- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 53 [1170]
- Online: 4 [80]
- Approximate amount of time to 125020-25 hours, 5 hours for the DLC.
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None [Outposts can be reset allowing you to kill/use enemies as you need for any missed achievements]
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

  • DLC: Valley of the Yetis
    • Difficulty: 2/10
    • Time to 2505 hours
    • Unobtainable: None

Welcome to Kyrat! Far Cry 4 will be very familiar to anyone who has played the previous installment as the mechanics are completely unchanged. The achievements are pretty much all obtainable in single player and the few that require online/Co-Op play can be done in a very short time.

You cannot miss any of the campaign achievements as you can reset the outposts even after completing the game so that you regain access to enemies with which to complete any outstanding achievements. You should still be conscious of the various miscellaneous achievements as you play though, as the actions that some require will be tied in to some of the more time consuming achievements, such as to unlock all of the skills.

Step 1 - Campaign:
So your first step, naturally is to begin a new game. You can select any of the three difficulties as there are no restrictions tied to them. If you wish to have an easier time and just enjoy the features that the game has to offer without having to stress about dying all the time then feel free to play on easy.

I would recommend that you try to complete as many side missions, outposts and bell towers that you can before completing your current campaign mission to keep on top of it as there are many things to do in this game. You should also spend time hunting animals and collecting the various flowers, not only for the related achievements, but also because the flowers are used to create syringes that will help you immensely. As for the animals, you will need their skins to craft upgrades and you can look on your map to see where they are most likely to roam to hunt them down.

Step 1.5 - Collectibles:
Just a quick note that you do not need to find all of the collectibles in this game to unlock all of the achievements, you only need to find the specified amount for each related achievement. You can buy maps from the merchants which will reveal all of the collectibles in a location, so be sure to do this if you are struggling to find enough of them.

Step 2 - Campaign Co-Op:
There are only two achievements to obtain in Co-Op mode and both can be done rather quickly. The first one you should look at is to take over an Outpost as the secondary character 'Hurk' and the second is to perform a 'Vehicle Takedown' from the passenger seat of a vehicle. See their individual achievement descriptions for full details.

If you are in need of a boosting partner to quickly unlock these achievements, try looking in the achievement boosting thread found Here.

Step 3 - Clean up/Online:
The final step is to unlock the two 'Online' achievements. From the main menu scroll right to the 'Chronicles' tab and you can select 'Battles of Kyrat' and 'Map Browser,' both of which are necessary for an achievement each. See their individual achievement descriptions for full details.

Step 4 - DLC Valley of the Yetis:
Welcome to the Valley of the Yetis! This DLC is more of the same Far Cry action. You'll begin with a new, as in without perks and crafted upgrades, Ajay for this DLC which is a separate story from the main game. Luckily though, skins are now available from loot chests and xp is much easier to get from killing enemies and completing missions. 

There are no missable achievements as you can continue to play after completing the story, so you don't necessarily need to be conscious of the achievement list if you would prefer to play through and enjoy the DLC, then worry about the remainder of the list afterwards. 

After installing the DLC you will find it from the main menu if you scroll across to the online menu, 'Chronicles' and you will find it at the bottom of the list. 

At the beginning of the story you'll eventually be tasked with taking over a relay station that will serve as a home base for everything that you do. After you claim the Relay Station and do the mandatory first defense of it from an attacking force, besides the first two story related achievements, you will get free control of the map to do as you wish. From here, you can either work towards the upgrade missions achievements, or continue to do the story. 

You will need to get to a certain point in the story before you encounter Yetis and as they are tied to two of the achievements, you should complete the story at least up to meeting your first Yeti before attempting to find more in the wilderness. 

So for anyone who completed the previous installment, this game should feel very much the same, but that's no bad thing. A very fun game well worth the 25 or so hours you'll be putting in to unlock all of the achievements, but also an easy completion for anyone new to the franchise.

[XBA would like to thank Scotty and Nozza XBA for this roadmap]

Far Cry 4 Achievement Guide

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There are 57 achievements with a total of 1250 points

  • Liberate 12 Outposts (Campaign only).

    See All Clear for full details.

  • Liberate all Outposts (Campaign only).

