only way to truly miss this achievement is to not get enough chips during the DLC and not have found the return codes for at least one item. In other words, not likely.

DLC: Honest Hearts (Store Link)

There are 5 achievements with a total of 140 points

  • This achievement and "O Daughter of Babylon" are mutually exclusive. They are the two different endings for the game, and one must be chosen for completion of the DLC. Read on to know when to save in order to refrain from a second playthrough of Honest Hearts.

    After completing the "In a Foreign Land" achievement, you will get the quest "Gathering Storms." For this quest, you must talk to Daniel in order to decide the fate of Zion. Save before you talk to him! You can talk to him about the decision and still have the opportunity to back out in order to complete any side quests, so back out of the conversation and save your game. In order to get this achievement, choose the option to evacuate Zion. The achievement will unlock just before the ending cinematic.

    If you're having trouble with this DLC, click here for an abbreviated walkthrough.

  • Scout the Zion Valley for signs of the White Legs.

    This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. Refer to the walkthrough in "May my Hand Forget its Skill" if you're having problems.

  • Crush the White Legs.

    This achievement and "May my Hand Forget its Skill" are mutually exclusive. They are the two different endings for the game, and one must be chosen for completion of the DLC. Read on to know when to save in order to refrain from a second playthrough of Honest Hearts.

    After completing the "In a Foreign Land" achievement, you will get the quest "Gathering Storms." For this quest, you must talk to Daniel in order to decide the fate of Zion. Save before you talk to him! You can talk to him about the decision and still have the opportunity to back out in order to complete any side quests, so back out of the conversation and save your game. In order to get this achievement, choose the option to fight the White Legs. After choosing the option to kill the White Legs, you will receive the quest "Crush the White Legs." Just complete all of the objectives within the quest, the ending cinematic will play, and the achievement will unlock.

    Refer to the walkthrough in "May my Hand Forget its Skill" if you're having problems.

  • Arrive at Zion.

    This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. Refer to the walkthrough in "May my Hand Forget its Skill" if you're having problems.

  • Resupply Daniel and the Sorrows.

    This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. Refer to the walkthrough in "May my Hand Forget its Skill" if you're having problems.

DLC: Old World Blues (Store Link)

There are 5 achievements with a total of 125 points

  • Recover X-13 cardiac regulator sneaky suit!

    This is a story related achievement and quest.

    The quest you are looking for here is X-13: Attack of the Infiltrator!, and by completing this quest you will unlock the "Cardiac Arrest!" achievement. Here's a quick run through (Note: a full run-through can be found by clicking on the quest link above:

    • Go to the X-13 testing facility which is located near the perimeter fence to the west of the Big MT dome.
    • Explore the rooms in the corridor by the reception area. You will find 3 parts of the MK ll suit here (boots, gloves, chest piece). 
    • Assemble the suit and follow your objective then accessing the nearby terminal with your suit in your inventory. 
    • Continue following objective points to initialize your suit. 
    • Once the test is complete the stealth suit Mk II will be upgraded (Sneak bonus increased by +10, to 25) and enemy robo-scorpions will appear throughout the X-13 facility under the direction of Mobius making your exit a little more troublesome.

    Note: Higher sneaking and high lockpicking do help tremendously in this quest.

  • Reactivate all of the Sink's robotic assistants.

    This is the only achievement in DLC that is not required to complete it. Also note that you can return and complete this after the completion of the main story line.

    The quest related to this achievement is All My Friends Have Off Switches. Here is a quick run through:

    • Start out by installing the Sink Central Intelligence Unit which is given to you in the conversation at the start of the DLC with the Think Tank. Please note that in order to install any other chips you need to install this one first.
    • Sink Project - Sink is located in the caverns of the magnetohydraulics complex
    • Sink Project - Auto-Doc is located in the complex Y-17 medical facility.
    • Sink Project - Biological is located in the Research Station in the X-22 botanical garden.
    • Sink Project - Jukebox is located in the House #108 of Higgs Village.
    • Sink Project - Book Chute is located in the House #101 of Higgs Village.
    • Sink Project - Light Switch 01 is located in the X-2 transmitter antenna array.
    • Sink Project - Light Switch 02 is found hidden away inside the Big MT north tunnel.
    • Sink Project - Muggy is found stashed on a truck just outside the Securitron de-construction plant.
    • Sink Project - Toaster is found just inside of The Cuckoo's Nest.
    • Return to the Sink and install your mods. The achievement is yours along with a much better Sink!
  • Make up your mind... about your brain.

