Hitting it Off Achievement

  • Hitting it Off



    Play 3 quests with a friend (Campaign only).


    Once you’ve loaded your game, press and tab across to "Online." Now select "Invite Friends" and choose a friend to join your game. All you have to do now is complete three missions of any sort - side missions, Outposts, Prepper Stashes - and the achievement will unlock.

    All three quests do not have to be in your game; you can do them one on your file and the other two in a friend's game, for example.

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  • Need some help here!!!, please add me, my gamertag is FINTZER
  • Video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdzKWXHsjdM
  • Add me for help with this achievment gt Squash1992
  • Add me for help with this achievement. GT:MrTonytheGamer
  • Add me: PolskisRevenge
  • GT: J Deedles
  • GT: BirdArm99
  • Willing to help with this. GT is EmeraldEmissary. I’ll be on all weekend.
  • looking for some help with this achv, GT: SilentFox91
  • Add me @Cisson Cakes and send me message to play. Looking to get this done
  • Need this along with 60 minutes coop gameplay challenge. Message me GT:- Alzieeee
  • GT: Spork Salad if you want to jump in for the cheevo
  • GT is Fang Foom Haven't got a mic but am willing to host or join.
  • no mic, but I'm willing to help if anyone needs need GT The Surly Gamer
  • looking for someone to do this with GT: NRGxShortyy invite me
  • No one on my friends list has the game. Looking for someone to do this with. GT: Lord Erekose Drop me a friend request with this achievement as the reason and we'll get it done.
  • Looking to get this and play with for an hour to get that challenge done add me GT: Gladiator291
  • also looking to do this, add me if you want to help gt: AP x ASSASSINS
  • Looking for someone to help with this achievement, message me if interested. GT Zachiroth101
  • Looking to coop today.
  • Looking to co op today GT: larky78
  • I'm looking to get this done. If anyone else is interested feel free to message/invite me any time (no mic unfortunately, so i don't mind playing any three missions of your choice) GT: TAJ ripper
  • Feel free to add me, looking for this chievo GT: xGeegx
  • looking for help as well. GT: hermithunter13
  • Can someone please help me with this my tag is azzam 1983
  • I need help with this. Please invite me. K dog batcher
  • I need help with this please. Especially if you still need to do Special Delivery mission because my achievement didn't pop :( GT: Ryatt 1138
  • Gamertag: Matzimus Feel free to add me.
  • GT: VinexNike Finished my game so I can join yours perferably. No mic. Message me if I'm online!
  • looking for someone to do this with gt halowarrior4
  • Hit me up, Dave2405, if you want a buddy to get this with.
  • Looking for some help with this GT:Xx TH3 MAJ0R xX
  • Looking for a friend Gt: rico100vergonha
  • Hit me Gt: BADKarot
  • Looking to get this! I don’t have a mic so I’m happy to follow your lead =) Gamer tag: UneVeN72
  • Looking to do this. Gamer tag Bone Money Uk time zone. Can be on in the evenings.
  • I’ve completed this now, but happy to help others. I’ve reset my outposts, so it’s nice and easy and done in about 15 mins clearing 3 outposts.
  • Will someone PLEASE help me with this? My GT is Dancnwithdeath, I'll be on most of this weekend just send a mug. I am having a lot of trouble finding help.
  • *msg* sorry auto correct.
  • Also looking for help on this! GT - Vencurse Send a message, available anytime
  • Looking to get this out of the way GT- mR II FLaMe x On right now if anyone needs help also.
  • Please add me! Battygal723 I will be on all night. If I'm not logged in, send me a message and I'll hop on!
  • Hi, I need this and all other online achv. My Gamertag is FOXBOY world. Let me know if you can or need help!!!
  • Last achievement I need for the game, add me if you're looking to get it done as well. GT: PatrickFoLife
  • Looking to get this achievement, my GT is GOD OF WAR 3355
  • Hello, I need a buddy to help me get this achievement too. I play everyday at 5pm - 10pm (gmt -03) Gamertag: ebcs0984 Feel free to add ;)
  • Looking to do this right now. I beat the game and have no quests so they will have to be from your game. GT: JEFFz0mg