    There are 24 Outposts in the game and to Liberate one you will need to attack it and kill all enemies who are present. There are various ways to accomplish this from the classic 'Guns Blazin' style, to the stealth allowed to you by using your bow and 'Takedown' attacks, to the somewhat original idea of throwing a chunk of meat into the compound and allowing a wild predator to kill everyone for you. These are not particularly difficult but each one will provide a fast travel destination as you liberate it as well as a base for side missions and Merchants to spawn. You should try to do these as you unlock the area's that they are in as this will help you with the game and with the various side mission related achievements.

    Note that you can reset your Outposts in game at any time by pressing pause, selecting 'Gameplay(Campaign)' then 'Reset Outposts'. Doing this will not impact your story or have any adverse affects, it will simply hand control of all of the Outposts back to the Royal Army so that you can attack them again to unlock any achievements that you may have missed, or to earn more XP.

  • Liberate any Outpost without triggering an alarm in any mode (Campaign only).

    There are 2 ways to achieve this. The first is to use stealth, so your Bow is a must, or silenced weapons if you don't like to use a Bow. Use your Camera to Tag all enemies in the area and study their movement patterns. Only kill enemies silently and out of sight of anyone else. If you need to, hide any bodies that you create to avoid detection. You can also make use of the 'Hunting Syringe' as it will Tag all enemies in your immediate proximity which is great as you can't always see everyone with the camera to Tag them.

    The other way to do this is to unleash a Predator on the enemies. To do this you will need some 'Bait' which is acquired as you skin animals that you have killed. Equip the Bait and throw it into the center of the Outpost and wait a few seconds. An animal should arrive, usually a Tiger or Leopard. The animal will attack all of the enemies present, but if there are quite a few of them, they can kill it so be careful of this. At the very least the animal should dispatch a few of the enemies leaving only a few left for you to kill. You can also unleash Predators that are already inside the Outpost locked in cages. If you look at the cages you will be able to see a glowing chain/padlock and if you shoot it the cage will open and the animal inside will attack anyone who is there.

    Note that if you do get spotted by an enemy but kill them before the alarm is triggered you can still get this achievement, but you will need to be aware of anyone who heard his calls for help. So if the last enemy sees you and makes a break for the alarm box, you still have a chance as long as you kill him before he triggers it. You can spot alarms with the camera, but you can't tag them. If you look at a tall wooden post through the camera and a yellow light appears, that is the alarm box.

    The easiest outposts to attempt this on are the ones in the southwest part of the map as they only have one alarm and you can likely sneak in and disable it. For outposts that have multiple alarms, find a high vantage point outside the outpost and use a silenced sniper rifle to shoot the yellow alarm boxes to disable them.

    Take over an Outpost without the alarm being triggered and the achievement is yours.

    Huge thanks to Predni for the video;

  • Liberate 8 Bell Towers (Campaign only).

    There are a total of 17 Bell Towers in the game, but you will only need to liberate 8. You are more than likely to liberate them all as they open up sections of the map so that you can see where everything is. To liberate a Bell Tower you will need to climb to the top of it and smash the radio that is broadcasting a message. They are all easy enough to liberate as the same patterns apply to climbing them.

    Liberate any 8 of the 17 Bell Towers and the achievement is yours.

  • Conquer 2 Fortresses (Campaign only).

    There are a total of 4 Fortresses in the game, but you only need to conquer 2 of them. These are more difficult than Outposts and may require the use of your 'Guns for Hire Tokens' which will allow you to call reinforcements in to aid you. Alternatively you can do these in Co-Op making them a lot easier with the help of a friend. You will need to kill everyone in the Fortress to conquer it.

    The difficulty of the Fortresses is set to 'Very Hard' by the in-game standards, but this can be made easier if you wait to conquer them as certain circumstances during the campaign can impact the Fortresses, making them easier after you have progressed far enough.

    Note that you need to be the host if you decide to attempt these in Co-Op. Only the host can earn the achievement, so if you're playing as Hurk in someone else's game, you cannot unlock this achievement by conquering their Fortresses.

    Conquer any 2 of these Fortresses and the achievement is yours.

  • Complete any 6 Hunting quests (Supplies, Control, Survival) (Campaign only).

    These missions become available at liberated Outposts. There are 4 Hunting: Supplies missions, 4 Hunting: Control missions and 6 Hunting: Survival missions. Complete any combination of 3 of these missions for the achievement.

