Where's the Beef? Achievement

  • Where's the Beef?



    Tenderize a bull with your bare hands. To death (Campaign only).


    Bulls do cover quite a lot of the regions but you’ll find most in John’s Region. As shown by the video below, you can go about this two ways, but I highly recommend option #1.

    1. If you have a ‘The Furious’ consumable, then consume one and the bull will die in one hit.
    2. If you do not have the above, then you’re just going to have to fight it out. Doing it this way, if you like a challenge, it can take anywhere from 100-120 hits to kill a bull.

    NOTE: If you’ve purchased the Brass Knuckles and have equipped them, you cannot melee the bull with your fists. With them being on, it counts as a melee weapon and it'll void the achievement. You'll have to press to kick it instead.

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  • Bulls can you find in John's region Holland Valley on farmer fields. Equip your hands / fist and use a potion "The Furious". With this potion is any animal / enemy a "one hit" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCBlOGxzeVI
  • Heads up, don't get brass knuckles before doing this achievement. Doesn't work with them and there currently is no way to unequip them once you buy them.
  • Update...If you got brass knuckles before popping this, use kick (pressing right stick) and that will satisfy the achievement.
  • Lol, you can kill him with 1 hit! Just use boost for melee attacks
  • You can do it w.o any boosts, just takes awhile. I used boomer so teammate wouldn't shoot gun at bull. The bull would run off a distance then stop, then you can hit him, dodge a few times, rinse repeat then he runs off again. Was super satisfying to see cheevos pop after hitting him with my fists for so long lol
  • I done this today, a couple of days after an update. Had brass knuckles equipped as you can't remove them once purchased, used the melee boost and got the achievement.

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