Unmistakable Achievement

  • Unmistakable



    Complete a Hidden Object Puzzle without a mistake.


    As the description says, you'll need to complete any HOP (only the ones with the names of the items or the shadows of the items count; the "find and use" ones don't count for this achievement) without making a single mistake. This achievement isn't anywhere near as difficult as it sounds. While you could do this the legitimate way (take your time to find every object, ensuring you don't make any mistakes), there is an exploit you can take advantage of to make this much easier.

    When you reach an HOP, pause and quit to the main menu to save your game right before you start it. Now, play the HOP, making as many mistakes as you want, until you find all but one objects, making a note of where every object is. Locate the final object but don't click on it. Instead, press theguide button and force close the game app (do NOT quit to the main menu, as this will save your game). Relaunch the game app, continue your game, and you'll be back at your save before you started the HOP. Now that you know where all of the objects are, carefully go through the HOP to find them all without making any mistakes. If you do make a mistake, you can always repeat the process of force closing the game app to try again.

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