    Hunting: Supplies missions have you hunting various wildlife in the region that you gather supplies from for the local people. Hunting: Control missions have you culling local wildlife populations. Hunting: Survival missions have you killing local dangerous wildlife for XP and money.

  • Complete 3 Assassination or Eye for an Eye quests (Campaign only).

    These missions become available at liberated Outposts. Assassination missions require that you seek out and kill Royal Army commanders and are shown on the map as a cross-hair. Eye for an Eye missions require that you kill someone who has wronged the person that you get it from and are also shown as a slightly different cross-hair on the map.

    There are a total of 7 Assassination missions and 8 Eye for an Eye missions available, so complete any combination of 3 and the achievement is yours.

  • Rescue 15 hostages in Hostage Rescue quests (Campaign only).

    These missions become available at liberated Outposts. You will usually find a tied up hostage in your safe room at the liberated Outpost and to activate the mission you untie them. These missions usually have around 4 hostages and you'll need to save at least 2 to complete it. You'll want to be stealthy to try to save as many as possible during each mission to get this achievement more easily, and because you will usually get rewards from the hostages that you rescue. There are a total of 14 Hostage Rescue missions, so you'll need to do a minimum of 4 of these, rescuing all hostages to have saved enough to unlock the achievement.

  • Complete 3 Kyrati Films: Racing or Kyrati Films: Survival activities (Campaign only).

    These missions become available at liberated Outposts. For Kyrati Films: Racing you'll have to race through checkpoints to beat a set time to earn gold, silver or bronze. For Kyrati Films: Survival you'll start with an amount of time and each checkpoint you hit will add more time and half way through you will be required to switch to a new vehicle. Finish with time left on the clock to complete it. You don't need to attain gold, bronze will do fine for this achievement.

    There are 9 of each of these missions for a total of 18, so complete any combination of 3 for the achievement.

  • Repel 3 Outpost Retaliation Parties (Campaign only).

    Every so often after liberating an Outpost it will be attacked by the Royal Army. This will only happen if you are in the area of the Outpost so you don't need to worry about travelling long distances just to defend them, it will always be the Outpost nearest to you.

    As you arrive in the area you will see a large group of enemies converging on the Outpost and a few allies defending it. As you would imagine, just kill all of the attackers to successfully defend the Outpost. Do this 3 times for the achievement.

    This is a random occurance and not something that you can trigger so just be on the lookout for it happening and defend any that are under attack as soon as possible to get this achievement done.

  • Hijack 3 Royal Cargo Trucks and return them to a liberated Outpost (Campaign only).

    You will be prompted about these as you are playing through the game and they will appear for a short time on your map as a front view of a truck. You will need to attempt these as they appear because they will drive off and you'll have to wait for the next one to appear. If you take over all of the Outposts on 1 side of the map, these occurrences will cease to happen, so you'll need to look for them on the next section of the map. If you have taken over all of the Outposts before unlocking this achievement you will need to reset them to have these Royal Cargo Trucks appear again, but also note that you'll need at least 1 Outpost under your control to be able to deliver any trucks that you hijack.

    You will have to kill the driver of the truck without destroying it, then get in and drive it back to the nearest Outpost. Try to get in front of the truck and shoot the driver through the window. Ramming it will be tough as the only vehicles quick enough to catch them are a lot smaller and they will flee aggressively once they spot you. This can prove quite tricky. You can also use the 'Vehicle Takedown' skill to hijack a truck with relative ease.

    Hijack and deliver 3 of these trucks and the achievement is yours.

  • Eliminate 3 Pagan's Wrath convoys (Campaign only).

    You will see these as you travel the map completing objectives but they will stay on the map even when you leave the area. They are a skull inside a blue circle on the map and will just drive around until you deal with them. As you arrive at one of them it will just be 3 4x4's in convoy, each with a driver and a rear gunner. Kill all of the enemies in the 4x4's to Eliminate the convoy. You do not need to destroy the vehicles, but feel free to do so if you wish.

    Eliminate 3 such convoys and the achievement is yours.

  • Liberate 1 Outpost playing as Hurk (Campaign Co-op only).

    Requires Co-Op.

    You will need to join someone else's game to play as the secondary character 'Hurk'. After joining someone's game, set a waypoint to any enemy controlled Outpost and proceed to take it over. There aren't any specifics to this so run straight in with an RPG or sneak around with your Bow, it's entirely up to you, just liberate it as Hurk and the achievement is yours.

