Age of Aquarius Achievement in Family Feud 2012 Edition

  • Age of Aquarius



    Win Fast Money in the Groovy Shindig challenge at all difficulty levels.

    How to unlock Age of Aquarius

    To get all of the achievements in the Challenge Modes on all different themes, you must win the final round (Fast Money) against the AI. You must do this on Easy, Medium, and Hard. The game is nice and puts a check mark next to each difficulty you have beaten on each theme. There are a total of 16 themese. Therefore, you must play Challenge Mode at least 48 times. I suggest playing with your second controller for 10 of these games on easy. This way you can knock that achievement out at the same time. Beating all 3 difficulties can take a very long time if you are unlucky or have a hard time with the questions. That or the AI gets everything right. Each game played can take up to 25-30 minutes depending.


    • The AI will pass almost 100% of the time
    • If you allow the computer to answer first during the buzz in and they get it wrong, also get it wrong. This will skip the round making your playthrough faster if you win.
    • Passing is a bad idea, especially on harder difficulty. Get as many answers as you can. When it is the AI's turn, they only get 1 shot at it instead of 3 if you passed. This will increase your winning chances
    • Round 1 and 2 mean nothing compared to 3 and mostly 4. Try to blow through them, they are almost useless during most games
    • Fast Money can be frustrating. Sometimes you will get a top answer and it will be 65 points, other top answers will be 16. Sometimes you will just get unlucky, while others extremely lucky. It evens out
    • If you hit the Xbox Guide button, you can still read the question and get as much time as you want to think
    • The game stores answers in the quick field above where you type. If you have no clue, type in a letter then a vowel. Or type in a key word from the question. Sometimes the display wll show you the answers. An example is animals with an "M". If you pick M then the vowels, it will show you what the computer thinks you want to say.
    • If your answer you are trying to type doesn't appear, it means it's not correct.
    • Sometimes you can get lucky and "like" words will count. Such as saying singer and the answer is entertainer. You can still get credit for things that are the same basic idea.

    Otherwise, you can just find all the answers in the below link and rush through the game.

    All Survey Questions and Answers - via Google Docs

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