- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 19 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 8-12 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 [Difficulties do NOT stack]
- Number of missable achievements:None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheats.
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes. Only difficulty related ones.
- Glitchy achievements: "Fantastic Four" (See achievement guide)
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

On the whole it is still an easy game even for the most amateur of gamers, and shouldn’t take any longer than 15 hours. To complete the game you will need to play through it twice, once on normal mode and once on fantastic mode. No achievements can be missed as you can replay levels, but once you start a new campaign all of your previous campaign progress will be lost. Save points, upgrades etc.

Fantastic 4: ROTSS supports 4-player co-op which is a nice feature but it honestly isn’t vital to you completing it, but bring in a friend and it can make the game-play less monotonous.


  • Play as The Thing. I cannot stress this enough, he is by far the strongest character and you can complete the game easily by just spamming his+ move. You should upgrade this ability first.
  • Playing the last level WILL give you the achievement for completing the whole campaign, whether you complete the last level on normal or fantastic difficulty. However, once you start a new campaign all previous data is deleted.

Step 1 – Normal Difficulty
This step is going to be where you achieve most of the gamerscore and is also the easiest part. On this run through you’ll want to aim to get the "Fantastic Four" and "Doom Tracker" achievement. These achievements are collectible based and you have to find two different types of collectible to get them both. Once you have unlocked both of these you should get the Treasure Hunter achievement too. For the locations of all the collectibles take a look at the achievement guide, HERE. As you progress through the story-mode you’ll also receive achievements for completing each level (NOT Act) and also when you defeat each boss.

Step 2 – Grinding for Gold Coins and "Assist" achievement.
You may or may not be aware that there are achievements for fully leveling up each character, these being: Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing. To max out all of their stats you’re looking at around 110,000 coins. The best place to grind gold coins is just keep replaying the chapter “It’s clobberin’ time”, this is the most profitable as it has the higher coin per minute ratio. However, there is an easier way, please see this thread for a trick which can save you a lot of time.

The "Assist" achievement is very simple but can be easily overlooked. To net this achievement just stand next to another member of the Fantastic 4 and hold and press either , , or to do a super combination move and the achievement should unlock.

Step 3 – Fantastic Difficulty
*Important* - Only start Fantastic difficulty when you have achieved every other achievement in the game. Starting Fantastic difficulty will erase all previous campaign progress!

Fantastic difficulty really is a piece of cake, as previously said stated upgrade Ben's shockwave attack and you’ll breeze through. This step doesn’t really need an explanation as it is pretty straightforward, once you have defeated Dr. Doom at the end of the game the achievement should unlock.

At this point you should have the full 1000 and should be smiling boldly. However, if you are still missing any achievements you can always use the replay level feature and pick up the last collectible or grind for coins to max out the stats on any of the characters.

[XBA would like to thank Agent Aero for this Roadmap]

Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Achievement Guide

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Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 19 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Upgrade all of Mr. Fantastic's Powers


    See "Thing".

  • Upgrade all of the Invisible Woman's Powers


    See "Thing".

  • Upgrade all of the Human Torch's Powers


    See "Thing".

  • Thing



    Upgrade all of The Thing's Powers


    During the game you will earn coins by smashing objects. At the end of each act you are given the option to upgrade your characters (though you can do this at any time by pressing the back button). Once you’ve got all the powers upgraded for any of the characters, you’ll get their achievement. You can only upgrade a certain amount depending on where you are in the story. This will probably take 2-3 playthroughs, and must be done on the same difficulty, so do not start a new game until you are done with this, just keep replaying levels.

    I would suggest doing Military Base, Act 1. This seems to net the most money each time.

  • Hero



    Complete the game in normal difficulty mode.


    Simply progress through the game on Normal.

  • Complete the game in Fantastic mode.

    Simply progress through the game on Fantastic. Like most other games, doing it on Fantastic does not give you the achievement for Normal.

    *Important* - This should be the last thing you get, because as soon as you start a new game, you lose any progress you made previously. So if you don’t want a ton of extra work for yourself, get all the achievements on Normal and then once you only have this left, start a new game and just beat it again.

  • Doomed



    Defeat Dr. Doom


    While he is flying around, hit the switch on the giant machine to shoot him down. Then just pound the crap out of him with Ben's + attack. He'll run away and go back to flying, just repeat the whole process. Extremely easy for a final boss...

  • Defeat Super Skrull

    To defeat the Super Skrull, you have to use the Thing to pick guys up and throw them into the glowing ball in the middle. After about 10-12 guys the shield will drop. Switch to the Human Torch and use the + fireball attack until it’s depleted, then switch back to Thing and use the + ground pound attack. The shields will go back up after you hurt him some. Rinse and repeat until he’s dead.

    Or, just shoot the glowing ball with fireballs and use the same method to attack the Super Skrull. Thanks, flea... don't know why I didn't think of that.

  • Defeat Terrax

    After doing the first two security rooms, you should have a feel for how to make the beams of light hit their target, so hit the bell and figure out that pattern until he is stunned, then unload on him with Ben's + attack until he stops glowing when hit, then run away because he is going to do a similar shock wave to hurt you. Any time Ben dies, go to someone else and run into a side room until he is back up, everyone else is basically useless during this fight.

  • Complete Skrull Lair Level


    See “Skrull’s Demise” for tips on the boss battle.

  • Complete Red Ghost Level



  • Complete New York Level


  • Complete Terrax Level



    See "Elemental Master" for tips on the boss battle.

  • Complete Military Base Level



  • Complete Shanghai Level


    Self-explanatory. See "Doomed" for tips on the boss battle.