  • Complete 3 Bomb Defusal quests (Campaign only).

    These will become available once you have completed the story mission at the Chal Jama Monastery. They will appear on the map as old-time looking grenades, with a fuse on top.

    There are 7 of these missions, so complete any 3 for the achievement.

  • Perform a Vehicle Takedown from the passenger seat of a vehicle (Campaign Co-op only).

    Requires Co-Op.

    For this you will need to have unlocked the skill 'Vehicle Takedown' which is on the Tiger side of the skills menu. To gain access to it you will need to unlock the previous 2 skills as well as have taken part in a 'Kyrati Films: Racing/Survival mission.

    Once you have the skill, join a friends game or have them join yours. You will need to be in the passenger seat, so have your partner drive and pull alongside an enemy vehicle at which point you will get the prompt to press '' and do the takedown. You will jump across to the enemy vehicle and kill the occupant(s) and then the achievement will unlock.

    Huge thanks to Predni for the video;

  • Purchase 3 items for the Ghale Homestead (Campaign only).

    The Ghale Homestead is unlocked once you meet Yogi and Reggie, after doing their first mission.

    To the right of the front door is a tradesman/grounds-keeper. He'll be selling a variety of things to make the place look better and all vary in price. Just buy the 3 cheapest (first 3) and the achievement will unlock.

    You will need a total of 150,000 to buy the first 3 upgrades.

  • Recover or destroy 15 Masks of Yalung (Campaign only).

    There are 50 of these masks scattered around the map, but you'll only need to remove or destroy 15 for the achievement. They appear on the map as a blue mask, but once you get to the area where they are you'll need to search for them yourself, as they aren't accurately mapped, you're just given a small area to search. A tip to help find these is to set a waypoint exactly on the mask that you're aiming for as it will land on the exact location of the mask inside the small area and try to remember where the waypoint was before it disappears and you'll have a decent idea of where the mask will be in the area that you need to search.

    These are shown on your map after buying a collectibles map from a Merchant.

  • Remove 30 Propaganda Posters (Campaign only).

    You will find Propaganda Posters scattered around the map and to remove them you just need to walk up to them and press . Some may be unreachable so you will just need to throw a Molotov Cocktail at them to burn them.

    There are a total of 150 Propaganda Posters so just remove any 30 of them for the achievement.

    These are shown on your map after buying a collectibles map from a Merchant.

  • Find 10 Lost Letters (Campaign only).

    Lost Letters are scattered around the map and you will need to reach them and pick them up. They are usually in obscure places but they will show up on your map. There are a total of 20, but you will only need to find 10 for the achievement.

    These are shown on your map after buying a collectibles map from a Merchant.

  • Spin 10 Mani Wheels (Campaign only).

    Mani wheels are scattered around the map and when span they will give you some Karma. You have a Karma level which when increased unlocks perks and weapons. There are 40 Mani wheels to find so just spin any 10 of these wheels for the achievement.

    These are shown on your map after buying a collectibles map from a Merchant.

  • Complete 3 Kyrat Fashion Week quests (Campaign only).

    Kyrat Fashion Week quests are side missions were you will hunt a rare animal for it's skin. There are 9 in total and the skin you acquire is used to craft some of the upgrades that will help you in the game. You will be given a specific weapon to use to kill the rare animal and you will have to use it or the mission will fail.

    Complete any 3 of these missions and the achievement is yours.

  • Read 10 notes (Campaign only).

    Notes are scattered all over the map. They will be glowing white and just be in Outposts and various other locations. You can find a few in De Pleur's mansion at the beginning of the game if you look around on the desks. Read 10 of these for the achievement.

  • Learn 10 skills (Campaign only).

    See Fully Loaded for full details.

  • Learn all skills (Campaign only).

    There are a total of 48 skills in the game. You earn xp from various different actions, from killing enemies to completing missions. The basic skills only require 1 skill point to unlock but the later ones will need up to 4. You don't have automatic access to all the skills just from leveling up, you will need to fulfill certain tasks to get them to unlock. You can see what needs to be done to unlock certain skill by hovering over them in the 'Skills' menu.

    Note that there are 4 perks on the The Elephant side which you can keep adding skill points to and each go to a total of 10, a Karma Boost skill and 3 Duration Boosts skills for the 3 syringes that you can craft. You must invest a total of 40 points across all 4 to officially "learn" them and unlock the achievement.