    This is a story related achievement and quest.

    This requires the completion of the quest Old World Blues. A Quick run through:

    • Talk to Dr. Klein and make 'Old World Blues' your active quest.
    • Make your way to the Forbidden Zone Dome entrance, and enter it.
    • Find a solution for the X-42 giant robo-scorpion. Without spoiling anything, I say solution because there are multiple ways to finish this part of the quest. Have fun choosing.
    • Find Mobius' Lair and deal with him. Again there are multiple way to conclude your business with Mobius. 
    • Get your brain back... or deal with it. Again with the personal choices. 
    • And reason or destroy the Think Tank

    Note: The final step of this also completes the following achievement: "Outsmarted."

  • Complete Old World Blues.

    This is a story related achievement / quest.

    This achievement is the end of the Old World Blues DLC and is simply your decision on what to do with the Think Tank after you have recovered your brain... or dealt with it.

    There really isn't much to this achievement. It is the conclusion of the DLC and requires you to decide whether or not you wish to destroy the Think Tank or simply find another solution. Completion of Old World Blues will result in the completion of this achievement. Congratulations on finishing this fun packed DLC!

  • Recover X-8 vertebrae-pulse-de-sensitizer frequency!

    This is a story related achievement / quest.

     This achievement is tied directly to the quest X-8: high School Horror!. Here is a quick run through:

    • Travel to the X-8 research center.
    • Begin the residential cyberdog guard test at the X-8 test terminal. This test requires you to collect three sets of data from the facility. The way in which you are to collect them is the test itself.
    • Continue to search through the facility while looking for Gabe's digging sites and trying to find the Audio Sample - Gabriel's Bark..
      • When Gabe dies DO NOT attempt to loot is body right away. He will blow up after 10 seconds and will have the blast radius of a mini-nuke going off. It is best to simply hide and take cover and return after the explosion. It's also noteworthy that Gabe can in fact be saved, but you need to be quick.
    • After you retrieve the audio sample you will have completed the quest!

    General Tips:
    While some of the monsters and bosses in this DLC do require skill, strength, and high quality weapons, with a high amount of sneak a lot of sneaking around can be achieved. Also remember that you do not have to go everywhere, complete everything, and hoard as much as you can in one trip because you can return to Old World Blues whenever you choose. Some of the monsters are pretty tough and the situations you are put into require fairly high science, medicine, barter and lockpicking. With a little bit of planning, and effective use of the links to better diagnose the places you are going into, you should have no problem conquering this exciting DLC. Best of luck.

DLC: Lonesome Road (Store Link)

There are 5 achievements with a total of 125 points

  • Find all of ED-E's upgrades in the Divide.

    ED-E's upgrades are very useful for completing this DLC, and are generally not too far off the beaten path when it comes to completing Lonesome Road. Just remember, these upgrades are on broken eyebots so you find the eyebot you find the upgrade! Let's find them:

    • First is early on in the game at the Hopeville silo bunker. Right after you unlock the silo doors this eyebot is lying on the floor. You have to walk by this bot in order to move on so it is very hard to miss.
    • The second upgrade is slightly off the beaten path in the Hopeville Missile Base HQ. Upon entering, make a sharp left and go down the hallway to a room. This bot will be under a desk.
    • On your way to Ulysses you need to go through the Ashton Silo Control Station. Inside the silo on level 1 you will encounter a hard terminal and a locked door that requires a key. Hack the terminal, go inside, and presto--upgrade #3.
    • On your way to the caves you will probably encounter the location Third Street Municipal Buildingoffices. Go up them and to the top like you were trying to leave. On the North-West side you will see a big sewer pipe that you will be able to go into. These are the Municipal Sewers. Fight the tunnelers and claim your prize.
    • The final eyebot is just before the Cave of the Abaddon. If you go north from the entrance you will see a warhead that needs to be blown up. After doing so the upgrade will be on the ground slightly north of the pipe's top opening. 
  • Decide the fate of all the Divide dwellers.

    This is a story related achievement.

