Hacker Supreme Achievement

  • Hacker Supreme



    Defeat the Mainframe.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This achievement unlocks upon completing the game. In terms of progressing, this game is quite easy to do so. For one, there is no penalty (neither in game nor voiding achievements) for using hints to see where to go and what to do next. You can also unlock all achievements on Casual difficulty, meaning there is no penalty during HOPs for mashing button-a.png to find all items. Lastly, there are only achievements for finishing three HOPs without a hint, meaning once you unlock Scanner Eyes (50G), you can feel free to use hints during HOPs as much as you want to help you along.

    Therefore, the only possible stumbling block to progression is minigames. There are a ton in this game, but almost all of them are very short and easy. If, however, you ever get stuck anywhere and prefer to use a guide, refer to THIS LINK, which has a great guide courtesy of Big Fish Games, complete with screenshots.

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