    You can grind xp for this at Pagan Min's Fortress after completing the game. There will be 3 'Heavies' in the Fortress as well as a handful of standard soldiers. You can enter the fortress sneakily, then as long as you have the skill 'Heavy Takedown' you can do a silent takedown on the Heavies for 750xp. If you're good enough, there are 3 Heavies that you can do this on. You should use a Hunting syringe or your Camera to highlight all enemies in the area so that you can plot your movements. Once you have gained as much xp as you want in the fortress, save your game through the 'Pause' menu, then allow yourself to be killed or kill yourself with grenades, RPG's, etc. and you will respawn at the front of the Fortress and all of the enemies will have respawned and you will be able to repeat this process until you have enough skill points to unlock everything. Be careful not to kill everyone in the Fortress as you will take it over and be unable to continue to use this exploit. It will take 2000xp for each skill point.

    Video of this method thanks to Harry94;

  • Craft 5 upgrades for your equipment (Campaign only).

    To craft upgrades you will need to kill and skin animals and then use thier skin to craft them. There are 10 different upgrades to craft, 9 of which have 4 tiers with the tenth having 3 so there are a total of 39 possible upgrades. Crafting 5 will not take very long if you just create the first tier for 5 of the upgrades. You can hover over any of them in the 'Crafting' menu to see what skin and how many are needed for the next tier.

    Craft any 5 for the achievement.

  • Craft 15 syringes (Campaign only).

    To craft syringes you will first need to unlock the related skills, then you will need to pick flowers/leaves in the wilderness. There are 5 different flowers to pick and you combine them to create 4 different syringe types. You can craft 15 of the same syringe or any combination of 15 from the 4 available.

    To craft a syringe you need to press and hold , then press  to go to the syringe menu. Using  select any of the syringe choices, then as long as you have the available flowers/leaves press  to craft it. You will be limited to how many you can craft as you can only carry a certain amount, so you can craft enough to fill your inventory, then use them, then craft another lot to fill your inventory, etc. provided you have enough to do 15 of them at once. Otherwise, just keep crafting them whenever you have the chance.

    Alternatively, you will automatically craft a healing syringe every time you pick 2 green leaves, but you will need to have space available to do so. So if you have a full supply of healing syringes, you'll need to use one to get a new one to auto craft. These auto crafted syringes will also count towards this achievement.

    Huge thanks to Predni for the video;

  • Spend 500,000 rupees total at Trading Posts (Campaign only).

    Rupees are unbelievably easy to come by in this game. I have never been short of money, it is literally everywhere. As long as you loot all enemies and all containers you will have this amount in no time. You can upgrade your wallet in the 'Crafting' menu to accommodate more money, but you do not need to spend 500,000 at once, it is cumulative. You will likely have this achievement very early on so you can set it to the back of your mind and let it unlock at it's own pace.

  • Buy all attachments and paint schemes for a single weapon (Campaign only).

    The best and cheapest weapon to do this on is the Mark IV revolver. You can acquire a free one during the prologue and there aren't any attachments to buy, only paint schemes, but this is enough for the achievement. There are 6 paint schemes, with the first 4 costing 20,000, the fifth costing 40,000 and the final one costing 80,000. You will need a total of 200,000 to buy all of the paint schemes for this weapon, and after buying all 6 this achievement will unlock.

    Huge thanks to Predni for the video;

  • Tusker



    Kill 30 enemies with an elephant (Campaign only).

    To be able to ride an elephant you will need to first unlock the skill 'Elephant Rider' to do so. It is on the first tier of the elephant skill tree at the bottom. Once you have this unlocked, walk up to any elephant that you find and mount it. You will then have control of it and can effectively use it as a battering ram. If you charge at an enemy it will kill them in a single hit as well as flip cars over and kill the occupants in 1 or 2 hits, depending on the vehicle.

    You can grind this at the Kyra Tea Terraces Outpost - X:393 / Y:328. If you've already done this Outpost, just restart with the Outpost Master. Right where you spawn head down the small slope to your right and 100% of the time there should be an elephant - or in this general location.

    Now mount it and kill all the guards, let the alarm sound and flip the 2 cars that come down the hill for a quick completion. Then when your score is shown, simply restart and repeat.

    Use the elephant to kill 30 enemies and the achievement is yours.

