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    Win Fast Money in 10 Party Mode games


    Party Mode is where you actually play against your other controllers. There is no AI to worry about, so you can make yourself get to the Fast Money rounds quickly. To get there, do the following:

    Step 1: On round one, answer the question if you can. If you do answer right, pick to play. Answer wrong or do not answer during your turn. When your second controller gets the chance, do not answer or get it wrong on purpose.

    Note: If for some reason you cannot answer it or get it wrong, just don't buzz in with the second controller. You will get to retry on next round.

    Step 2: Do not buzz in on any of your controllers for the next rounds. You will win with the points you had gotten on that one answer.

    Step 3: Now just win Fast Money like usual.

    Repeat these steps until you have all ten.

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