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    Follow the clues to the end of 3 treasure hunts (Solo Campaign only).

    Treasure hunts in Far Cry 5 are called Prepper Stashes and they’ll be marked on your map by a green diamond icon. The first one you should come across is on Dutch’s Island, but there are almost two dozen or more in total. Most of these treasure hunts will be given to you by speaking with NPCs around Hope County.

    Each hunt requires you to do a task before you can gain access to the treasure. Simply find and complete three to unlock the achievement.

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  • Treasure hunts are named as "Prepper Stash" in Far Cry 5 and there are a lot of them in the game. Prepper Stashes are marked on your map with a green diamant. You can find a prepper stash by yourself or by talking with people who also has a green diamond over his head. Here is my playlist with all Prepper Stashes in the game
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