    Huge thanks to Predni for the video;

  • Kill 4 enemies simultaneously with a single explosion (Campaign only).

    This can be achieved in multiple fashions. You can use an RPG, a grenade, an explosive arrow head, the classic red barrel, a mortar, C4, mines or by destroying a vehicle. The easiest way to get this would be to use an RPG on a convoy. The convoy vehicles each have 2 enemies, but if you block them in on a bridge or road and shoot an RPG between 2 of them, it will destroy both, killing 4 enemies.

    You could also do this at an Outpost. If you trigger an alarm, a large wave of enemy reinforcements will be sent, so you can try to heard 4 of them near each other and again use an RPG for an area explosion.

    Huge thanks to Predni for the video;

  • Distract 15 enemies with rocks (Campaign only).

    During the prologue you will be shown that you can throw rocks to distract enemies. You will need to throw a rock close enough to an enemy for them to hear it and go check out the noise. You will then have to wait for them to decide that the noise was nothing of note and begin to walk away from where you threw the rock for it to count towards this achievement, so you can't just keep throwing rocks to have them keep changing directions to face where the noise came from to grind it.

  • Tag 25 enemies using the camera (Campaign only).

    You will get access to the camera during the prologue and to use it press . If you zoom in on an enemy and hold it there for a moment, they will get a red Tag above their head. You can do this from the moment you get the camera and will have the achievement in no time at all. Keep using it every time you attack an Outpost and Tag everyone in sight. This is likely to be one of the first achievements that you unlock.

  • Kill 30 enemies with Mortar rounds (Campaign only).

    You will find Mortars in Outposts. A good tactic to score multiple kills with a Mortar is to purposely get the alarm triggered while attacking an Outpost that has one so that reinforcements are called in. Try to get to the Mortar before killing anyone then while you are in control of it, proceed to lay waste to the surrounding area. Be cautious of any animals that may be present as they will attack you while you are in control of the Mortar, but enemies typically keep their distance and choose to shoot at you.

    You can also use them while defending an Outpost, so if you are attacked quickly run back and see if the Outpost has a Mortar and if it does, jump on it and try to kill as many of the attackers with it as you can.

    A good location to grind this achievement is the Outpost on the north half of the map, on the right hand side called Shikharpur - X:675.3 / Y:698.7.

    When you begin it through Outpost Master there will be a mortar on the left just by a cage with an animal inside of it. You can use this mortar without being spotted and the enemies seem more concerned with re-positioning themselves instead of activating alarms. You can typically get 5 kills with the mortars each attempt and you'll clear the outpost very quickly due to the lack of alarms being triggered.

    Huge thanks to Predni for the video;

  • Kill a target from 60m or more with an arrow or bolt (Campaign only).

    To successfully pull this shot off you'll need to acquire the Recurve Bow and the Marksman Sight attachment. It's not vital that you acquire this as i personally did this with the standard bow, but it does make it a lot easier. Now just find any enemy and then open your map. Try and set a waypoint to their general location and from that back-up until the marker shows 60m. Now fire away and get the kill.

    Huge thanks to Predni for the video;

  • Using a sniper rifle, kill 2 targets with a single shot (Campaign only).

    You gain access to a sniper rifle after either completing enough campaign missions or by liberating enough Bell Towers. Once you have one, proceed to an enemy Outpost and Tag everyone or use a Hunting Syringe. Once everyone is Tagged, watch and study their movement patterns and try to find 2 that cross paths. The movement patterns aren't strict and can change but typically 2 enemies will stand together talking for a little while before moving on, or be hanging out not moving.

    Remain unseen to give yourself as much time as you need to line up a good shot, then when you have 2 enemies together shoot them with just one bullet and the achievement is yours.

    Huge thanks to Predni for the video;

  • Perform a takedown from a Buzzer (Campaign only).

    The Buzzer is the small 2 seated helicopter that you can find around the map. You will need the 'Vehicle Takedown' skill to do this. Once you have it, find a Buzzer and then fly it low around the roads and look for an enemy. Once you have one, try to fly close to them and when prompted press  to do a takedown.

    Note that if you have the 'Hurk' missions available, you can get this during the fourth one. You have to do a takedown from a buzzer to a truck, which will unlock this achievement. The Hurk missions are a Pre-order bonus, but you can purchase them with the season pass.

    Huge thanks to Predni for the video;

  • Kill 50 enemies with fire (Campaign only).

