Death From Above Achievement

  • Death From Above



    Drop a bomb from a plane and destroy or disable 4 vehicles at once (Campaign only).


    This is a lot easier than it sounds as you technically don't have to be flying. The video below explains it best but here's a quick guide.

    1. Head to Landsdowne Airstrip to the north east of Jacob's Region. Here you'll need to complete a Prepper Stash but doing so will unlock a Pack Hunter plane and a vehicle shop.
    2. Take the plane and place it in the middle of the airstrip.
    3. Head over to the vehicle shop and spawn the Funaki E-716 TAV. You may need to buy it for $1,100.
    4. Once spawned, place the ATV behind the wing. Now repeat this three more times so that you have two ATVs behind the left wing and two behind the right wing.
    5. Now enter the plane, press for the Bomber View and then press to Drop Bomb. This will kill you but you'll also destroy the four ATVs in one go.

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  • This is currently the only strategy for this achievement. There are simple too few cars in the game and those cars you can spawn yourself disappear when you go away to get a plane.
  • I'm almost certain you can't do this naturally. I used Maka's guide: Basically just parking the plane by a garage, spawning and parking a bunch of ATVs by the plane then blowing up from the ground. Worked a treat.
  • It would only let me spawn three vehicles at the same time - so two cars and a plane. And the cars all despawned once I got in the plane.
  • Actually, I take that back. Turns out I needed to be like 15 yards away from the spawn point of the vehicles. Was able to spawn 4 ATVs and park them under the plane wings, then bomb myself without taking off. Achievement unlocked.
  • This didn't work for me. I had to kill a resistance member in his car, wait for others to hunt me down, killed them as well, stole their cars. Lined them up nicely, spawned the plane and that's how I was able to bomb 4 vehicles. The cars from resistance members didnt disappear, the ATVs did.

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