Extra Crafty Achievement

  • Extra Crafty



    Craft 25 recipes (Campaign only).


    For this achievement you can craft any 25 recipes. To view them, press and hold and then press to change to your Utility wheel. The six recipes are:

    • Liquor
    • Oregano
    • The Fast
    • The Furious
    • Ultimate Hunter
    • Ultimate Survivor

    If you hover over any of the items, you'll notice to the right that you can press and hold to craft a new one. Each item does though require certain components to craft. If you do not have the requirement, then you cannot craft it.

    If you're missing a certain component for the craft, press , then tab across to your Inventory menu. Here you can see view what you need and its general whereabouts.

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  • Video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30RCBZtl8fo

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