    This can be achieved using Molotov Cocktails, Flaming arrows or the Flamethrower. Be careful creating a fire in grassy areas as the fire will spread rapidly and engulf a large area.

    There are also enemies who exclusively throw Molotov Cocktails at you and if you shoot them in the torso, they will explode and be engulfed in flames. Let them burn to death rather than shooting them again to have it count towards this achievement.

  • Kill 25 enemies while shooting and driving (Campaign only).

    You can shoot with your sidearm while driving by pressing . This is easier to do if you set your vehicle to auto-drive by pressing . Once you have enemies in your sight, shoot and kill them from within the vehicle. You may be better off using an SMG or a powerful revolver to make this as easy as possible.

    Note that using the Buzzer to do this will count towards the achievement and make it a lot quicker and easier. Once you unlock the 2nd base Khilana Bazaar, which should happen very early on in the game - X:298 / Y:425, you can find a Buzzer - :X:305.2 / Y:423.3. Now simply fly around the island killing the enemy AI until the achievement unlocks.

  • Reach Karma Level 2, and purchase any Guns For Hire upgrade (Campaign only).

    You earn Karma by performing certain tasks. These tasks involve random encounters that ask you to help rebels fight off a couple of enemy soldiers, or to save a hostage that is being marched down a path by an enemy, or to save civilians from an animal attack, etc. You will randomly encounter these while out in the wilderness so try to do them when they pop up. You can also gain Karma from spinning the Mani Wheels, so do these too when you are near them. You also earn Karma by killing animals cleanly, i.e. using just your Bow to kill them.

    You can lose Karma by killing innocent civilians so be careful of them when driving or engaging in firefights.

    Once your Karma level is at 2 or above, travel to a Merchant and under the 'Items' tab you will be able to purchase the first 'Guns for Hire Rebel Upgrade' for 75,000. Buy it and the achievement is yours.

  • Fly 5000m total in the Wingsuit (Campaign only).

    You can use the Wingsuit after buying it from a Merchant for 25,000. It becomes available after completing enough campaign missions. Once you have it, reach a high point on the map, jump off and press  to activate it. The controls are reverse so pressing up will angle you down, etc. You will need to deploy a parachute before hitting the ground or else you will be killed on impact no matter what angle you take, unless you land in the water.

    Some tips to get a lot of meters covered for this achievement;

    1. You'll clock up a ton of meters during the final 'Willis' mission of the campaign and during the second optional 'Shangri-La' mission (Third overall since the first is mandatory).
    2. Go to Khilana Bazaar - X: 298 / Y: 425 - and grab the Buzzer - X: 305.2 / Y: 423.3. From here, fly to the Bell Tower to the west - X: 272.4 / Y: 443.7 - and dismount on the top floor.

    Now open your map and you'll see a massive lake to the south. Place your waypoint at the southern most tip of it. Now simply jump and deploy your wingsuit and glide all the way to the end. Once you've landed, fast travel back to the outpost and repeat.

    Huge thanks to Predni for the video;

  • Run over 25 people (Campaign only).

    Basically as simple as it sounds. Get in any vehicle and proceed to run over any enemies you happen across. The enemies will of course try to dive out of the way, but it's not difficult to catch them. Running enemies over will kill them instantly. Once you have ran 25 enemies over, the achievement is yours.

  • Reach Arena Rank 5 (Campaign Arena only).

    The Arena is unlocked after completing the first mission for Yogi and Reggie. You'll be placed in an Arena and have 5 waves to beat. After this mission, you can freely enter the Arena - Shannath (X: 444 / Y: 611) - to test your skills and level up. You'll have 3 options to choose from but the easiest and quickest is the first - Battles. From that, select Battles again and ignore the Community/Friends options.

    This is a simple 3 wave fight of various enemies and once you win, you can average about 1000-1200 total points per game. It shouldn't take you more than 10 games to unlock Rank 5.

    Level 2 - 750 xp
    Level 3 - 750 xp
    Level 4 - 1500 xp
    Level 5 - 3000 xp

  • Finish a public match of each game type in the Battles of Kyrat game mode (Battles of Kyrat only).

    Requires Online.