    You must complete this achievement and the quest that goes along with it in order to progress through the story. The quest related to this achievement is called The Launch

  • Complete Lonesome Road.

    This is a story related achievement.

    This achievement is tied directly to how you conclude your business in The Divide. You will be looking at three possible quests, two of which you must complete in order to finish this DLC:

    Which ever path you choose will lead you the closing cut-scene and your achievement. Nice job!

  • Acquire all upgrades for the Divide's signature weapon.

    The Divide has one signature weapon called Red Glare. Red Glare is a missile launcher you can pick up when you are tasked with picking up the laser detonator. Red Glare's upgrades can be randomly found throughout The Divide, but it is very rare. There are a few techniques you can employ in order to get the three upgrades though:

    • Possess just over 34,000 caps and when ED-E opens up any commissary you can buy they from there. If you plan on using Red Glare the caps are well spent on these upgrades as it makes this weapon much better.
    • If you do not have 34,000 caps in pure cap form you can sell enough goods in order to afford the upgrades, purchase them, and then just load your previous save to simply avoid having to waste your items/cap collection. 
    • Previously mentioned it is possible to randomly find these upgrades throughout The Divine although it is very rare. 

    *Note* This can be completed AFTER finishing the main storyline.

  • Detonate all of the warheads in the Divide.

    Probably the most time consuming part of this add-on, you must hunt down all 30 warheads and detonate them. 
    A complete list can be found here or follow the video guides below:

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Overall this DLC is the toughest, the most rewarding, and the least time consuming of the whole lot of them. You should have a ton of fun, be test at every turn, and really enjoy the plot as it unfolds before your eyes.

DLC: Gun Runners Arsenal (Store Link)

There are 5 achievements with a total of 125 points

  • Cause 10,000 damage with unique Mojave Wasteland weapons.

    Once you purchase the Gun Runners Arsenal DLC these weapons will be sold by characters across the Wasteland. You will be able to find them at just about any vendor who sells weapons and each has their own special selection of unique weaponry. 10,000 points of damage can easily be accumulated if you stick with your unique weapons only and do quests or random location cleaning. The full list of unique weapons can be found HERE. Just for clarification, unique weapons must be named weapons that are different from their regular counter parts like Paciencia---Hunting Rifle or Maria---9mm Pistol.

  • Cause 10,000 damage with Gun Runners' Arsenal (GRA) Weapons.

    Like Curios and Relics this one also requires GRA specific weapons OR mods. So when looking at different vendors you are looking for weapons and mods that have (GRA) in the description or in their name. An example: Power First (GRA)+ Power Fist Hi-Cap Valves.

    That is a GRA power fist with a GRA modification.

    Also like in Curios and Relics you must do 10,000 damage with GRA specific weapons. Shouldn’t be too hard but will require some grinding out depending on completion percentage of the game.

    Note: If the unique Mojave Wasteland weapon is also a GRA weapon the achievements will stack in your favor. This also means if you put a GRA mod on a unique weapon they will stack.

    For a complete list of GRA weapons and mods go here.

  • Complete any three Gun Runners' Arsenal (GRA) one star (*) Challenges.

    Challenges require you to kill certain monsters, characters, or creatures with special weapons or in special ways. Each challenge is different and there are more than 3 per category so no-one is forced to kill key NPCs.

    • A Slave Obeys
      Kill Mr. House with a 9 Iron or Nephi's Golf Driver. (0/1)
      • Nephi's Driver is owned by Nephi a fiend who can be found in a camp north of the Samson Rock Crushing Plant.
    • Ne Ne Ne Ne...
      Cripple Right Arms with Shotguns. (0/5)
      • Any right arms of monsters, humans, ghouls, ect. It does have to be a right arm. Also any shotgun will work. 
    • Overkill
      Kill Animals with any Fat Man or Fat Mines. (0/20)
      • Animals can be found just about anywhere, the task then results to finding Fat Man ammo or mines. Obtaining aFat ManFat Mines, or mini-nukes should be the only difficult part of this challenge. 
    • The Same Could Be Said of All Religious Weapons
      Kill Feral Ghouls with Maria, Gehenna, and Holy Frag Grenades. (0/15)
    • You Don’t Belong In This World!
      Kill Abominations with Katanas, Dynamite, Machetes, Throwing Spears, Throwing Knives, and Throwing Hatchets. (0/10)
      • Abominations are centaurs, Deathclaws, night stalkers, and spore plants to name a few. The link will take you to each of their pages thus giving their locations.
  • Complete any three Gun Runners' Arsenal (GRA) two star (**) Challenges.