  • Successfully unlocked all content in game.


    Once you have "Fantastic Four" this one should also unlock.

  • Find all of the silver four symbols.


    There are 36 in total. Locations are:

    Skrull Lair, Act 1

    1. Inside a rock in the corner of the first pressure plate room, where you have to have all four characters stand on the plate.
    2. Inside a rock in the room with the lava river, just after the mini-boss.
    3. In the corner of the room with the large battle at the end of the act.

    Skrull Lair, Act 2

    1. After you open the door to the long walkway with the mini-boss on it, it is just inside the door on the right side.
    2. In the room where you first use Mr. Fantastic’s evade ability through the lasers, just inside the door on the left.
    3. Behind a pillar during the Super Skrull fight. Just run around the room until you find it.

    New York City, Act 1

    1. In the corner of the room with the red carpet.
    2. After you move the crane to get to the second building, go around back.

    Subway Chase

    1. Very near the beginning on the left side of the train cars.

    New York City, Act 2

    1. Behind a dumpster on the left side before the first barrier.
    2. In a small opening on the left side before the third barrier.

    Lincoln Tunnel

    1. After the first car pile-up on the left side.
    2. Further down the tunnel during another pile-up with a school bus, also left side.

    Red Ghost, Act 1

    1. Behind the first generator that you power with Johnny’s fire.
    2. At the bottom of the ramp in the room with the three-story elevator.
    3. On top of a steam grate in that same room.

    Red Ghost, Act 2

    1. After talking to Doom, it is in the boxes next to where the lasers were.
    2. After disabling the first set of lasers in the giant generator room, go through the tunnel and they are underneath some indestructible boxes in the next room.
    3. After killing four monkeys to disable another set of lasers, go straight in that room before you go to where the lasers are.

    Terrax, Act 1

    1. In the very first room, on the right side after some rocks.
    2. Behind a lone lion statue in a blue-lit dead-end.
    3. Just inside the large room with the yellow rocks hanging from the ceiling, right side.

    Terrax, Act 2

    1. After the lift, go to the right and dead-end into a statue. Right at the feet.
    2. Instead of going inside the mountain, go straight and dead-end into another statue.
    3. Behind the big statue on the third level of the mountain, after the two security levels.

    Military Base, Act 1

    1. This is right in the beginning behind green lasers, but you can't get it right away. Progress through the level until you get to the computer that says "Open Security Bays" and then backtrack to the start. On the opposite side of the room from the lasers, there is a white room now open with a power box high up. Hit that and go collect the coin.
    2. When you get to the part where Ben says "Hey Big Brain, there's a computer" you're going to use the computer and backtrack out into the room with the circle desk in the middle. Go all the way across the room and inside this newly opened door is a breakable wall. It's behind there.
    3. After Reed calls for a ride, go back the way you came. Go into the first room on the left, then turn around. On the wall near the ceiling is a power box, use Reed's RT+X move to break it. Continue down the way and the power grid blocking this coin will be gone.

    Military Base, Act 2

    1. During a somewhat large robot fight, break the wall on the left side. Edit: I meant a large group of robots, not a single large robot. Sorry about the confusion there.
    2. In the back left corner during the second robot fight in the Skrull warship room, there is a small cubby with some boxes, break them to find it.
    3. On the third level where you call the elevator, it is behind a green laser grid. The power box is in the left room, up high.
    4. When you get to the missile silo, find a power box on one of the supports on the ground level and smash it. It appears to do nothing. Find a similar power box on every level as you go up the silo, but make sure it doesn't open a door or drop a laser field, because that's not the one you're looking for. If you get them all, a door on the top level will be open with a coin inside.


    1. On the right side, use Johnny to fly up to a ledge and behind the building.
    2. Further down the street, this time on the left side. Same method.
    3. Further down again, back to the right side. Same method.
    4. During the fight with Doom, all the way to the back of the area, behind a fence.

    NOTE: Many people claim to have got this coin listed below, but I never did and I got the achievement. If after following the above guide and you still don't have it, get the one below.

    Magma Tunnel
    + Down The Tunnel When Johnny says "this is too much fun", it is on the left side next to the guy shooting at you.

  • Find all of Doom’s Spy bots in the game.


    There are 12 in total. Locations are:

    1. Act 2, Skrull - Automatically get this to progress the story directly at the beginning of the level.
    2. Act 2, Skrull - In the second room where you need one person on each pressure plate, it is in the left corner.
    3. Act 1, NYC - On the building behind where you start, right side of the stairs when you turn around.
    4. Act 2, NYC - In a small opening on the right side during the boss fight.
    5. Act 1, Red Ghost - In the first room you fight monkeys in, go behind the objects with wings or whatever on it, it is on the ground, so use Ben's RT+B move.
    6. Act 2, Red Ghost - On the console after you talk to Doom on the monitor.
    7. Clobberin' Time - Turn around as soon as you start, it's on the wall.
    8. Act 2, Terrax - In the first cubby on the right side during the boss fight, high up. Use a telescope punch to hit it.
    9. Act 1, Military Base - Right after Reed calls for a ride, go to the left and it's on a desk.
    10. Act 2, Military Base - After taking the lift in the red room with all the desks, it is on the wall to the left, high up.
    11. Act 2, Military Base - In the room directly after the last one, it is on the wall to the left of the computer.
    12. Shanghai - On the left side somewhat close to the beginning of the level in a small alcove.
  • Assist



    Successfully execute a 2-player fusion attack.


    This can be done as soon as you start the game pretty much, just stand by a teammate and hold down , then press any of the buttons that appear over their heads.

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