Lightspeed Achievement

  • Lightspeed



    Finish 3 Hidden Object Puzzles in less than 10 minutes.


    The wording here is a bit odd - what you need to do is complete three HOPs whose total completion times add up to under 10 minutes. For example, three HOPs that take you three minutes each will total nine minutes and unlock this achievement.

    There is no way to track your times (other than when All Seeing Mind (40G) unlocks, knowing you did it in under a minute), but if you use the mash button-a.png method to find objects, you're very unlikely to take more than two or three minutes per HOP. There are a few HOPs - the digital ones that have you scrolling around to different pages and pictures - that will definitely take longer. Don't stress over these, as it's impossible to do them quickly without watching a guide first. There are plenty of other HOPs (closer to 15) in the game that can be plowed through quickly instead.

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