    • Dyin' Ain't Much of a Living
      Kill members of NCR or Legion hit squads with weapons affected by the Cowboy perk. (0/5)
      • In order to get hit squads to come after your character you need to anger the desired faction into hatred. The Cowboy Perk is not necessary for this challenge. The link will also tell you which weapons will be affected by the perk itself.
    • Even a God-King Can Bleed
      Cripple Caesar's head with Throwing Spears. (0/1)
      • In order to make this challenge work you will need to get a nice little supply of Throwing Spears. Get the spears and aim for Caesar's head. Cripple it and the challenge is yours.
    • Historical Propriety
      Kill Caesar with a Knife or Combat Knife. (0/1)
      • This challenge requires killing the head honcho of the Legion with a knife. Caesar will not go down without a massive fight. 
    • Nyah! See?
      Kill Chairmen, White Gloves, or Omertas with any submachine gun, light machine gun, or minigun. (0/10)
    • Sic Semper Tyrannis
      Kill President Kimball with any One-Handed Pistol. (0/1)
      • Getting to President Kimball requires playing through much of one of the main storylines and eventually assassinating the president with any one handed pistol. 
    • Talk About Owned
      Kill Benny with his own gun, Maria. (0/1)
      • Benny is the chairman of New Vegas and resides in The Tops casino. You must pick-pocket his pistol then kill him with it.
    • Vault 13’s Revenge
      Kill Super Mutants with 5.56mm Pistols, Plasma Defenders, Plasma Grenades, Power Fists, Rippers, or the Bozar. (0/15)
    • White Line Nightmare
      Kill Fiends, Vipers, or Jackals with Tire Irons, Baseball Bats, Lead Pipes, Machetes, .44 Magnum Revolvers, or Sawed-Off Shotguns. (0/20)
      • The challenge here is simply finding FiendsVipers, and Jackals. After you find them, dispatching them should be no problem.
  • Complete any three Gun Runners' Arsenal (GRA) three star (***) Challenges.

    • Against All Tyrants
      Kill any named Legion members with Hunting Revolvers, Ranger Sequoias, Brush Guns, Service Rifles, Hunting Rifles, or Cowboy Repeaters. (0/10)
      • Aside from The Fort which I do not believe anyone wants to run through there are a few other locations which have named Legion members:
      • Nelson: which has Dead Sea
      • Cottonwood Cove: which has Aurelius of Phoenix, Decanus Severus, and Canyon Runner.
      • For a list of notable characters go here.
    • Armed For Bear
      Kill any named NCR Ranger or commissioned officer (Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, General) with Machetes, Rippers, Chainsaws, Throwing Spears, or Ballistic Fists. (0/15)
    • Crackerjack Timing
      Kill Mojave Wasteland Cazadores with Tin Grenades, Long Fuse Dynamite, and Time Bombs. (0/10)
      • The only part of this which will require some planning is finding the right group of Cazadores to attack. When looking up their locations look for areas where you can sneak up and drop your explosives from hiding to get sneak and critical damage. 
    • Deathclaw Pro Hunter
      Kill adult Mojave Wasteland Deathclaws with .22 Pistols, Switchblades, Boxing Tape Recharger Rifles, or Dynamite. (0/5)
      • Deathclaws will test your build more than anything else out there. Deathclaws can be found at the Gypsum Train Yard. For more locations refer to the Deathclaw link.
    • Man-Machine Interface
      Kill Mojave Wasteland Mr. Gutsys and Sentry Bots with Brass knuckles, Spiked Knuckles, Tire Irons, and Lead Pipes. (0/10)
      • The Crashed Vertibird has a handful of Gutsy robots and Sentry robots. Crashed Vertibird has just about 10 robots. You can also kill advanced Sentry Bots at the REPCONN Headquarters.

    Planning out the challenges may be the most difficult part of this DLC. You may want to sit down and take a look at which ones are still possible based on the amount of game you've played and the choices you made. With a little planning and a little stocking up of weapons, stims, and armor you'll be able to fly through these achievements.

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