  • Looking for someone to help get this achievement. Message me over Xbox Live if you want to do this. Gamertag: Virulent Crux
  • Looking to get this achievement done, as well as possibly the challenge for spending 60 minutes in CO-OP Gamer tag - Nucleaar Send a message and we can get this done
  • IF anyone would be willing to help me that'd be great!! Gt: X777COLTON777X
  • I have the game all day today and tomorrow, so hit me up to do this. GT: Mathachew
  • Looking for someone to help me get this achievement. GT: InanimateLight6
  • Need some help as none of my friends have this game GT APr0Pigeon
  • anyone want to do this with me? GT: MikeGFY
  • Need someone to group with for this. GT: King Phillip IV
  • Add me i play afternoon past 6 GT:tirowmen419
  • Looking for someone to knock this one out with, shoot me a message if you're down! GT same as above.
  • Hey Can someone please do this with me. GT:Antbot12
  • Looking for someone to help me out with this achievement. GT: Revenger117
  • Need help getting this one. GT: Nova Virtus
  • Someone please help GT. Tnacboy12
  • Looking for help with this one. GT is same as username.
  • looking for someone name is same as username
  • Looking for help with this GT: Constantine LV
  • Looking to boost these 3 missions. GT: SDT GHOST
  • Looking for help with this. Message me. Will help with whatever i can also.
  • Looking for help with this achievement. GT: T1uht1
  • I got it now thanks!
  • Looking for a boost on this? Me too. Add me GT same as username.
  • Looking for help with this - GT: Mythunde
  • Looking for help with this - GT: Firstceiline934
  • I need help with this one, if you need too send me a message via Xbox and we can hook each other up ;) GT: nicksk8er
  • I actually got the achievement guys! Best of luck to all of you us well :D
  • looking to mark this one off, GT: dostizheniye
  • Let's knock this one out.  Hit me up.  GT xXCaptainRattXx
  • Need help with this achievement ZombieScout
  • Looking for someone to do this with. Gt is mowcrisp
  • Need help with this one add me BigDaddyDavid65
  • Need this. Add me and invite me to your game. Thanks. GT is F3ARxFuBaR
  • Message me GT : existenz8
  • I too need this. GT: MUIMags
  • I would like to knock this out. GT: No 0ddjob
  • Still need this one! Let me know if you would like to help with this. GT StanApd
  • Gt: BRIZZELKICKS. Need this one doing for my last one please.
  • OJ Mc 212 still need this one if anyone can help
  • GT: Thatdevaneykid. Message me and we can do this achievement!
  • GT: Keyesey81 Anyone still looking for this one?
  • I'm still looking to get this one. Can anyone help out? GT: malic7
  • GT: murilo841. Message me and we can do this achievement!
  • Gt:Thu Masterchief Message me on xbox and let's do this!
  • Add me up synystercorey15
  • looking to do this need to do all 3 missions. GT: L01CallamL101
  • Need all 3 missions done. Hmu to help each other GT: SpryRaincloud75
  • Always up for some Co-Op! Add Me! Xbox Gamertag: AirlessFate
  • Looking to do this gamertag BAdja13
  • Looking for help getting this, please add: GT: Molj
  • Looking to get this achievement if anyone is still active on this game at all. My gamertag is TEACHINuLESSONS.
  • Hit me up if you still need to get this achievement, gamertag com887.
  • Wassup looking to get hit me Nic: sarifkane
  • Looking to get this achievement. Gamertag: SturdyRook586
  • Add me if you want to boost this achievement (European Time): geegeee
  • Want to do this? I'm on today Taka Thunder
  • Add me and message me if you want to boost. I
  • I'm looking to do this and other mp achievements. GT: HighClassHobo47
  • need this. GT: HighClassHobo47
  • Need this achievement.
    GT : PV Beach
  • Looking for someone to do this with. Also the gold medals on Dead Living Zombies dlc, but also just this if you don’t have dlc.

    Gamertag: Faxanadonuts
  • Hey guyz, please help me on this. I have the spacer tazer annihilaser from teh DCLs (one shot kill weapon) and it will be a breaze, no more than 30mins TOPS.
    Gamertag: hexenlord
  • RECON O9
  • Looking to do this still: Wigwam88
  • Hey, I'm looking a co-op partner to do this with. My gamertag is SirDavi20

    Just drop me a message if you're interested. Thank you!
  • I need this, my gt is Grusselgrosser

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