    From the main menu, scroll right and select 'Battles of Kyrat'. Once the cutscene has finished you can select which game mode you want to play. There are 3 game modes to choose from so to unlock this achievement you simply need to play each of the game modes to completion. You do not need to win, just play one until it ends, quit out and choose the next one, etc. You can join half way through a game, even if it's in the second round and it will still count, you just need to finish the game mode.

    Once you have played and finished all 3 modes, the achievement will unlock.

    You may need to boost this achievement with someone, so to find partners check out the achievement boosting thread, Here.

  • Play a Top Rated map in the Map Browser (Map Browser only).

    Requires Online.

    From the main menu, scroll right and select 'Map Browser'. Once there you can select any Top Rated map. Once you select one, you will need to download it then when it has downloaded you can play it. You do not need to successfully complete the map to unlock the achievement, but you need to play it. So complete it or fail it and the achievement will unlock.


Secret achievements

  • Join the Golden Path (Campaign only).

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Decide De Pleur's fate (Campaign only).

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Discover Shangri-La (Campaign only).

    This achievement is unlocked after completing the first mission available from Yogi and Reggie. You don't need to do anything specific, just complete their first mission and upon returning to them at the end of the mission the achievement is yours.

  • Decide Noore's fate (Campaign only).

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Decide Yuma's fate (Campaign only).

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Decide Pagan Min's fate (Campaign only).

    Story related, cannot be missed.

DLC: Valley Of The Yetis (Store Link)

There are 7 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Complete One Relay Station Upgrade Quest (Valley Of The Yetis, Single Player Only).

    See "Master Builder" below for full details.

  • Complete All Relay Station Upgrade Quests (Valley Of The Yetis, Single Player Only).

    You will be able to start on these quests after you have taken over the relay station at the beginning of the campaign and repelled the first mandatory attack. They are dotted around the map and look like a yellow exclamation mark in a blue circle. (!) 

    These are largely the same as you will mostly go and retrieve a truck and drive it back to the Relay station, but two are for collecting a mounted weapon upgrade which involves you physically retrieving them from atop a mountain through a series of grappling hook jumps, one involves defending a group of Yak from Clouded Leopard attacks and one involves retrieving three supply packages. There are nine in total and you can do them all as you gain freedom of movement on the map after defending your Relay Station for the first time, so feel free to do them all then, or break them up between story missions.

    Once you've completed all nine, the achievement will unlock.

  • Complete The Valley Of The Yetis Campaign (Valley Of The Yetis).

    Story related, cannot be missed. 

    Complete the story of the DLC and this unmissable achievement is yours.

  • Kill A Yeti (Valley Of The Yetis, Single Player Only).

    See "Master of the Awakened" for full details. 

  • Kill 5 Yetis (Valley Of The Yetis, Single Player Only).

    The first Yeti you encounter will be during a mission but you only have your knife available and have basically zero chance of killing it. Not to worry though as these are found during random encounters in the wild and are sometimes accompanied by a small group of enemies. You will encounter more than five throughout the course of the story so you cannot really miss this.

    They can be very easy to kill if you are equipped appropriately. Make use of explosives, especially the RPG & LK-1018 rocket launcher as two shots from one of these will bring it to it's knees allowing you to perform a takedown move if you get behind it. As you initiate the takedown you will be prompted to mash one of the  or buttons. This is the fastest and easiest way to kill them, although you can just shoot it three times with the RPG or LK-1018 to kill it, but why waste the third rocket? You may find yourself needing it for the next one.

    Another method for killing them with ease is to use a good silenced sniper rifle while sneaking, 2-3 head shots should do it. 

    Also worth noting that after you kill a Yeti, you can skin it to take it's heart which can then be sold for 93K, but you must be quick because the corpse will consume itself and disappear.

    Kill five of these monstrosities and the achievement is yours. 


Secret achievements

  • Occupy The Relay Station (Valley Of The Yetis).

    Story related cannot be missed. 

    At the beginning of the campaign you will be tasked with taking over a relay station which will serve as a base of operations, with a merchant and such. The taking over of it is exactly the same as taking over Outposts from the main game, so you're likely to be familiar with what to do. Basically kill all of the enemies and the relay station is yours, along with this achievement. 

  • Defend The Relay Station And Survive The First Night (Valley Of The Yetis).

    Story related, cannot be missed. 

    This will occur after you have taken over the relay station at the beginning of the story. You just need to defend it against a couple of waves of enemies, same deal, kill everyone until you've completed it and this achievement is yours.

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