Time Travel Mythologists Achievement

  • Time Travel Mythologists



    Find all the digital articles.


    There are a total of 28 digital articles and 14 morphing objects. The digital articles look like circuit boards, and the morphing objects are normal objects that morph into puzzle pieces every few seconds. There are a total of 28 scenes in the game, meaning every single one has a single digital article to find in it; only half of them has a morphing object to find, and coincidentally, it's every other scene that has one.

    The best way to handle collectibles is to keep a guide open the entire time. Because there are many points of no return, I highly recommend that every time you come to a new scene, you find the digital article and the morphing object (if applicable). There is a great collectible guideĀ HERE, complete with screenshots, courtesy of some Steam users. Keep it open while you play to ensure you don't miss any.

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